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Eritrea says Qatar silent over mediation of Djibouti spat

Addis Ababa - Eritrea's ambassador to the African Union said Tuesday that Qatar, embroiled in a diplomatic spat of its own, has not indicated whether it will continue to mediate his country's border dispute with

Addis Ababa – Eritrea’s ambassador to the African Union said Tuesday that Qatar, embroiled in a diplomatic spat of its own, has not indicated whether it will continue to mediate his country’s border dispute with Djibouti.

Qatari peacekeepers pulled out of a buffer zone on the border between Eritrea and Djibouti last month after the two Horn of Africa nations sided with Saudi Arabia in the row between Qatar and its Gulf neighbours.

The crisis was sparked when a group of Arab states led by Saudi Arabia severed air, sea and ground links with Qatar, accusing Doha of supporting extremism.

The Qatari pullout reignited long simmering tensions over the Doumeira region, with Djibouti accusing Eritrea of briefly moving troops into the disputed territory after the peacekeepers left.

Qatar was the mediator between the two nations and brokered a peace deal in 2010, two years after clashes broke out between the two sides, who had previously fought over Doumeria in 1996 and 1999.

“We have not had any communication from the mediator,” Eritrea’s ambassador to the AU Araia Desta told AFP, adding that Qatar remained the mediator until the state indicated otherwise.

Djibouti’s Foreign Minister Mahamoud Ali Youssouf said on Monday the African Union should step in and help demarcate the border once and for all.

“As long as this border is not demarcated, it will remain a source of tension… in the future,” Youssouf told AFP.

AU chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat told AFP that Qatar had only notified Djibouti of its departure, and asked both countries to “exercise calm and restraint”.

He also announced he would send the body’s commissioner for peace and security to Eritrea.

A previous fact-finding mission was allowed into Djibouti, but Faki said Eritrea denied permission for them to access its territory.

Review overview
  • Sol July 6, 2017

    Why at the first hand the mafia regime in Asmara took side with KSA in an issue irrelevant to Eritrea to ask again the meditation of Qatar. The regime is in dilemma and confused between the personal desire of the despot to avenge from TPLF via Egypt and the long support of Qatar.

  • andom July 6, 2017

    Both eritrea and djibuti have sided with saudi against qatar. Now araya desta says qatar is the mediator unless it says it will not continue. That sounds like ” gadafi is the mediator until we hear from him otherwise.”

  • Danilo July 6, 2017

    “Eritrea’s ambassador said, Qatar embroiled in a diplomatic spat of its own. a Au chairman told that QATAR had only notified Djibouti its departure. “This wards are wards of gamble. If Qatar was mediator should put the out come. Otherwise, fact finding ? Will not be successful.

  • k.tewolde July 6, 2017

    Silence by the Qataris is a loud answer,it means you sold me out and threw me under the bus after all the staff I did for you,WELED SHERMUT HABESHI! literally.The tyrant is about to run out of his chameleon camouflage.Lets see what the diplomatic magician of adi halo can pull out from under his sleeve this time around besides putting young innocent lives in the line of fire.

    • k.tewolde July 6, 2017

      In other words,while the mightiest nation in the world have a modest foreign policy of ‘no boots on the ground’,to protect the young men and women in uniform from harms way ,the poorest and small nation of the horn boasts,give us riyale we will dispatch plenty of shidas on the ground.For the tyrant the poor Eritrean kids are cheap soldiers of fortune who can be bought and sold like a commodity to fatten the foreign bank accounts of the kingpin and his brutal clique. ‘Awet Nhafash!’

  • Sunzro July 7, 2017

    I just saw the Google map above and the Arab nations have their maps in their own language Arabic and the English, for international purposes, while the Ethiopians have it in their own proud Geeze characters and English but why is Eritrean map in Arabic and English only? As far as I know, the Yemenis are Arabs but the Eritreans are not, unless we volunteered to be their slaves.
    If our own languages such as Tigre-Tigrinya are not reflected as our national identity, what is the use calling ourselves “sovereign” while we live in reality in Arabist mental slavery. When are we as – Eritreans – going to be proud of our own selves and identity?

    • Sol July 8, 2017

      We will be proud of ourselves and our identity when freedom and justice prevail.

  • Tz July 9, 2017

    The shameless dictator used to say that we never had war with Djibouti what is he trying to say now.