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DMHIT’s defection and its consequence on the Eritrean society

DMHIT’s defection and its consequence on the Eritrean society DEMHIT’s dissolution is certainly an advantage to the Eritrean people since the society is better off without it and the useless other Ethiopian opposition forces in Eritrea.

DMHIT’s defection and its consequence on the Eritrean society
DEMHIT’s dissolution is certainly an advantage to the Eritrean people since the society is better off without it and the useless other Ethiopian opposition forces in Eritrea. Afwerki cannot dare babysit these imaginary forces in our country anymore as a result of the embarrassing event, nor could they any longer deceive the Diaspora Ethiopians for money mimicking organized military forces capable of violently changing the Ethiopian government. The event also has a big advantage to the Ethiopians that should work developing their society without obstacles here on from.
The question is how about its disadvantage to the Eritrean society should there ever be one? This is very hard to answer because one needs to see it from two complementary angles of our country: the dictatorial regime and the society. The two elements of our society are interdependent whether they are enemies or not. The situation of the government may be none of the people’s business but the effects of its performance are indeed their business.
Well, I picked few things from the forum to help us grasp the general connotation on the matter.
Medhaniye: It is very true that Eritreans should have more respect and brotherly love for our Ethiopian neighbors
in general but particularly to our brothers and sisters people of Tigray. Mr Fitsum, as you rightly pointed out on your article the people of Tigray made a lot of sacrifices and
contribution to our independence and they are still helping our unfortunate Eritrean refugees in their land.
Comment: They sure did a lot of sacrifice for us and we did a lot for them as natural allies from the same roots but different geopolitical mindsets as a result of European colonialism which has been the standard by which all third world societies and particularly Africans unanimously accepted to form their countries. Our relationship went through lots of zigzags as a matter of circumstances and mischievous leaderships for both of us to hurt each other in the past but our peoples have no agenda with each other except respect for one another and the desire to coexist peacefully.
robi: General Mola Asgodom game over Dictator, it’s such an amazing intelligence job played for Issayas jealous. I can compare Mola Asgodom spying Dictator with Mosad,KGB,CIA games, he born from Ethion farmer but how he understood more than smart people or Educated people like Ministers,and other Eritrean Generals about Issayas future plan? We should give good credit To general Mola Asgodom as a Hero.
Comment: Yes robi, you are correct. The political espionage role (national assignment) Mr. Molla played and successfully executed with minimum risk is a quality of excellence one expects from exceptional entities such as Mossad et al. Mossad executed its task securing Israel’s rapid win of the sixth day war with all inclusive Arabs through excellent work in the areas of infiltrating into their highest stratum of chain-command simulating dedicated citizen/s of the victim nations in the game. There is no question Mr. Molla is a very brilliant hero to his people in this respect but pain in the butt to the dictatorship and a neutralizing catalyst to the so called Ethiopian opposition forces in Eritrea
The drama clearly tells that the Afwerki regime is an empty shell with no capacity to secure the nation; how weak its security and intelligence systems were. That also says something about how severely disconnected its military hubs and networks and how porous the system’s infrastructure had been. It displays the fact that the Generals and security systems work in isolation because of the regime’s divisive policy at its nucleus composition level of the relationship. The regime’s failure in these areas has today made it totally exposed to the Ethiopian regime reducing it to a vulnerable contender in this already lost fight without firing a bullet. It was mind game and the fittest survived!!
ድሓን ኪዲ ኤርትራ: Brother Fitsum stated, “As for Molla’s decision to return home to Ethiopia disarraying his armed forces, one would have it hard failing to entertain whether DEMHIT was an organized group under the authority of the Weyanes from the onset that stayed in Eritrea pretending an opposition group till it collects adequate knowledge of the internal situation of our country and the regime from firsthand experience”
You got it right brother Fitsum !!! If you read ተራራዎችንያንቀጠቀጡ ትውልድ in Amharic, about Weyanes implanted spy to dergi, these forefather of ours tegaru are tough.
Comment: Spying is the most important element of a fight whatever the fight may be over. No army can survive without spying because information is power. We were excellent in this area during the struggle. The Asmara airport raid where EPLF destroyed 34 Ethiopian Air force aircrafts (1984) in 20 minutes and the decapacitating blow our fighters delivered the Durg (75% of its Navy was destroyed there) in the liberation of Massawa (while the enemy was concentrating on defending Keren) were few of the most fascinating examples of Eritrea’s power of espionage in that era. It was a team work without necessarily involving the then secretary general Isaias Afwerki whose job was managing EPLF at decision taking level of the matter needless saying that Brother Petros Solomon was the best mind of our espionage during the struggle that accomplished the remarkable successes in discussion.
However the Weyanes outplayed Durg’s intelligence immaterial what they did to the Afwerki regime is nothing except toying it like a toddler. We are talking about two major accomplishments for the Ethiopian government here: irreparable destruction of the Ethiopian opposition forces hosted by the dictator and inside out knowledge about the system (capacity, strength, weakness, vulnerability, beaurocracy (ASARARAH), who may be what in the regime and how influential, etc.). You must remember that one’s extent of political and military knowledge of the enemy dictates the terms of winning a challenge, the reason the extraordinary capacity of Petros Solomon in this classification and the excellence of Uqbe Abraha in the logistics department along with our gallant fighters on the merit caused the demise of the Durg at the end of the day. The extent of damage inflicted on the regime by the Molla differential is impossible to imagine had our heroes been used in their respective talents under this regime.
Genet-orginal: In regard to “DMHT” and Mr Mola, I have a different take on.
First, I never thought “DMHT” was a real opposition of any kind. First of all, they are from Tigray. One of the ethnic group in Ethiopia, without a doubt dominating the Ethiopian Gov. Tigray people are advancing in many ways. They are educating their children. It is good for them. In this reality, how can anyone buy, when “DMHIT” a group from Tigray claims they are Ethiopian “opposition”. Mr Mola has been the head of espionage for the Ethiopian Gov in the heart of Eritrea. It was a knockout punch saying the least! Dictator Isayas is the weakest link to our people and our country. I ask, what was the reason for dictator Isayas to trust Mr Mola? Again, Isayas is always looking for something or someone to crush the will of our people. I wouldn’t even surprise, if the dictator is working for the Ethiopian gov, just like Mola.
A.H: Now I can see that Evil Essu lost his plot if what we hear is the factual events happened in Eritrea.
Evil Essu antennas are always in place and he also instigate the problem when he thinks that things are matured. How would we know this is not a SETUP by THE EVIL ESSU. How did Mr Molla knew that Essu was aware about the Ethiopian plot? And Vice Versa to Mr Molla awareness of Essus knowledge about their discrete mission?
Therefore, justice belongs to both parties.
I am sure we will hear a lot of secrets of the Evil Empire, Mr Essu and his cronies, but for now, I want to hear a direct apology from DEMHT and their leaders, thank you.
Simon G.: Mola A. = HGDF ** since he was Isyas’s friend for the last few yrs
MOLA = Woyane ** since he joined his brothers
So, HGDF = Woyane ** by association
Comment: I modestly ask brother A.H to clarify the bolded questions in this communication before I comment on but like Genet said, it appears very hard to believe that DEMHIT was opposing the Ethiopian government from Eritrea for the valid reasons she gave in here. Why would a Tigrean fight the Weyanes with notorious anti-Tigrean narrow minded Amharas while the nation of Tigrai is excelling in everything? It simply does not make sense at all! One can then safely assume now that DEMHIT might have been under the navigation of the Weyanes most probably for most of the 13 years of Mr. Molla’s servitude as its leading commander and as the most trusted element of the regime in the Eritrean society.
If this was the case, who might have then been the mastermind of all these activities that started somewhere in 2002? My answer would certainly be MELES ZENAWI with this postulate on the table. We are now contemplating that Zenawi might have been remotely controlling Afwerki through direct contact via DEMHIT in the last decade and till the time of his death for the rest of the work to have been taken care of by the current Ethiopian government. In short this regime may have finished the work that started by Meles Zenawi which Molla so far kept quite on the time-frame of the engagement though he disclosed the relationship took place earlier before he was instructed to stay one more year in Eritrea.
As for the contemplation that Mr. Afwerki should have been part of the sabotage from the onset of the scum, I cannot answer this without more information that will come out as a matter of necessity sooner or later. One thing is clear, however, that may justify entertaining this thought process: that the first thing Afwerki did in Eritrea after independence was destroying Petros Solomon’s well organized department of espionage and our country has never recovered from that extra reckless blunder that we are finally witnessing its tragic consequence on our society, yet after experiencing its humiliating consequence in the Badme conflict.
Genet-o: Now, I am astonished by some people claiming to be Eritrean, yet they glorify Mola. The actions of Mola and his men inside our country is inexcusable.As an Eritrean, I don’t know which is worst, Mr Mola working with dictator Isayas and violating our peoples right or working for Ethiopian Gov to gather war information and planning how to kill Eritrean children.
Comment: Dear Genet; I don’t think neither one is better nor worse than the other. I think it is clear now that Molla as an agent of his country had to violate the Eritrean people upon order from the regime as a mandatory compromise to stay there till he finished his homework and fled away pretending as its honest partner. This is what they call collateral damage that he could not have avoided without creating conflict with Eritrean authorities. He simply could not have done his homework without crossing the Eritreans upon instruction from the dictator. Therefore, both choices are interdependent that could not separately exist in this particular drama. Simply speaking, the Ethiopians outsmarted the best espionage mechanisms of the current Eritrean leaders and that of the entire Ethiopian opposition camp with flamboyant articulation. They further inflicted heavy economic damage in our country where the regime was supporting such a large group of people without any advantage to our society. The cost was very expensive feeding, dressing, financing, medicating and lodging the DEMHIT that ventured in Eritrea for the last 13 years of vacation.
As for Genet’s and A.H’s suggestion that Mr. Molla should apologize to our people for past misdeeds against them, it does not matter to me because it does not change anything in between. The value of his assignment could not have been accomplished without criss-crossing the Eritrean people to some extent upon the regime’s instruction. It really does not matter except for just pretentious formalities since he is an individual who did what he had to do to accomplish his mission for his country. Remember that TRUST was mandatory for his success and that trust could not have been earned without unconditionally executing orders from above. As for killing our kids in the way out, I think we also killed few of his comrades in return. This was, however, a necessity for safety that should have been done strictly from circumstantial point of view; thank God it was not as ugly as it could have been. I can only feel sorry for the victims of the event and pass my condolence to their loved ones.
To summarize, our country has systematically been cleansed of its potential of defense through the massive exodus of the youth and mistrust in-between management as state policy. We don’t have a dependable army and air force to protect us from external threat. Eritrea has been paying the expensive price of what the dictator did in that devastating September 14 years ago. His mistaking of the capacity of the EPLF leaders for weakness of the Weyanes that he could easily maneuver without (G15) was the biggest miscalculation of the president concerning the issue in the ground. He undermined the Weyanes from the onset behind the excellence of the G15 eluding himself as the best of them all in everything.
His divisive and exclusionist policy might have worked for him a bit in the initial years of his administration but had ended up exposing him naked in the political podium of the universe at this juncture in the go. The dictator has nothing to hide from the Ethiopians anymore after he crashed his main component of defense (G15) putting himself at their mercy without a doubt. He also has nowhere to go from justice.
Dear Eritreans; anything can take place if we don’t immediately take our destiny from the regime. You fill the void or someone will fill it for you. Yet, there is no air of war between the two societies for we understand that the dictatorship has no more space to go upward or stay static in this situation except shooting down to the graveyard with much higher velocity. We are marching forward hoping that the dictatorship will be history in our country and our pleasant cooperation and peaceful coexistence will take charge for eternity.
Don’t forget, however, that the recent development should make you carry your responsibility of saving the society with more concern and dedication; I repeat with more concern and dedication! You must know that we have reached a stage where we cannot defend ourselves from external adversities. You simply have no luxury to choose ways of solving your problems in the absence of any except OUR VOICE’s strategy of unification. We have no time to look for solutions any more but doing it with what we have for we are seriously challenged by the lack of a functional government in the absence of tangible security network outside Afwerki’s prison enterprises. He has doomed us to this point of susceptibility.
The power is in your hands and you can do it if you decide to make OUR VOICE’s local election process successful. This is all we have to do to secure the procedurally consecutive sets of elections completely free of infiltration. You will continue singing the blues should you fail to make it here but Rock’n-Rolling to Asmara if you don’t. This is not the time to cry but to deliver the punch! Shet manta dihri hiji DekiEre. The development requests your active participation in changing the situation more than ever in the past: because we are now more gullible as a society to be violated without formidable defense. Tebeges without delay to expedite your freedom by your own effort, suffer the consequence of external intervention otherwise!

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  • mohamed September 26, 2015

    Dear Assenna readers
    think most of Eritreans living in diaspra Why donot we respect each other
    I think most of us not politcians and narrow maimded we should change our self first.
    thank you all my brothers and sisters Allh bless and save Eritrea and Eriteans deki Erea
    behabera nebelwo hemak zereba Eritrea teakelena nekhulena mesinit meselam wedahankum