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Eritrea: Anti-Deportation Protests Continue in Tel Aviv

About 15,000 protesters turned out Saturday on the streets of Tel Aviv to voice their opposition to the deportation of African asylum-seekers, many of them from Sudan and Eritrea. The demonstration in south Tel Aviv was

About 15,000 protesters turned out Saturday on the streets of Tel Aviv to voice their opposition to the deportation of African asylum-seekers, many of them from Sudan and Eritrea.

The demonstration in south Tel Aviv was in the heart of the area where many Africans live after arriving in the city via the bus station there. Over the past 12 years, about 40,000 Africans are estimated to have entered Israel illegally.

Earlier this week, Israel began detaining African asylum-seekers who refuse to accept the deal Israel offers to encourage them to leave — $3,500 and a plane ticket to an African destination. Refusal to go could land them in jail indefinitely.

The Israeli government considers these people economic migrants who have come to Israel to seek jobs rather than avoid persecution. But Saturday’s protesters — sympathetic Israelis, as well as asylum-seekers themselves — carried signs saying “No to deportation” and “We’re all humans.”

Earlier this week, some African migrants wrapped themselves in chains to protest, chanting, “We are refugees, we are not criminals!”

Most of the migrants say they prefer prison in Israel to returning to Africa, where their lives will be in danger.

The crackdown has been condemned by Israeli human rights groups, which say that since Israel was built by refugees from the Holocaust, it has a moral obligation to help those facing a similar fate.

Source: VOA

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  • Berhe Tensea February 26, 2018

    Israel can”t handle the uncontrolled influx of African refugees, as it is very small and it can affect it Jewish characters or entity. Africans need to do a major revolution to change their way of life ,governance , and in terms of agriculture and industry..
    Eritrea and most African countries are still in the dark ages , and in the ignorance age too.
    These pathetic African youth must understand the answer is not migration but hard work for system change ,
    The youth must know that short cut in life is not the answer a major change and sacrifice is the answer.

    • Michael Tesfmariam February 27, 2018

      Some times mass deportation is the right response particularly to Eritreans given their manipulative and abysmal behaviour. I wouldn’t feel a slight sorry for someone who is engaged in abusing and swindling a system that was designed to serve innocent people with genuine humanitarian issues. Significant portion of Eritreans who landed in the Europe, N America or Israel under the pretext of bogus asylum claim should deserve no empathy or compassion, they are just a bunch of scavengers with no remorse to their inconceivable betrayal to those men and women compatriots who are bleeding to death in cage under Issais. Eritreans in diaspora were supposed to be working together against one enemy, unfortunately it didn’t come off, therefore, deportation should be the only viable response in facilitating domestic uprising.

  • rezen February 26, 2018

    Quote of a Gem >>>”Most of the migrants say they prefer prison in Israel to returning to Africa” Unquote

    Dear Africans,
    Our “Dark” Continent of Africa is still as dark as ever. It does not matter how many Doctor of Philosophy Degrees (PhD), are mushroomed from Western Universities, Africa will always be Africa. Just look at the overall current fifty-four (54) African leaders. How many would you find a REAL EDUCATED Leader? i.e. as opposed to perfect mimickers getting through the so-called ‘modern’ education of up to universities by memorizing, by repeating, by going through the process of copying…… and endlessly by cheating ‘thyself’
    The African Child was never educated to develop his/her analytical mind but only to have superficial TRAINING [like the little experimental rat zig-zaging in a training cubicle]. to follow the colonial master’s long-range agenda. It worked, and worked perfectly. Just look at the current African Leaders with PhD Degrees, and be an honest judge for yourself. Example: The president of Uganda, a graduate of Mekerere University, who has been at his post for thirty-four years and he is still hungry to be President for Life. It is NOT new phenomenon in Africa – it is now open, official and constitutional too!!!! And I would be remiss not to mention the honourable Oxford educated Mugabe. At 93 years old he still cherishes to countinue as the leader of the country. See the latest news item. It is Africa.
    Going back to the topic of this paper, Yes, Yes >>>”Most of the migrants say they prefer prison in Israel to returning to Africa”. I wish them good luck. They will make it because their aspiration to run away from their birthplaces is directly proportional to the fear of their own countries. All the commotion about being members of laughable hundreds and hundreds of the so-called political OPPOSITION parties, who are safely secured in civilized colonial master-countries, is only for the birds, as the saying goes. Whether we admit it or not, we Africans have a superior Life in colonial countries [with any menial job available] than to exist in rats-holes in our own “Dark” Continent of Africa. As Museveni wholeheartedly agreed with Trump, Africa is a “SHITHOLE” THE END

    • rezen February 26, 2018

      Please correct “AL” to read “ALL” in the entry below the “quotation. Sorry.

      • Hade March 5, 2018

        You nailed it. Most africans live through life with their eyes closed as if they are sleep walking.

  • meretse February 27, 2018

    ዘዋር ሪእቶ
    እታ ሓጻር መጽሓፍ [ደረቕ ኣጅቦይ (ጅብናይ) መን ኣልዒልዎ?] “Who moved may cheese?”— Spencer Johnson, M.D.
    እታ ውስጠዘኣዊ ( metaphor ) ታሪክ 4 ተዋሳእቲ ኣሎዉዋ። እቲ ደራሲ 2 ኣናጹን ከክንድኦም ዝኾነ ክልተ ሰባትን ብሓደ ኣብ ድንግርግር ዝመልኦ ጉድጓድ (maze) ንቁጽ ኣጅቦ (ጅብና) እንዳተመገቡ ይነብሩ ነበሩ። ተምሳጥ ናይ’ዛ ሓጻር መጽሓፍ ካብ ሕርያ ኣስማት ተዋሳእቲ ታሪክ ኢዩ ዝጅምር። ኣስማት እቶም ክልተ ኣናጹ እቲ ሓደ ስጊንጢር፡ ዘይሰማማዕ(Sniffy) ኽከውን እንከሎ ስም እቲ ካልኣይ ኣንጭዋ ከኣ ባልዋ ተብተብ (Scurry)። ኣስማት ናይቶም 2 ሓጸርቲ ሰባት ከኣ ጉልቡብን (Haw) ዕጹፉን (Hem) ኢዮም። ቀንዲ እቲ ትሕዝቶ ናይታ መጽሓፍ እዞም ብከብዶም ጥራሕ ዝዛመዱ ነበርቲ መግቦም ምስ ተወድኤ ኣብቲ ዓዋን ጉድጕድ ዘርእይዎ ዕውንው’ዩ ብዝይዳ ዘብርህ። ናይ ሓባር ርእቶ ዘይውንኑ በብመገዶም ከዕነንዉ ትርኢ። እቲ ሓደ ዋላ ይወዳእ’ምበር ከም ቀደሙ ክመልእ’ዩ ይብል ነብሩኽ ይብል። እቲ ሓደ ከም ዘቐመጠ ሃነፍነፍ እንተወሓደ ካብ ምዕጻፍ ብርኺ ይሓይሽ ይብል። እቲ ሓደ ዳርጋ ብምሽፋን ጥራሕ ክትወግሕ’ያ እዛ ለይቲ ይብል እቲ ሓደ ከኣ መዋጽኦ ይደሊ። ነቲ ዝተርኣየ ለውጢ ምእማኑ ዝኣበዩ ናይ ከብዲ (ከርሲ) መናብርቲ ናይ ሓንጎል ብጾት ምዃን ሰኣኑ። ሓሳቦም ፋሕ ስለ ዝበለ ከኣ ነቲ ኣብ ሓጺር ግዜ ክፈትሕዎ ዝክእሉ ዝነበረ ሽግር ሕንክርክር ኣበልዎ። ኣብቲ ድንግር ዝበለ ጉድጓድ ፡ዝተሓናከረ ሓሳብ ሒዞም ከኣ ላዕልን ታሕትን በሉ። ናይ ሓባር ሓሳብ ዝጎደሎ ምቅስቃስ ናብ ቀቢጸ ተስፋ ኢዩ ዘጸጋዓካ። መቸስ ነዛ ሓጻር ታሪክ ደጊመ ከልዕል ዝደረከኒ ምክንያት ኮቦሮ እዝነይ ዘይስማዕ ምስ ኣስማዓኒ ከምዝኾነ ኣይትስሕትዎን ትኾኑ። ማእሰርቲ ኢስራኤል “ደገ-ሰማይ” ተረኪቡስ— ካብ እዚኣ ፈንተት እንካብ ተብሉኒ ማእሰርትኹም ይመርጽ ዝብሃል ብሂል ክትደግሞ ዘሐፍር ሰሚዔ። መቸስ እቲ ሽግር ዋላ ደኣ ይምረር’እምበር ካብ ናጽነት ባርነት ይሕሸኒ ዝብሃል ሎሚ ይሰምዕ ኣሎኹ። ወይለይ ወይለይ ረሲዔ ኔረ ኣብ ዝሓለፈ ኣዋርሕ እባ ከኣ “ካብ’ዚ ዘሎናዮ ዋላ ሹጡና ለውጡና’ ዝብል ሰሚዔ ኔረ። እዚ ሰብ እንታይ ኢዩ ኾይኑ? ክብረይ ቐንጡጡኒ ኢልካ ዘረብከ ምስ ምንታይ ይቑጸር? ሓቢርካ ሽግርካ ምፍታሕ እንከሎስ ፡ ቤት ምእሰርቲ እስርኤል እንታይ ኣተምነየኹም? እስራኤል ንቑጽ ኣጅቦ ወዲእና እንተበለትከ?
    ቒጭ መምጺእየይ ኣምበጣ ሕዳር ትብል ዝነበረትስ ኮን መን’ያ?

    • Misghina February 27, 2018

      You say and imply so much fictitious nonsense stories and I wonder if you are a pseudo historian or just an imposter character entertaining/deceiving gullible Assenna readers?
      Generocity has to be given freely that with no demands or conditions.
      Demanding it of others comes across as self-righteous.
      Since when have Eritreans become insensitive to each other’s pains? It might require a comprehensive researches to how Eritrean moral/patriotic values evolved over the years.

      • k.tewolde February 27, 2018

        “Since when have Eritreans become insensitive to each other’s pains? It might require a comprehensive researches to how Eritrean moral/patriotic values evolved over the years” writes Misghina, to my recollection since the day they let shady intruders through their back door and started killing their own brother in vain for few perks and that day is a distant memory.And you added,”deceiving gullible Assenna readers”,isn’t being gullible that got us into this mess in the first place and you want us to stay gullible. Is Assenna a sanctuary where the gullible comes to find solace? No wonder……….

        • Misghina February 27, 2018

          “Neday nay libu yiHalim”, please keep your “Hilmi Derho” dreams to yourself and also within your reach,
          In order to show off your fake or new found wisdom, don’t over-stretch my statement and comment, you deformed it, mr small time talkative.

  • Ghirmay February 27, 2018

    These so many desperate and hopeless Eritrean refugees or asylum seekers only show one clear sad situation,
    and that sad, desperate hopeless situation is the unfortunate sign of the sinking of the poor nation – state Eritrea itself. After all, all those who run away taking massive risks and deaths do so in the very process of jumping off the sinking ship called miserable and SEOL “Eritrea”.
    I also sadly agree with brother Misghina’s timely question of ‘since when have Eritreans become insensitive to each other’s pains?’ It seems we have only been glued with artificial or temporary fix of ‘hade hizbi hade libi’ superstition!

  • meretse February 27, 2018

    Since when have Eritreans become insensitive to each other”s pain? Did u just wake up from a deep, deep sleep or ur just kidding? Come on-you can do better than this. By the way I do not think you understand my comment very well. My comment/s is a respond to the selling off FREEDOM. If attaching a price for a freedom is worthed for you and alike. well take it

    • Misghina February 27, 2018

      It seems utter desperation or boredness has nudged you and your likes (fiction nonsense tellers)
      to indulge in comedy circus shows or in kindergarten fake storytelling shows.
      How would do you know that ‘I can do better than this’, and better than what? Fictitious stories??
      I don’t understand as to why you want confine me/us on the tune you want to dance/celebrate!
      “My comment/s is a respond to the selling off FREEDOM” – meretse,
      Do you really consider Eritreans to be free under the current regime and ‘selling off FREEDOM’?

    • meretse February 27, 2018

      please read my respond Is — as my response is

      • Misghina February 27, 2018

        Your correction must be in your outdated sick mind and attitude towards the unfortunate Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers.
        Simply stop mixing/telling so much irrelevant and old twisted childish fictions.

  • meretse February 27, 2018

    So u think the book was was written for kindergarteners? Well, may be those kindergarteners are better than u and me then. Cool down. You do not need to go restless on comments.

    • Misghina February 27, 2018

      “So you think the book was written for kindergarten?”, – meretse, so you tell me/us?
      Yes, I agree with you that kindergartners are far more better and advanced than u & ur likes.
      Who gave you the authority to mark comments and to calm down readers mr big head?
      Don’t you also think that you could do much much better than this childish/desperate responses? Instead of going round and round desperately just deal/respond to my last point of “Since when have Eritreans become insensitive to each other’s pains”? This is of course and providing you are Eritrean otherwise feel free to continue indulging in your little village stories.

  • Tesfai February 27, 2018

    “We, the Eritreans are Arabic” said Qiada al Ama and Jebha al tahri’s motto. Therefore, we should leave Israel and accept refuge in the land of our Arab brothers, aka, masters..

    Hear is — Breaking News: from the Arab Streets:

    When the Arabic and Islamic people heard about the slavery, abuse and beheading of thousands of African asylum seekers and migrants in Egypt-Sinai, Sudan and especially the slave market in the Arab and Muslim Libya, millions of Arab Muslims went to streets of Cairo, Tripoli, Benghazi, Alexandria, Dubai, West Bank Palestine, Khartoum, Riyadh, Kuwait City, Baghdad, Tunis …. as far as Afghanistan and Pakistan, in all Arab and Muslim lands, to condemn the slavery of Africans in Libya and the Arab world “by the Jews people of Israel”.

    They all asked – “why is Israel and the Jewish people still selling black Africans to slavery? The Arab world must take military action on Israel.”
    We, the Arabic people and their brothers are proud of our Arabic masters.

    Inshallah, may Allah bless them .

  • meretse February 28, 2018

    Like a prosecuting attorney you seem to follow all my comments on this website. I would say good for you. Digest them as much as u wish for they are ,after all, free of charges.

    • Misghina February 28, 2018

      Meretse or shall we call you Miruts Yifter the legendary Ethiopian runner but in your case a sad boring Assenna’s runner/crocodile crawler?
      Ato Miruts, I am not quite with you I mean you’ve lost me as to ‘where’ I am supposed to follow you! You might think too much of your self but we are not on the same wave length fara villager.
      I would really like to continue with our mini-debate with you but you keep stretching the topic to your usual irrelevant/meaningless jumbo-mumbo things.
      What has a presecuting attorney got to do here and next you would be telling us about the journey of 300 yrs that took to reach the American type democracy etc?????
      As your empty ego is playing badly with you I don’t think I can carry this debate any further.

  • meretse February 28, 2018

    ይቕረታ ! ! !
    ኣብ ዝሓለፈ 2 መዓልታት
    ነጸላይ – ዘርጊሔ
    ኣዛሪበያ – ጊሔ
    ሰብ – መሲሉኒ

  • degoli March 1, 2018

    How do they “Toilet Shoes” and “slaves” in Hijazi Arabic? According to the Arabized Jebha – ELF – “We, the Eritreans are Arabic”. ha ha ha 🙂
    See how our Arab and Muslim “masters” show their love to Christian Eritreans and to other volunteer “Abeeds” and “Toilet Shoes” as they call the language-burners derisively:
    Nanny to Saudi Royals Claims They Forced Her Into Slavery

    February 28, 2018

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. (CN) – A nanny hired by members of Saudi Arabian royalty living in the U.S., claims in court she was forced into slavery, subjected to psychological abuse and isolated from the outside world after her employers snatched her passport and refused to return it to her for nearly a year.
    In a 17-page complaint filed in the Eastern District of Virginia, Simret Semere Tekle, a native Eritrean woman, alleges her imprisonment by the wealthy royal couple, defendants Mohammad bin Abdullah Al Saud and Nouf bin Nayef Abdul Aziz Al Saud, began in 2011, after she’d allegedly been subjected to equally harsh treatment by Nouf Al Saud’s mother, Princess Maha bint Mohammed bin Al Sudairi.
    According to the complaint, Al Sudairi first hired Tekle in 2008. For three years, Tekle claims, she was subjected to a series of humiliating abuses. Forced to bow before the princess and kiss her hands, Al Sudairi would often hurl insults at Tekle and other members of her staff, the complaint says. Al Sudairi told her she was akin to “toilet shoes” and warned that she “should know [her] place.” ….
    Read the whole article at courtnews