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Colonel Gaddafi Dead: First Photo Of Bloodied Gaddafi Emerges (Picture)

Soaked in blood and looking empty eyed into the camera lens - is this the image of Colonel Gaddafi the world will remember? It is the first photo to emerge which claims to show the fallen

Soaked in blood and looking empty eyed into the camera lens – is this the image of Colonel Gaddafi the world will remember?

It is the first photo to emerge which claims to show the fallen dictator moments after he was apparently shot in the legs and lower abdomen.

Gaddafi’s hair looks lank and greasy and his clothes dripping with dark blood in the mobile phone image which has been distributed by Getty and AFP.

He appears to be flanked by numerous people who are also covered in red blood and seem to be dragging him along.

If it is Gaddafi, then data on the screen suggests he was still alive today at 12.23pm Libyan time – 10.23am UK time.

At this stage the source remains unconfirmed.

A senior National Transitional Council official, Abdel Majid, told Reuters by telephone that Gaddafi has died of wounds suffered during his capture in Sirte.

Reuters reported that he was wounded in both legs as he “tried to flee in a convoy which Nato warplanes attacked.”

An NTC spokesman told Sky News that Gaddafi “is dead and his body is being taken to Misratah”. He said that Gaddafi was “shot in the legs and in the head”.


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  • Balancing_Act October 20, 2011

    Every Dog has his day!!!

  • Milkias M yohannes October 20, 2011

    I hope and pray to see the Asmara devil killed and draged like a dog soon!!! His time for sure will come.
    Thanks assenna for being the first among Eritrean websites for breaking this news

    • Temesgen Medhanie October 20, 2011

      Milkias hawey,

      The next headline will read, “Isaias Afewerki captured as he tried to flee.” As they say, time is the hidden factor.

  • Ande October 20, 2011

    What about Isaias , wedi Medhin?

    • ztehagose October 20, 2011

      Wedi medhin is days are also numbered

    • sol October 20, 2011

      That is how dictator who us delusional ends up.This guy was given a lot of chances to fly and live the rest of his life in comfort with all his member of family, but he has never think leaving power. Thus is very similar with the recent interview of PIA, he gave to VoA ‘ no body has give me contract or pay me a salary” and in another interview he said that let alone leave his power and never crossed his mind. Force is the only thing he understands but nothing else. That is the only language dictators understand.
      Gadafi, Mubark, Bin Ali, Yemen Salih ready to go , the next will be Issias let us free Eritrea from this cockroaches from Eritrea. Think about Libiyans live far better life than us, let us follow their step. I do not care what steps we follow, Issias has to go.

  • addiss October 20, 2011

    shaebia forever!!!

  • Kokeb October 20, 2011

    what a nightmare for Wedi medhin berad. Tenkobet anxifu yibixaha alo!

  • Kokeb October 20, 2011

    PLz remind the demonstrators of London to hold Gadadfis dead body picture!

    • ahmed Saleh October 20, 2011

      It is unhuman to use a picture of a dead person for a political purpose.
      Keep the image of the demonstration in a good manner because it
      represents Eritrean people.

  • Temesgen Medhanie October 20, 2011

    It is rather interesting and telling to see that none of the PFDJ zombies who are here to lie day-in and day-out are in a complete silence as the death of a tyrant is sweeping the news media around the world. I am sure, the zombies are wetting their pants as they perfectly know that, next is Isaias Afewerki as the souls of the unaccounted for Eritreans are supplicating to the heavens for justice and as Maaza, Yonas and Awra are waiting to hear their respective parents’ fainting voice.

    • Haqqi Nezareb October 20, 2011


      The zombies will be back soon. Right now they are busy consuming hard liquor like their dad (Issais). I also heard that Issais is making a request to the new leaders of Libya for Gaddaffis’s body to be buried in Eritrea somewhere between Massawa and Asseb. Do think it has some truth to it?

      • Huluf October 20, 2011

        Haqqi Nzerab
        I agree they are consuming the hard liquor….no the news is I heard Issayas is planning to deny he ever knew any one by name Gadaffi…He is asking where is the proof that he ever met Gadaffi, It is all wrong it is the wish of those with dreams against Eritrea….He is going to remind people of the Gadaffi napalm supply to the Derg in bombing Massawa? He is in fact suggesting he was going to volunteer to go and help the rebels as he tried to help USA in the coalition of the willing. The guy hugging Gadaffi and kissing hands was not him Issyas it is someone from Hamshay Mesrae and Woyane supporter imoster of Issayas…It never happened where is the proof….Remember this is an explosion not a revolution.

    • kozami October 20, 2011

      Given your eloquent penmanship and generally clean discourse in this discussion forum, you struck me with the old amharic adage “ye lij neger hulet frie andu bsl andu tirie” I can understand your pent up bitterness and hence ill founded euphoria upon the sight of a repulsive image. Take a moment and think with a 101 basic reality checker handy. Qaddafi, Sadam, Mubarak and your master Meles have much in common among themselves than PIA. The former set have been courted by the west to the hilt. Libya was crowned the chair of the UN human rights commission as recently as 2010 under Qaddafi. Just like Meles is the global leader of many hallow concept parading commissions.

      • kozami October 20, 2011

        They were all armed to the teeth with western material, financial and intelligence clouts. Sadly, when they run out their usefulness they are only good for ‘head on the platter’ to their opposition. Others deemed unfavorable to western interests but who kept at arms length with it are doing just fine. Iraqi Saddam was western ally that outlived its usefulness and so was Egyptian Mubarak. They were all detested by their people but highly rated by their masters. Eritrea, Cuba, Zimbabwe are the opposite and the west doesn’t get up close to their azz’s as they were studying and profiling Meles’ profile in various catagories of S, T, OZ and god knows what in the wikileaks. When Meles is perceived no longer useful for their purposes, he is done! With the ground swelling under his feet while the west playing blind and deaf, they will quickly eject him and have a grotesque picture for you to delight on in no time. Bingo. The new generation of gang ho servants would also be eternally indebted of course. PIA is highly respected and fondly adored leader by his people. He will be around for a long time to come. The sanction business is simply a candy to keep Meles sweet and his ego inflated. Before beating your god forsaken drum, sober up and see the reality around you. No so called “dictator” had ever been savagely attacked by the corporate driven west solely for that reason. Would you care to give an example?

        • Haqqi Nezareb October 20, 2011


          As usual, you are posting irrelevant information. All dictators have the same trait:
          1. All assassinate their opponents
          2. All arrest anyone who challenges their power

          You can put the dictators in different categories, but all share the same traits.

        • Temesgen Medhanie October 20, 2011


          Many thanks for those kind words. I am sure the feeling is mutual. As much as it is a tragedy for a cerebral guy like you to be a conduit for a plethora of lies and deceit, I sure enjoy discoursing with you on issue that is dear to all of us as Eritrea is agonizing in search of her erstwhile promises and aspirations. In the jargon of foreign policy, they call it Realism or Realpolitik where Kissinger’s dictum captures the gist when he said, “Nations do not have permanent friends but permanent interests.” In a larger geopolitical clout, sure enough, nations would navigate in search of ‘friends’ to uphold their interests. I am sure, a guy like you who is in a perpetual tune to the affairs of Eritrea can not forget when Isaias practically begged US policy makers to use either the mountains of Eritrea or Bats’iE (Massawa) as they were in a full swing to attack Afghanistan or Iraq. It was then only then, Isaias went on a lengthy diatribe to vilify the US as a guy who got jilted by a girlfriend. It was then only then, Meles was dubbed Kedami and you are still parroting a sore loser’s at times vitriolic lingua. As for the “Isaias is adored by his people”, the eerie feeling in Eritrea says otherwise when the facade is deceiving to say the least. Time will tell.

        • haqi October 20, 2011

          My condolence over the loss of your uncle DIA’s best friend Gadaffi mendeffi.
          Waw, it is sureal to see him fished out like a rat.

          Hey bud! you think DIA may order our beloved flag at half mast, probably not
          TV Eri would not make headline on this…it is like it never happened…This is the time
          he will find the last bridge or dam to inaguarate or re-inagurate…off to Barka Anseba again
          just to destruct the people…Oh yeah he is in Sudan this days….right on…You think he will ask Bashir or Bashar the all sound same who is next?

  • truly, Truly i say to you October 20, 2011

    የማትረባ ፍየል ዘጠኝ ትወልዳለች ልጆቿም ያልቃሉ እሷም ትሞታለች። Esayas will be the next one. His fate will be worse than his friend.

  • Maazza October 20, 2011

    This event, will definitely give sleepless nights wherever they are in this globe. On the otherhand, this event definitely gives joy and hope to those who crave and/or deserve a world without dictators and tyranny. Libya was a prison for most Libyans!!

    Long live freedom!!

    • ahmed Saleh October 20, 2011

      It is nice to to see you back.

  • sol October 20, 2011

    The question know who is next, as Salhi of Yemen almost done unless he wanted to be dragged like Gaddafi.Issias has not left any friend, let us start the march, it is good lesson for Eritrean Army to take decisive measure before it is too late.If we keep like this we will lose golden opportunity and our country will be in chaose, and it is not also bad idea for the opposition to get help from any one by that time the army is gone take decisive measure which could save the nation.Even sanction is not by itself unless complemented by armed struggle.

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