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Review overview
  • ERITRAWIT June 19, 2015

    Philmon great song Beautiful video clip, but then sad all this sacrifice our people went under the drain txs to Isaias and Nsew Nhna Nhna Nsew.

  • Fresewra June 19, 2015

    Job well done Philmon. Great work of art. It describes the exact political, social and economic hardships the Eritrean people are going through as a result of wrong policies crafted by PFDJ. The hopes and aspirations of Eritrean people to have free and democratic nation is dashed because of PFDJ. It depicts all the betrayals atrocities committed by PFDJ against Eritrran people. Thank you and keep up the good job.

  • Mana June 22, 2015

    Well done Filmon. Eritrea needs more people like you. An artist is a leader not a follower, an artist is a candle for those living in dark, an artist is a mouth for those who silenced by a gun, an artist is a life for those who live in anxiety, an artist is everything because without him/her the world is tasteless and miserable. Thanks Filmon for your great contribution to Eritrean cause. Justice will be prevail one day. You will be remembered for ever.