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  • Mike October 26, 2014

    Assenna – great work!
    Another great story by Dan C. Factual and based on real stories and Truthful to the most part. The only thing about the story is that fact that it is simply a sad one. Regardless the end result of the story however the end is coming and coming fast in Eritrea.
    As to
    I am not a cyber Junkie but I suppose I am one now. Thus I do visit, here and there, other sites to get a perspective. One of which is Regardless of what people say regarding Asmarion regarding Asmarino, I have always stayed in touch and listen to what Asmarino has to bring to the for front. To that point I visited and listened to a couple of their audio interview recently. Asmarino sucks at it. Does the interview so poorly! What happen to their skills and style? What happen to their cutting edge “train blazing” signature? I person by a name Dr. Russom – appears to be leading the interview process with various guests in the Asmarion web-site – for God’s sake – someone needs to coach Russom badly.
    First – Russom jumps in to being vindictive and points all fingers to a single person in Eritrea. Then, leads (or force them in a way) to cough up pre-maturely what Russom would like to hear. Worst yet, the interview is all over the map. Russom’s (or shall I say’s Style) reminds me like when ridding “unbroken horse” where it leads you all over the map. The recent poorly managed interview is regarding ‘arbi-harnet’. One thing that I think Russom did get right in the Interview with the reporter from French is – and I quote and paraphrase….”is there anything you would like to share from what you have observed….”. It is disappointing to see Asmarino losing its edge. by all means – “this clandestine group better be safe after the new buzz now”….

    I hope I am not breaking rules of Asenna putting my opinion regarding another site in this platform and I hope Asmarion will take this as a nudge on the side to sharpen the message and image.

    As always – Peace and Freedom to Eritrea.

  • Daniel October 26, 2014

    Initially he said the cost for his voyage was a total 40,000k, but according the story it doesn’t even sound like he spent more than ten thousands.

    • ahmed saleh October 26, 2014

      With 40 k dollars one can try to invest in neighbouring
      countries than taking risky decisions to your life . At the
      same time I can’t jump to judge why they took the risk
      from my comfortable zone . Nkhulu nenatu alewo .

  • Zeray October 27, 2014

    Thank you Dan Connell

    The story of Wode Alem is the story of thousands of Eritreans. Thank you for expressing and telling it like it is.