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EMDHR Press Release about Eritrean Footballers Seeking Asylum in Botswana

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Review overview
  • Berhe Tenesea October 17, 2015

    Thank you very much, members of EMDHR,. Your efforts are successful. The efrts that you are doing is of historical proportion.
    The Tembein regime would have done everything including giving thousands of in bribes to corrupt officials especially in Sudan.
    Botswana however, seems a bit advanced and democratic country and governed by rule of law.
    The footballers are enjoying freedom for the first time in their life and must be congratulated.
    As Kiros the musicians have said ,that sports is dead in Eritrea, indeed it buried for good.
    Pray for the prisoners inside the largest prison on the planet.

    • Memhr October 17, 2015

      ayte Berhe wrote “The Tembein regime”. He raised an issue that has nothing to do with the proud people of Tembien, Tigray, Ethiopia, who have demonstrated through the centuries their love of their own land, history, languages, identity and religion. They never knelt down to any occupier or enslaver to change their identity, language, religion or to sell their children to slavery.
      Issaias Afewrki may have a Tigrayan and tembienian genes like Woldeab Weldemariam and many others but he was born in Asmara and grew in Sahil mountains, Eritrea, that has nothing to do with the proud Habesha people of Tembien who fought against many savage invaders be the Ottoman Turks, Arabs, Italian Fascists and as well as the Egyptians …
      Issias can only be described properly as an Arab slave, an Abeed or Akhdam who has no respect to anything Habesha, Tigrayan or African.

  • k.tewolde October 17, 2015

    A little lesson for the bafoons in Asmara how law is administered, if they understand what “due process” means,may be they think it is something you munch on, like “hinbasha” idiotic. Hurrah! to the efforts of EMDHR , and the tens of thousands of phone calls and emails that poured into Botswana embassies across the globe by concerned Eritrean citizens.We will break through.

  • Lwam October 17, 2015

    Botswana is a successful example in transforming the society and built functional democracy.
    The high courts of Botswana and the people of Botswana must be praised for their understanding and cooperation.