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Eritrea blames US for Ethiopian attacks; US denies

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Eritrea's president said Monday that attacks on targets inside his tiny Horn of Africa nation by its archrival Ethiopia was the "handiwork of Washington." Ethiopia said on March 15 it attacked

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Eritrea’s president said Monday that attacks on targets inside his tiny Horn of Africa nation by its archrival Ethiopia was the “handiwork of Washington.”

Ethiopia said on March 15 it attacked three military posts inside its northern neighbor Eritrea. The country said it launched the attack because Eritrea was training “subversive groups” that carried out attacks inside Ethiopia.

President Isaias Afwerki said in a statement sent Monday from Eritrea’s Ministry of Information that “last week’s so-called attack is basically the U.S. Administration’s plan emanating from frustration.” Isaias said the attack evolved out of a “failed agenda” to disturb Eritrea’s “independent path” and “bright economic prospects.”

Eritrea routinely accuses the U.S. of overlooking abuses by Ethiopia, a key U.S. ally in the region in its war against terrorism. Both the U.S. and Ethiopia denied the allegations. The U.S. Embassy said in a statement posted on its website that it “rejects any allegations that it planned, participated in, or supported the attack.”

Ethiopia’s minister of communications Bereket Simon said the U.S. was “not at all” involved in the attacks. He said Ethiopia was acting on its own and out of self-defense. Ethiopia and Eritrea fought a border war from 1998 to 2000 in which about 80,000 people died. Bereket said Ethiopia “won’t allow a war situation” to occur.

Eritrea also said it won’t go to war over the attacks. The Red Sea nation, with a population of about 5 million people, does not receive foreign aid and is sanctioned by the United Nations because of human rights violations. U.N. reports have indicated that Eritrea has supported the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab in Somalia. Eritrea denies those allegations.

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  • COMEBESHTATO March 27, 2012


  • Baraee March 27, 2012

    Here goes DIA implicating himself with USA. Guess what though he is going to be ignored….He know diplomatically speaking he is “boxed”…..He is going to suffocate himself and put his own nails.

  • Almaz March 27, 2012

    The man has clearly lost his damn marbles. He is such a bad lier. He claims there have been on going military engagments in the past and this latest one was just another of those. So why the need to give an interview then? Then he claims Weyane is loosing and that is why they are attacking and he is winning. Charlie Sheen makes a lot more sense stung out on them drugs than this guy. He may try to b.s his way but they will soon march and lock his arese up.

    • sol March 27, 2012

      I do not agree any more.I do not have any clue why he needs an interview if he is not wiling to discuss or brief the incidence. He repeated the same rehoteric US is behind the attack.It is important to the public to know the developments as directly affect their daily life.
      Meles send a big message though we do not know what is the extent of the damage or the consequence of this incursion or attack.He openly told the world he made an attack one to appease the anger of conservative TPLF members who are agitated by the drama of kidnapping and killing of European tourists in side Ethiopian border. The other is to send a message to Eritreans inside the army and their families that they need to look for an exit from the country, and also send a message to oppositions that Meles has the capacity to go in and out of Eritrea without reasonable resistance from Eritrean defense force , but Issias interview says nothing but the usual …

  • Sara March 27, 2012

    I don’t understand why Isayas always love to envolve the USA for all Ethiopian wrong doing. Time and again he picks fight with the wrong enemy. Please Isayas look at what you are doing to contribute to the latest attack by the Weyane army, rather than blaming others such as the US.

    • sara March 27, 2012

      folks, there are two sara’s here, one is eritrean the other ethiopian. i will try to add my family name to avoid misunderstanding and any friendly fire!

      • ahmed saleh March 27, 2012

        I agree and please find a solution.

      • Translate March 28, 2012

        Here is my take: Sara is the good Eritrean angel.
        sara, on the other hand, is witch number two.
        Sophie is witch number one.
        And you know what we do to a witch?

        So Miss small “s” sara, no confusion at all!

        • sara March 28, 2012

          despite our disagreement on several issues, thanks for your assistance, the translation is noted and hopefully others did too. you are a good proof reader… why don’t you help the editors and moderators of

  • Abnet Tesfai March 27, 2012

    why don’t you use his PANKER head picture of the mad dog. because he has kid mind he trimmed his hair like the kids.

    • Fekrawi March 27, 2012

      lol you are right Abnet. i think he was doing the interview from Enda Mariam rehab, he sounds mentally challenged as well

  • Ahmed saleh March 27, 2012

    This guys arrogance will lead the country to catastrophe . I think he doesn’t get it yet the
    burden and responsibiliy of a leader of one country. Eritrea is not in good position when we
    speak about it’s diplomacy with international world. So at this situation nagging USA it is
    not smart move at all, he is just making harder for himself acting stupid.

    • sara March 27, 2012

      ahmed, The leader/ Al Raees did also said we are not in the best of situation, everything is ok etc, but he only said under the circumstances we are in a better position.
      he also said all what they are doing is out of frustration because every thing they tried in the past two years has failed.

  • Kalighe March 27, 2012

    DIA is saying the Ethiopians cannot act alone. According to him the Ethiopians are ‘tools’ in the hand of USA.He is trying to tell a naive public that follows him that, if it was not for USA’s support he could have stopped them. Anyone can see that it’s because of him that we are being humiliated and our young have left the army and the country they love in search of freedom elsewhere.

  • Semhar March 27, 2012


  • Semhar March 27, 2012

    Naizghi Kiflu can be buried in ERITREA.

    Naizghi Kiflu can be buried in Abadme, Barka province of Eritrea, or on his fathers province of Seraye, Eritrea on land under the Ethiopian occupation seems an ideal solution. Ethiopia controls 28 kilometers in side Eritrea on all borders between Eritrea and Ethiopia). That would also be a big blow to the bloodthirsty mad dog, the psychopath tyrant dictator Isayas.

  • Selam March 27, 2012

    first of all nice haircut mr president ?!! Hahah panker … Did u just turn 21? Anyway, DIA doesn’t want talk about Ethiopia’s attack . WHY? He is embaraced , there is nothing to say! The usual blame of America/cia bla bla .. Not even a single sound minded Eritrean believe that. Even papagalo won’t repeat after DIA… It is boring ! Only make sense in his schizophrenic DiA mindset!! Have you guys noted …he keep saying ‘I ‘..”no one can distruct me from my plan”. Alas, Eritrea is DIA private company. No one say but him. Ever other official Repaeates what DIA says… Or else they will be like G15 or if they leave Eritrea , they won’t get burial like mr . N.kiflu.

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