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Eritrea allegedly banned from CECAFA Senior Challenge

By Kennedy Langat Eritrea will not participate in this year’s 38th edition of the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup which is scheduled to start on the 22st of this month in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. CECAFA Secretary General Nicholas Musonye said all

By Kennedy Langat

Eritrea will not participate in this year’s 38th edition of the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup which is scheduled to start on the 22st of this month in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

CECAFA Secretary General Nicholas Musonye said all other member countries have confirmed participation in the annual regional tournament.

CECAFA allegedly banned Eritrea from taking part in the annual regional tournament after 24 Eritrean nationals vanished in Kenya during the 2013 edition held in Nairobi.

Last month the head coach of Eritrean national soccer team along with ten players disappeared from their hotel after participating in a World Cup qualifying match in Botswana.

The players were later found and granted asylum by government of Botswana after claiming they could not return home since their lives were in danger.

However CECAFA Secretary General has not confirmed whether Eritrea’s withdrawal was due to the ban.

Meanwhile, Musonye has confirmed that a number of teams outside the region including Malawi have expressed interest in taking part in this year’s edition.

The annual tournament did not take place in 2014 due to lack of a host as Ethiopia pulled out at the last minute due to sponsorship challenges.

Kenya’s Harambee Stars are the defending champions after beating Sudan 2-0 in the 2013 edition held in Nairobi.

Uganda has won the regional tournament a record 13 times.

Kenya and Ethiopia has won the trophy five and four times respectively.

The nations expected to take part include; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.

Review overview
  • AHMED SALEH November 5, 2015

    To expect Eritrean team participate in this regional soccer tournament that will be hosted by hostile country doesn’t make a sense since both
    of them engage on languages that threaten regional stability . For a
    moment we are less interested in this issue because there are important
    questions which require prior attention regarding national political
    problems .

    • Samson November 5, 2015

      Don’t make too much of an issue of a hostile country or other lame excuse! In international and qualification tournament sport there is no politics or other issues at all. The main question and issue is are they good enough and are they well prepared (in fitness and mental strength) to qualify for the tournament. You can’t always be a victim of your own making (in this case DIA’s regime fault) and not the host country’s fault.

      • AHMED SALEH November 5, 2015

        My point is we have important issues to concentrate than wasting
        time and energy on HGDF – WEYANE political circus . You might say
        the host nation doesn’t share responsibility on regional conflict
        but that is not true . Both of them held secrets from general
        public that brought bloody war incase you forgot .
        For majority of Eritreans these two governments stand still at
        hostile environment either you like it or not and to argue shows
        to deny facts on the ground . And you think our people inside the
        country take pleasure in sport while BADME war excuse left them
        hostage for indefinite term of national service , wake up brother .
        My comment is free from pros-cons kind of political game but based
        on independent conviction to express myself observations .

        • AHMED SALEH November 5, 2015

          By the way who are you guys to put Eritrea at defensive position
          at any accusations . I am not HGDF supporter but that doesn’t
          permit me to forfeit my people interest particularly when I sense
          dangerous elements with ill will toward my ancestors land .
          “Hey , Ahmed you hate Ethiopians” while entertain to degrade
          my people , what a joke !
          Thanks GOD , I don’t comment to offend Ethiopian people except for
          those political actors on both side and I will speak up face to
          face with HGDF and WEYANE supporters , beat it now .

        • Samson November 5, 2015

          Why are you jumping from one tree to another tree without dealing with the main issue.
          You simply remind me of a crazy dentist who walks around with his old box labelled “dentist”, but now full of plumbers tools, just imagine what the crazy old dentist would do to poor patients teeth with his plumber tools!!!! Let’s leave sport away from politics, to me sport and culture should unite divided people like of Eritrean and Ethiopian peoples.

      • Dawit November 6, 2015

        Wrong it’s not the players I wish every body
        Understand Eritrean federation and
        The ppl in power = 1 he say – yes – no
        Depends in the mood he is inn
        Thank you

    • Gergish zibelo November 6, 2015

      Ahmed salih your enemy inside your mind and your country. it is immoral to say Ethiopia’s is an enemy. I think coming to Ethiopia is your dream

      • AHMED SALEH November 6, 2015

        Ziaklen tihinen beale Maryam yibla
        Asha inda meselka dirarom wedialom , zibl msla atehasasibuni .
        For almost two decades two countries at stand-off for military
        confrontation and you want twist it . And we all know WEYANE is
        as guilty as HGDF to bring us down for bloodshed . Ask majority
        of Ethiopians for their opinion to prove me wrong .
        You guys act in defensive mood anytime we involve Ethiopia at our discussion the same way HGDF supporters wait for dugout graves
        because of arrogance .
        And if I want to go to Ethiopia , my friends from central region
        are happy to welcome me . In fact many times invited me to take
        vacation in Addis . My good Ethiopian friends are also welcome to
        enjoy Asmera when the right times come .

        • Abate November 7, 2015

          ኣሕመድ ምናልባሽ እቶም ኣምሰልቲ ተደናገጽቲ ህግደፍን ተረፍ መረፍ ገዛእቲ ወይ ከዓ ብቛንቛ ወያነ “ሓይልታት ትምክሕቲ” ኢኻ ትጠቅስ ዘለኻ

  • logo November 5, 2015

    Do uou know thar Eritrea has her Ambassador in Ethiopia? Hostile country shouldn’t be an issue to participate im a tournament

  • logo November 5, 2015

    Do you know thar Eritrea has her Ambassador in Ethiopia? Hostile country shouldn’t be an issue to participate in a tournament

    • AHMED SALEH November 5, 2015

      That means they secured their diplomatic relationship , wrong . Iran ,
      Cuba , North Korea and others who cut diplomacy with USA always have
      representative called Ambassadors in United Nations .
      The same policy applies at Addis Abeba office of ORGANIZATION AFRICAN
      UNITY to have Eritrea representative as it’s Ambassador.

  • Tesfaldet abraha November 5, 2015

    We don’t need scoor. Team eny way when ERITREA is making name RUNNING &cycling who Ned sell out kedaeti for next time ERITREA will have a disporia team

    • Samson November 5, 2015

      Are you having indigestion from eating too much Canadian hamburgers? Go back to eating you old good organic grasses as they are easy for your digestion tesfakebti. And can you play for Eritrea with your four legs?

      • Samson November 5, 2015

        please add ‘can you play soccer for Eritrea with your four legs’? As Eritrea is short (running out) of players!

        • AHMED SALEH November 5, 2015

          You look to much agitated and confused to call unnecessary names . One
          time you speak about unity of neighboring people and then you offend
          them with your disrespectful word “tesfa WEYANE” , sound fishy .

  • Berhe Tenesea November 5, 2015

    The banning of from this sporting event is good news to the Eritrean regime. The banning will avoid disasters of fleeing players as usual. With the exception of few bonded cyclists every body who go out of Eritrea because of sports is considered a jackpot winner.

  • Gothe November 5, 2015

    Africa is ashamed about the multiple defection of Eritreans, as it is ashamed of Eritrea, about the number of refugees it produces, the number of Eritreans sold to slavery and the long domestic national slavery.
    There is nothing to be proud in today’s Eritrea.

  • Askalu November 6, 2015

    I agree that religion and sport must never be mixed with politics. Politics is a dirty business especially
    the African male dominated corruptive and manuplative backward and undemocratic politics.
    The Eritrean regime should try to host the next comptetion or tournament in Eritrea so that they keep a big watch and they qualify without competing.

  • Kubrom November 6, 2015

    Eta Adi nikulatina Ayteametinan Eshoki koinatina Bsenki Wedi Medhin Beradn Korakurun ,Silezi Wetahader , Temaharay , Sportna .Kulu seb Yisded Alo . Hizbi Eritra Ezi Aynet Shigir Kigetimo Bitaami Zehzin eyu . Awet n Deleyti Fithi . Selamn Rahwan n Hzbi Eritrea .

  • Dawit November 6, 2015

    Bicycle , marathon. Soccer Eritrea is good every
    Major sports is out there the military state
    Give a chance to the ppl who obey & bake to the regim as we all know. Once the Democratic Party stand in its own we be gladly to show the world how many talents are waisting as we speak