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Eritrea asylum report criticised and country’s representative warns of punishment – The Copenhagen Post

During the summer there was a spike in asylum-seekers from the east African country of Eritrea. Karen Hækkerup, the then justice minister, announced the matter would be investigated in order to assess how to deal

During the summer there was a spike in asylum-seekers from the east African country of Eritrea. Karen Hækkerup, the then justice minister, announced the matter would be investigated in order to assess how to deal with the asylum applications.

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Politiken now reports that, while the result of this investigation by the immigration authority Udlændingestyrelsen concludes that it is not dangerous for illegal immigrants or military deserters to return to the country, experts disagree and the country’s Nordic representative also warns that those returning will be punished.

Report author: I was misrepresented
Professor Gaim Kibreab, a professor of refugee studies at London’s South Bank University, was involved in the producing of the report, but on Friday withdrew his support for the outcome, claiming that Udlændingestyrelsen had misrepresented his quotations to produce a rosier picture of conditions in the country.

He told Politiken he was in no doubt that people who had illegally left Eritrea would be treated as traitors, imprisoned and subjected to torture on returning.

Country’s representative: They will stand accountable for crimes
Politiken asked the country’s representative in the Nordic countries, Yonas Manna Bairu, about the likely fate of those returning. He explained that Eritreans are only permitted to leave the country by official channels and that “sneaking out” was a crime. “It’s not a grave offence to leave the country illegally but it is a criminal offence,” he said.

Bairu said that those returning to Eritrea would be required to sign a document stating they are responsible for all of the actions they have undertaken and for leaving the country. “And later they will have to stand before a judge or a military court,” he said.

“They will stand accountable for the crimes they have committed in Eritrea.”

He rejected however that illegal immigrants and deserters would be automatically imprisoned or subjected to torture. “That’s nonsense,” he said.

“Refugees say whatever gives them the best chance to be accepted in the country. We don’t have the capacity. How many people can you throw in prison?”

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  • Masawa December 3, 2014

    How did Eritrea and the Eritrean citizenship become so cheap?

  • Simerrr2012 December 4, 2014

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  • wedi Forto December 4, 2014

    I agree this HGDEF zombie must have been totally drunk when he said what he said. I guess their candor shines when they are drunk:-)

    He will get his “we need you for a meeting in Asmara” message very soon. If he is as stupid as he sounds, he will go back and join the recently recalled former Eritrean Ambassador to Algeria, in the dungeons of Era Iro!:-)
    One less stupid loser HGDEF!

  • yonas December 4, 2014

    What Yonas said is hgdf’s stand,some of the returnee will be tortured,some will be send to era ero and some will be killed.the mad dog issu will be pleased to see it happen and get some stupid words to throw to the eritrean people.the mad dog will not be happy unless he drink more blood and see misery on the eritrean ppl.

  • Genet-orginal December 8, 2014

    NO CAPACITY TO THROW AS MANY ERITREANS AS POSSIBLE, tell that to the dead Zombeis.
    Oh, Yes you do have the capacity. For 23 years, you and DIA have been working hard to make sure there are more prisons facilites than anythings else in Eritrea.

    Mr Yonas Manna Bairu, the DIA’s slave said, “we don’t have the capacity” Well, the truth is DIA and his slaves have been building more prisons than Universities, hospitals, clinics, schools, business, cities or providing clean water/electricity.
    PFDJ’s culture is lie, lie, lie, lie, and more lies.
    Justice will prevail soon!
    Genet- O