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Eritrea, America and Ethiopia: What do they have in common?

By Obo Arada Aba Shawl alias Wolde Tewolde August 13, 2016 The obvious commonnality is in their initial (GE’EZ) alphabetical names. All three nations evolve with similar vowels and if not in pronunciation in intonation. The A-bomb had

By Obo Arada Aba Shawl alias Wolde Tewolde

August 13, 2016

The obvious commonnality is in their initial (GE’EZ) alphabetical names. All three nations evolve with similar vowels and if not in pronunciation in intonation.

The A-bomb had a tremendous impact on the nature and structure of these three countries. Eritrea has to be re-considered if not re-evaluated by both the victors and victims of colonialism and hegemony. After launching the A-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, America has emerged as a superpower in the global war by using its troops on European soil. Ethiopia has come out far and beyond its resistance against Fascism and colonialism. In other words, three of these nations had to reshuffle and re-ally their respective views and values if not towards the world at large but also among themselves.

Fast forward, President Roosevelt of America, Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia and the people of Eritrea came head on concessions  and compromises (CC).

In the same way as there are many Ethiopian and Eritrean elites all over the world on the pretext that they are in Diaspora to fight for Ethiopian or Eritrean liberation and freedom. Emperor Haile Selassie after his return from England where he was living as a refugee, wanted to avoid the British influence.

And I believe that if and when the corrupt system of TPLF administration or the tyrannical EPLF system of government dissipates, it may be very difficult to determine the allegiance of the Diaspora Eritreans or Ethiopians. A new leadership or chaos will emerge in all countries right after the Presidential election of November 5, 2016.

Right after World War II, The Eritrean populace did not know what to choose, Harnet, Independence, or Nazanet (HIN). Only a handful of elites and priests chose for them. Currently, we don’t know how the Eritreans desire to live and move on to the next digital world. It looks that Eritreans are fearful of the current and the coming digital global world of attrition.

One thing that remained of significant importance about Eritrea is that it was not a failed state. This is unlike its sister Italian colonized nations of Libya and Somalia. The Eritrean protracted Revolution has helped towards this situation. I don’t concur with those people who claim that the Eritrean Revolution should not have been carried out. There are some writers who try to romanticize the Eritrean Revolution. The Eritrean people have at least got one of the twin values of liberty and freedom. The problem which is which, nobody taught them or teaching them now. That is the anomaly of the Eritrean condition!!! There seems confusion among the elites, the peasantry and the outside world. It is camouflaged in what I call the ASSeHa Pandora box.

As to Ethiopia, Emperor Haile Selassie made a historic choice to ally with the A-bomb nation. He sent his delegation to the United States of America. When the Ethiopian delegation arrived here in the United States, they met with the then Secretary of State, Forster Dulles upon which he asked the experts why America need to ally with Ethiopia. The experts answer were as follows:-


  1. That Ethiopia is a mountainous country and that means that it is easy and convenient to control and command (CC) the Middle East from Ethiopian mountains. We have to remember that at the time there were only satellite Dishes for communication transmission.
  2. That Ethiopia is half way to China, the future emerging rival nation to America and
  3. That Ethiopia has never been colonized before.


Based on the above facts and presentations, the United State Government decided to be involved in the current nations of Eritrea and Ethiopia. Here is how:-

In order to fulfill the first condition of, the American government had established a communication base known as Kagnew, after the name of Haile Selassie’s horse.

In order to fulfill the second condition, the American government had established a well-known Airlines (Ethiopian). It is still one of the best in the world of air travels and maintenance.

In order to fulfill the third condition of influencing Ethiopia and its citizens, the American government had established and maintained transport and communications sector, agricultural sector, education sector, health sector, commercial sector and military and air defense. Ethiopian and Eritrean modernization has taken place. There was neither hatred nor dispute towards the American lessons of development with the exception of one. The exception was in the education sector.

I don’t believe that the American experts consider the Ethiopian Church education. The Eritreans and Ethiopians have lived for centuries with the information, knowledge and wisdom of the Orthodox Church. Besides, the expansion of the American government and private investment in education was far less minimal compared to other sectors of economy.

The dissatisfaction of education particularly at the University level had initiated and galvanized the Eway Ethiopian Revolution. The end result is where we are now. Neither Church nor digitalized modern education. Both are missing in both countries of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

America has almost adjusted its citizen to the digital age, thanks to their investment in education sector. I believe all three nations had a commonality at the beginning. How about now? That is the question at hand?

Truth will prevail

Review overview
  • k.tewolde August 14, 2016

    Wedi Tewolde,don’t take this wrong,what message are you trying to convey?unless it is abstract writing that I can’t encrypt.Am I missing something folks?

  • Girma August 14, 2016

    For a reason, he can only understand, the author seems to be obsessed of two issues in the article – America and the Orthodox Church. He writes, “The A-bomb had a tremendous impact on the nature and structure of these three countries.” and ” … Orthodox Church”
    The only “A-bomb” that the people in the region and the Horn of Africa should be watchful is of course the real A-bomb which is the Arab-bomb. The Arab Jihadi bomb is exploding not far in Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Libya, Bahrain, … coming soon to Turkey and Saudi Arabia, rightly also known as, Saudi Barbarians.
    I am wondering how did the author miss the real A-bomb that is already engulfing the entire Arab peninsula and the Arab world? It is my hope that Maryam Asmereyti will protect the land of my proud and dignified ancestors from the fires, explosions, the brim and sulfur that is engulfing and consuming the extremists across the sea

  • Keshi Mars August 15, 2016

    Hello all, I don’t think the author had a clear vision of what he wanted to write. He was a little bit clumsy to say the least. He tried to suggest that a grand father would be leaving an advice to his grand children even before their parents are born.

  • Alem August 15, 2016

    Assenna seems to be unable to find good. Educative first class articles to post.

  • Wolde R tewolde August 16, 2016

    EAE had a shared history of beginning. What about their future? That is the question I posted at the end of the article. Some readers do not seem to finish their readings but dare to comment on nothing. Once we grasp the past, then we can go to the future. That will continue in coming articles of “what do they have in common?;”

  • Alem August 18, 2016

    Eritrea and America have nothing in common simply. We have common language, culture and root with ethiopia. D/c- they have a constitution and constitutional right to support oppose express and protest peacefully. We do not. Iseyas is our constitution. Expressing one self in eritrea is a crime punishable by death. When u rule by gun, ur life comes to end by a gun, which will happen soon. No need to write an abstract.

  • Wolde R tewolde August 18, 2016

    Mr Alem, you answered it yourself. You don’t have democracy at home. Democracy cannot be exported. neither Revolution. The Eritrean Revolution was indigenous and so is democracy. Eritrea has traditional check and balance and so is America. Eritrean kola, Weina and Kebessa are the check and balance of living and governing..

    Eritreans do manufacture guns, they buy them and where is the money coming from. You tell me. Any how, I was referring to history and geography in relation to the would be leaders of America, Eritrea and Ethiopia. Let us wait until Nov. 8, 2016. Thank you for your comments.

  • Wolde R tewolde August 18, 2016

    Mr. Alem, I am sorry, I mean Eritreans do not manufacture guns.