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Egypt trying to forcibly return Eritreans

CAIRO: A leading international human rights organization has said 34 Eritrean men and five women are being held by Egyptian authorities and could face being returned to their country, where they “would face a real

CAIRO: A leading international human rights organization has said 34 Eritrean men and five women are being held by Egyptian authorities and could face being returned to their country, where they “would face a real risk of torture and arbitrary detention.”

According to London-based Amnesty International, on October 18, the men and women were told they would be deported.

Last week, 83 Eritrean nationals, including three women, were forcibly deported from Egypt to Eritrea.

“Amnesty International believes that they had not had the opportunity to challenge their removal before a court or to apply for asylum,” the rights organization said in an Urgent Action appeal on Wednesday.

It added that the women were deported on October 13 and 14 and one woman had been detained by Egyptian authorities for nearly one year before being forced out of the country.

“She had been denied access to UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and prevented from applying for asylum. Before her detention, her employer reportedly prevented her from leaving the workplace and she was subjected to mistreatment and abuse,” Amnesty said.

The other two women are believed to have been deported after being held in Aswan. One of them is believed to have fled Eritrea to avoid years of forced conscription in the army.

The others arrested had allegedly been detained in the Sinai peninsula en route to Israel, a common country that many African migrants attempt to escape to after reporting gross violations of human rights and dignity in Egypt.

“Refugees and asylum-seekers returned to Eritrea have been detained incommunicado and tortured upon return,” Amnesty said.

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  • ahmed Saleh October 19, 2011

    It is sad and disturbing news.As a human being and fellow eritrean I like
    to express my sympathy toward them. I pray to GOD for their protection.

  • tsefa aloni October 19, 2011

    ሰላም ዚከበርኩም ኣሕዋት እዞም ኣብ ቤትማእሰርቲ ኣዕለቕሊቖም ዘለዉ ኤርትራውያን ኤምባስይ ኤርትራ ምስ መንግስቲ ግብጺ ብምትሕብባር ናብ ኤርትራ ኪሰጎም ሚድላዋት ካብ ዚገብር ነዊሕ ጌሩ ኣሎ። ኣብዚ ሳልስቲ ሓዲሽ ኩነታት ዪረአ ኣሎ ነቶም እሱራት ኣብ ሓደ ቦታ ብምጥርናፍ ንምጭዋዮም ክጥዕሞምም ኣብ ሓደ ቦታ ዪእክቡዎም ኣለዉ። ኣብዚ ዚሓለፋ 2 ለይቲ ሰብ ከይርእዮም ወይ ሓብሬታ ከይሰምዕ ብለይቲ እንዳ ገበሩ እዮም ዚእክቡዎም ዘለዉ። ስለዚ እቶም ኣቕሚ ኣሎና ትብሉ ግዱሳት ኤርትራውያን ካብዚ ኣንጸላሊዩዎም ዘሎ ሓደጋ ኪተናግፉዎም ሓደራ ንብል። ን ኣሰና ዳት ኮምን ሬድዮ ኤርናን ንስለቲ ዕቱብ ኣገልግሎትኩም ከየመስገንኩ ኣይሓልፍን።

  • Barentu October 20, 2011

    What is wrong with the Arab nations and the Arabs? They are adding salt to injury. It is in the Arab nations poor refugee seeking Eritreans get killed, shot, imprisoned, kidnapped, raped, hostaged … left in the desert to die or sent back to Eritrea.
    This is not happening in other African nations such as Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, South Africa … but in Arab nations!
    True, the main culprit is Hgdef but also the Arab nations and Arab Rashaidas are adding salt to injury, making our plight worse.
    It was after this irony, a brilliant observer wrote:
    ቆልዑ ትሩቡሊ እንዳጓየዩ፥
    “ዓብድ! ዓብድ!” እንዳበሉ፤
    ኤርትራዊ ሓሰበ ተዳሂሉ፥
    ቋንቋና ዓረብ እንተዝኸውን፥
    ምሓሸና ዶ ካብ ውርደትን ሕስረትን፧

  • Dawit October 21, 2011

    The majority of Arabs don’t like black africans simply because they are darker than them, or have different religions, and languages. Many consider Africans with dark skins as “Abeed” or “El Abeed” .

    Widespread human rights abuses based on one’s race by the Sudanese government against the people of Darfur ; and Libyans recent treatment of other black africans are some of the distinctive hallmarks of many Arabs. I have been to UAE, and Bahrain, and what I have witnessed is that mostt if not all privileges are accorded to those Arabs who are perceived to be , rightly or wrongly, as “pure” Arabs while those whose skin is perceived to be dark, and whose hairs are thought to be curly are usually found on the lowest rung of the social hierarchy.

    1.Now, why do Eritreans who are usually thought by Arabs as being dark want to adopt Arabic language and culture?

    2.Why do Eritreans talk about other people in a patronizing way? (example , calling Tigrawots “agame”

    Let’s not be like Arabs, people. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

  • robel October 24, 2011

    1. We Eritreans didn’t adopt Arabic language and culture. Arabic is one of our nine languages and off course it is widespread language in our region so it’s worth to know than your Amharic.
    2. we call tigrawot or agame because there are some people or place in a country bordered with us who are tigrawot or agame. That simple.

    IF teh arabs dont like black people it’s upto them! we don’t do pay back the same!