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Chicago man [from Eritrea] hanged from tree while commuters sped by – NBC News Chicago.

Abdela Hagaito, 42, was seen swinging from a tree in a park off of a main highway in the Windy City by a woman on her morning commute.  A Chicago man was found hanged from a

Abdela Hagaito, 42, was seen swinging from a tree in a park off of a main highway in the Windy City by a woman on her morning commute. 

A Chicago man was found hanged from a tree in a park while unsuspecting commuters and joggers sped by.

The man, whom Chicago police identified as 42-year-old Abdela Hagaito, was seen swinging from a tree off of Lake Shore Drive, a main highway in the Windy City, by a woman on her morning commute.


“I saw what looked like a big man hanging from a tree,” Linda Ewen, a caseworker for Chicago’s Department of Human Services told the Chicago Tribune. “I kind of did a double-take, like what the heck, you know?”

Chicago police are investigating the death as a possible suicide but had not determined whether there was any criminal intent as of Monday evening, according to NBC News Chicago.

The hanged man is an immigrant from Eritrea, a father to two young daughters and an alum of Eritrea’s Asmara University, according to what appears to be his Facebook page.

Hagaito’s social media presence shows no sign of despair. He posted photos of happy reunions with loved ones and, as recent as Nov. 4, Hagaito commented on a recently updated profile picture with friends.

“I am so happy to see you,” Hagaito said.

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  • Ali November 18, 2015

    Let us help and protect each other wherever we are.

    • angelo November 18, 2015

      Sorry for the sad tears and hearts Prayers for the family and the eritreans in diaspora

  • Dala Ksha November 18, 2015 Abdela I give my sympathy to his Family and to all Genuine Eritreas.It is sad day for all of us to lose brother in this way.My heart goes to his family.
    For those Deki my Telamit Do not responses them.

  • Berhe Tenesea November 18, 2015

    He may have had personal pressures and other problems that have led him to this desperate action.
    I feel sorry for his family..


  • Hagos November 18, 2015

    Oh my God!!! That’s hard to believe it for really! He was a kind of wise and helpful person with every one!!! So sad to hear that! May God rest your soul in peace my friend!

  • robi November 18, 2015

    Hi Asena,its very sad to hear some body to die like our brother Abdela, we are suffering a lot since we left back home every single Eritrea so we should take care each other when we feel stress full,please? I have seen so many young eritreans felling in stressful situations, we have a lot of reasons 1,Missing family,2losing jobs and school 3 breaking relationship or divorce 4 death from family member..etc,we need to support each other until we return back home!!! One day will come our dream to reunion with back home family,we should be strong guys, come on!!! It’s a challenge time for eritreans, every thing will be normal after 2017. Kihalifelina eko eyu Ezi gziyawi tsegemat ajokum,ajona.

  • D. Hazawi November 19, 2015

    RIP Hawna!

  • oromay November 20, 2015

    Sad to hear the lost of our brother. My heart goes out to his family. Dear good hearted Eritrea, let’s support each other. Not only financially, but also social support, counselling,networking, communication against all odds,such as homesickness, loneliness,isolation, cultural challenges,betrayal,divorce,jealousy and I’ll will.

  • Suleiman Salim December 3, 2015

    ኣሰና ጉዳማት ኢኹም። ነቲ ናይ ጽንዓት ይሃብኩም መልእኽተይ ከይተረፈ ደምሲስኩሞ። በሉ ሕራይ ኣብ ዓላ ንራኸብ።

    RIP Abdella Hawna.

  • Berhane December 9, 2015

    Tahguasoom nebeal Dictator Essayas; kisha, monkey and all other Eritrean enemies. Kebero hamhamkum wekue seb adu gedifu kemewit kelo nsekum whiskiey tisetyu aniste tekeyayeru; genzeb ab wosae tekemetu alekum!!!!!