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Can a religious person be a politician and a true religious leader at the same time?

Haben’s devotional -1 Can a religious person be a politician and a true religious leader at the same time? By Haben Zeray This month as we thought and celebrated Easter for the huge sacrifice that was done for

Haben’s devotional -1

Can a religious person be a politician and a true religious leader at the same time?

By Haben Zeray

This month as we thought and celebrated Easter for the huge sacrifice that was done for us, we are also entering into a season where we memorialize, honor and show our respect to all those who sacrificed their lives and those who are now disabled and all those  who struggled for Independence of Eritrea.  Eritrea is an independent country now but its people are not free yet.  I boldly say we are not free because our people live in a militaristic dictatorial system and I know the condition of Eritreans on the ground now. I saw lots of exit plans from this yoke of oppression and found out that one of the things left to do  is our prayers and supplication to God.  This act puts a lot of burden on our religious leaders and I write today to clarify the contradictions between those who say a religious leader cannot be political versus those who say, yes a religious leader should boldly speak out against any societal injustice.

From the bible we know the saints were persecuted not because they were politicians but because they were (fighting) against social injustice and corruption. Perhaps any person can be misunderstood as “political” in a derogatory way, when church leaders  mention governments mishandling of social and cultural issues, for it is difficult to defend the victims without mentioning the aggressors.  We have many religious leaders of our times who are and were examples of courage and change in their countries and communities. These leaders tried to follow the example of Jesus, who always sided with the poor, the sick or disadvantaged.  Rev. Desmond Tutu of South Africa, the late Martin Luther King Jr, The Eritrean Abune Antonios  who was wrongly deposed, and the current Catholic Pope Francis to mention a few.  Therefore, if a religious person stands up for justice and makes a stand for the oppressed, the poor, the sick and the imprisoned and speaks against those who hunger for power and self-enrichment then I welcome this leader both as a spiritual leader and a politian who stands for the truth and justice. In other words, legacy is written based on what this spiritual leader does with his/her responsibility. Character and good deeds remain with us here on earth as a legacy,  and the leader’s faith gets rewarded  above.

The statement I just made is my logical conclusion but not the interpretation of the bible for I am not here to interpret the bible.  Moreover, interpretation of the bible is what divides all the church denominations and religious groups.  Therefore, since I am not a priest or a minister I am going to leave  theological response to scholars of the bible. For me the practical issue is not so much of a religious person pursuing politics, it is rather what should civilians like me expect from  a religious leader,  when the government intrudes into his/her church or mosque or faith?   It used to be our priests, monks and nuns, and other religious leaders focus was to serve their congregation.  Their days were consumed with prayer and supplication and  visitation of the needy and the sick.  Now with PFDJ system, the life of a religious leader is complicated.  We have confronted new issues which in the past were non-existent  that tests one’s faith.  When a government tells you contrary what  God tells you , do you follow the government or the bible? This is the debate that probably would make it to a great town hall meeting .

On another level, the challenges we have are not issues of theological differences it is rather  the oppression of our citizens at large.  By oppression I mean the denial of our right to live as free people;  the absence of justice where court systems do not function properly;  and the citizens respect is non-existent.  It is this total social injustice which divide Eritreans between those who side with the ruling party (oppressors ) and those who refuse to accept the system (oppressed).   Personally, I see it the fight between “good” and “evil”.  (Allow me to digress a bit-the PFDJ leadership and followers object to this kind of simplistic division, because simplicity exposes them too much and would be faced with questions they cannot answer and would bring them closer to accountability.  Instead they would rather create enemies all over the map by creating divisions among Eritreans by religion, politics, regional divides and further by complicating matters with our neighbors).  In this fight of “good” and “evil” as ordinary people we have a lot of expectation from our religious leaders. We expect them to stand for the “good” and fight “evil”.  Anything contrary to that would mean they have forgotten their calling and should not be fit to lead the public in religious matters.

When people flock to churches, they  usually  go burdened with complex spiritual, emotional, marital, family and other issues and their longing or hope is to find an exit to these burdensome issues.  There are others who have settled these issues in their lives by their prayers and their stronger faith.  The spiritual leader should play a key role in such complex and multitude needs.  The spiritual leader should be able to bring those two groups together and have them benefit from each other.  He/she should be the agent of peace and harmony among members and in the community. Further, the spiritual leader is faced with those who can’t make it to their church because of illness, or maybe they are in prison. This leader has the responsibility to visit, to pray and encourage his congregation to participate in the visitation of  the imprisoned and the sick. The bible does not advocate discriminating between political divides, rich and poor, with those we agree or disagree. The leader is called to bring these needs to God and to his/her congregation in prayer.

Where is the contradiction then? Well what should a religious leader do when the government comes and meddles in his/her church affairs?  Religion should be private or personal but the Government of Eritrea dictates what you should believe by restricting permits to many Christian denominations.   They have disallowed the freedom of worship to certain groups in Eritrea and even have gone further to imprison many of the leaders without due process of law.  Christian Eritreans were raised to respect the priest and have the fear of God.  As humans when all else fails, when we get depressed, when a loved one passes, when we become so poor and cannot meet our needs we only have one “exit” or relief to such hopeless situations.  When all else fails we revert to the common denominator of life,  to our light at the end of the tunnel,  that is hope in God.  We say “Igzeabher yefelit”, God knows, He will take care of me and we survive because of this divine expectation or “hope”.  This is the last resort of our survival and the government of Eritrea is denying this right to many of our brothers and sisters.  To this the religious leader should stand up and say ‘NO”.  Call it political, social or activism, when your last dignity gets violated,  if the church leader and his/her congregation do not stand up and oppose this then society will morally crumble right in front of our eyes.   When hope gets taken away from you there is nothing else to live by.  Think about it!

The religious leader should accept the fact that his congregation comprises of people from different faiths, different political beliefs, highly educated and not so  educated, rich and poor even people from different countries including from Ethiopia .  With these differences he/she should give a message of hope that resonates to all and should be extra careful not to offend anyone in a discriminatory way.  But being cautious does not mean to live in fear of those who do evil.  Additionally, the congregation should be welcoming to all and not be divisive.   Here is the  fine line that requires wisdom,: no one should use the pulpit to convey their own political convictions (“Pro or against”), and everyone should denounce social injustices that goes against the holy church and human dignity.  This is the crux of the matter and in our difficult days we have to rely on courageous and wise church leaders and on the compassion of God  to save our country from this journey to the bottomless pit.

May God show his mercy on all of us and bring a lasting peace to our country.

Review overview
  • Petros Haile May 19, 2013

    Selam Haben,
    A religious leader doesn’t have to involve itself in politics, but there are many ways to serve the people, and their Godly mission with out being political, although it will help on occasion to connect the cause of the misery to the criminal who caused it , as the orthodox priest from Atlanta clearly addressed it ….However, I would say praying openly for the victims of human trafficking, those who suffered in various prison and refugee camps, and to those who drowned in the troubled waters, and to those who were denied their freedom to worship … in short, they could have talked about the issue of the suffering population by just simply addressing the magnitude of the problem … This should be enough to have shown their compassion to humanity and religious, or faith based mission, with out going into the complex relations of the two separate bodies but similar concerns … I think !

  • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 19, 2013

    ሓዝዎ ኣቦሓጎይ ኣግድፍዎ ካላሽኑ
    ዓባየ ወያነ ሒዞማ ሰሚዑ ሓሪቑ ተቓጺሉ
    ብዓልቲ ቤቱ ፡ንተዘይመሊሶማ ከይሓደሩ ከይውዓሉ
    መሬት ኢትዮጵያ ክሳዕ ደቡብ ተኸቲሉ
    ኣካኪ ዘራፍ ይብል ኣሎ ንጀነራል ጻድቃን ይፍክረሉ
    ኣሲሩ ከምጽኦ ንኤርትራና ቀፊዱ ኣሲሩ
    ግደፍ እንተበልዎ ፣ንኣባት ነብሱ__ ብቴስታ ኣንጺሉ
    ሰፋሕ ኣቢልዎም ብጸናጽል ስሪኦም ተርቲሩ
    ንትግራይ ተበጊሱ ብማይ መብኣሲት ብሰረጀቓ ኣቢሉ
    ኣነ እምባደርሆ ምስ በጽሐ ዓገብ ክብል እንተደወልኩሉ
    ሎዅላዅ ምታንታ ቀበሌ ኣምበሳ እቶን ኢሉ
    ቴለፎን እዝነይ ዓጸዋ ብዓረብኛ እናተራገመ ዳርጋ ተጸሊሉ ።

    ኣብሓጎይ ይፈትወካ እየ ከይትሞተኒ
    እንተበልኵዎ ዋጋ ከሊኡኒ
    ማንም ባዶ ገረወይና ድዩ ንዓይ ዝቐትለኒ
    ምስ በለ__ፕረሲደንትና ከምዝልኣኾ ተረድኣኒ
    ሳልሰይቲ መኻልፍ ክጽበ ሓሽኻ ተጽሒፉኒ
    ንኣሽቱ ኣዝማደይ ተወዲኦምሲ ኣብሓጎይ ከይጠፍኣኒ
    ባንኪ ሙን ኢ ሜይል ሰደድኩሉ ዩ ኤን ክሕግዘኒ
    መጨረሽኡ ብራድዮ ፋና ኢንተርቪው ክገብር ኣስሚዖምኒ
    ዓባይ ስዓል ስለ ዘላቶ__ክትኩስ ምስ ቀረበ ጥቓ ሓደ እምኒ
    ክስዕል ወያነ ሰሚዖሞ___ማሪኾሞ ኣስቢዳለ ኣትዩ ኢሎምኒ
    ምስ ዓባየ ተራኺቡ ብ ዩ ኤን ቴክስት ሜሴጅ በጺሑኒ
    ብር እንተልኩስ ሕልሚ ለከ ሃተፍተፍ እዩ ኣቢሉኒ
    ድንሽ ተደሪርካ ምሕዳር ደጊም ይትረፈኒ
    ናየቦ ንመን ንሃቦ ኮይኑ እምበር ክምስሖ ይሕሸኒ
    እንዳልኩ መልሸ ደቀስኩ ሓሻኻ ትኻስ ወሲዱኒ።

    ማለት ብዙሕ ሰብ ንፉዕ እሞ ፣ከምዚ ናተይ ግን ኣይርኣኹን ።ኩሉ መሊኡዶ ይህበካ እዩ ወደይ ፧___ናይ ኤርትራ ናይ ተፈጥሮ ሃብቲ ወርቅን ፖታሽን ይመስለኒ ኔሩ____ኣይኮነን፣ኣነ እየ ።

    • Salim May 19, 2013

      Here is your favourite song:

      Agame Agame aytbeluna:
      genzeb s’ina ‘mber deqi seb ina::

  • Sahle Yosieph May 19, 2013

    The worst invention that man made is religion. Religion is very subjective, doesn’t have any room for individual freedom, you have to march with the group because it is the word of god, if you don’t you are not fully a member of the society, you can ask up to certain point; but you can’t challenge religion or the religious leaders. Yes as individual you can fully participate in politic, but as institution stay way from politic. It is like oil and water.

  • ahmed saleh May 19, 2013

    Your article held the truth to be told to wake up our people from negative assumptions . Anybody who
    exercise politics with religion have misunderstanding of holy book teaching ethics . It is the matter
    of facts that true believers go beyond the politics of left and right just to preserve justice for all
    for the sake of almighty God commands . Currently we observe people who just keep the teaching on side
    not to take it seriously mainly to protect wicked individuals .

  • Salim May 19, 2013

    There was a Lebanese man, a Jewish man and Claudia Schiffer sitting together in a carriage in a train going through the Province.

    Suddenly the train went through a tunnel and as it was an old style train, there were no lights in the carriages and it went completely dark Then there was a kissing noise and the sound of a really loud slap.

    When the train came out of the tunnel, Claudia Schiffer and the Lebanese man were sitting as if nothing had happened and the Jewish man had his hand against his face as he had been slapped there.

    The Jewish man was thinking: The Lebanese fella must have kissed Claudia Schiffer and she missed him and slapped me instead.

    Claudia Schiffer was thinking: The Jewish fella must have tried to kiss me and actually kissed the Lebanese man and got slapped for it.

    And the Lebanese was thinking: This is great. The next time the train goes through a tunnel, I’ll make another kissing noise and slap the Jewish bastard again.

  • Truly truly i say to you May 19, 2013

    According my Lord and my God Jesus Christ be you call it politic or religion, the true religion is not by itself used to go to church, Moshe or synagogue, whatever good after you learn there, but after when you stay passive. While whatever terrible transgression and injustice seeing committing, like it is now in Eritrea happening , where citizens without justice, trial, without proper rule of law and appeal seeing imprisoning and Pershing. But true religion is “to stand and fight for JUSTICE, MERCY and HONESTY” it is. This is not my own interpretation, but it is Almighty God´s. ( if you want read and prove self, (Mathew 23; 23) as well to what Prophet Micah similarly says this,
    ” What shall i bring to the Lord,… when i come to worship him? shall i bring the best calves to burns offering to him? Will the Lord be pleased if i bring thousands of sheep or endless streams of olive oil? shall i offer him my first-born child to pay for my sins? No, the Lord has told us is good, what requires of us is this; to do what is Justice, to show constant love and to live in humble fellowship with our God. (Micah 6; 6-8)

    So Ladies and Gentlemen, according Almighty Lord Jesus Christ a temple means as well, “not a Church, Moshe, or synagogue, a building itself we see, but a temple is every human being and every human life. So every body when seeing injusticefully human being perishing but who stay passive, by no means considers a human being. But the problem is everybody, be it regime supporters and opponents claiming as if their way and belief is the truth one, and claim the way they worshiping is what God pleases. But to identify who is right or who fake, it is not difficult at all. Every good or bad tree knows by the fruit it bears. A healthy tree bears good fruit, but a poor tree like Isayas government bears bad fruit and we identifying them by what they doing and by the fruit they bearing. (Mathew 7,15- 20)

  • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 19, 2013

    ¨ ንዓይ ገዲፍክስ ነቲ ሓሳዊ ዓይንኺ ክትኣምኒ ???… ዓገብ !!!¨ PART ONE (1)

    ¨ ኤርትራ ዘለኺ ኣደ,ኣቦ,ሓው,ሓውቲ,ውላድ…ኣብ ወጻኢ ዘለዉ ተቓወምቲ ,..ዮሃና.. ብዓል ነጻነት እንቋዕ ሓጎሰካ ..ዓመት ንዓመት እዚ ራህዋ ይቐጽለልካ ኢሎም ሎሚ ንመበል 22 ዓመት ከየቋረጹ እንቋዕ እዚ ሃዋህው ነጻነት ፈጠረልካ ይብሉኻ¨

    ዝኸበርካ ህዝበይ እዚ ኩሉ ዓመታት ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ጽንዓት ይሃብካ እምበር፣ እንቋዕ ሓጎሰካ ኣይብሃሎን እዩ እንተበልኩ__እቶም ሕጂ ድሩዕ ተኣሲሩዶ ወዲ ትኹል ተደጊሙ ኢሎም ሓኪሎም ዘለዉ__ከይተረፉ_፡ዓጋመን ሙታንታ ኢትዮጵያን ኢሎም ከም ዝጸውዑኒ ካናዳ ትመስክር።ሕጂ ዝጽሕፈልካ ዘለኹ ህዝበይ_ካበየናይ ኣውራጃ ኩን ሃይማኖት ብዘየገድስ__እቲ ነዝማደይ ኣብ ድምበዛን __ንጎረባብተይ ህዝቢ ብሌንን ትግረን__ንበደይ ኣዝማደይ ደቂ ዓደቆቶዅላ___ዓዲ ሕረት__ኣስሓባ ይኹን ዓዲዝብኦ ዝርከቡ ፍቁራተይ ክበጽሖም ዘይደሊ ግፍዒ__ኣብ ዓፋርን ኩናማን ክበጽሕ ከሎ ኡይ ዝበልኩሉ__ሓደ፣ ሰብኣዊ ርህራሄ ሒዙኒ ይኹን እምበር__ቀንዲ ድማ __ካብ ኤርትራ ሓደ ለባም ብምዃነይ__ውዒሉ ሓዲሩ ናብቶም ቀረባይ´ውን ከምዝበጽሕ ስለ ዝተረድኣኒ እዩ።
    ኣንታ እታ ኤርትራ ኣብ ድላያ ትትዓዘር__ግን ፍቕሪ ናትካን ሕያውነትካን ምዓልታዊ ዘሳቕየኒ __ይትረፍ ንስኻ ናተይሲ__ኣብ ባንግላዴሽ፣ኡጋንዳ ይኹን ኣብ ሩስያ ከማን ሰብ ሞይቱ ክብሃል እንከሎ ዝትንክፈኒ ሕያዋይ ሰብ´የ።እቲ ቤተሰበይ ዝምሃሩኒ ኣይገደፍኵዎን ። ሸፋቱ ንወዲ ተስዓ ዓመት ዝዝንጥል ባህሎምን__ንጓል ኣንስተይቲ ከም ኣቕሓ ምርኣይን___ንኹሉ ነገር ደርዒምካ እምበር መኺርካ ዝእረም ዘይመስሎም__ነዚ ህዝቢ ዘይምትሕልላይን_፡ጭካነን, ምጥቛስን ,ምውንጅጃልን ዝምሃርዎ__እታ ባርነት ኣምጺኦማ__እቲ ግፍዒ እውን ኣብ ሃገረሰባት ይፍጽምዎ ኔሮም እዮም። ንሶም ግን ¨ህጉሬ¨ስለ ዝኾኑ ንማንም ኣየቐንዘዎን።ኣብ ከተማታት ኣትዮም ገበን ክፍጽሙ ምስ ጀመሩ እዩ__ህዝቢ ተሰሚዕዎ።ብዝኾነ ተዛረብቲ ቋንቋ ስዋሂሊ ከም ዝመሰልዎ ¨ዋጂንጋ ቲሲኒ – ዋናሺንዳ ሞጃ¨ማለት ¨ተስዓ ዓያሹ ንሓደ ለባም ይረትዕዎ¨እንድዩ__ነዞም ዮሃና ዝብሉኻ ዘለዉ ደቂ ድያስፖራ__ኣብ ርእሶም እውን ቤትትምህርቲ እንተተሰርሖም ስለ ዘይርድኦም ንዕኦም ከረድእ …ጊዜይ ምቝጣብ ይሕሸኒ። ኣብ ርእሶም እውን ቤት ትምህርቲ እንተዝስራሕ ¨እቲ ካልቾ ዝህበካ እዩ ሓላዪኻ¨ ዝዓይነቱ ባርያዊ ኣተሓሳስባ ስለ ዘጥቅዖም ንዓኻ ብቐጥታ ከዛርበካ ደልየ።
    ነቲ ኣብ ላዕሊ ዝጠቐስኵዎ ¨ንዓይ ዲኺ ትኣምኒ፣ነቲ ሓሳዊ ዓይንኺ¨ዝብል ኣዛራርባ ክገልጾ።ሓንቲ ሰበይቲ, ሰብኣያ ንኻልእ ሰበይቲ ክስዕም ከሎ ርእያቶ__ገዛ ምስኣተወ፣ እሞ ምስ ገጠመቶ__ሰብኣይ ኣሉ,ሓሶት,ኣይገበርኩን በለ።__ብዓልቲ ቤት ተቖጢዓ___¨ኣንታ ሌባ ባዕለይ __ብዓይነይ ርእየካ እንድየ¨ እንተበለቶ__ድርቕ ኢሉ__¨እሞ ንዓይ ዲኺ ትኣምኒ፣ ዋላ ነቲ ሓሳዊ ዓይንኺ¨ በላ።
    …..ሕጂ ድማ ኣንቲ ደቀይ ካብ ትሕቲ ዓራት ኣውጺኦም፣ ኣብ ዘይረብሕ ኵናት ኣእትዮም ቀቲሎምለይ__ካብዝስ ደርጊ ይሕሸኒ እንተበልኪ__ኣብ ወጻኢ ዘለዉ ውልቀ ይኹኑ ውዱባት ተቓወምቲ __ብነጻነት ኤርትራ ትኣምኒ ዲኺ ኣይትኣምንን ፧ ሕድሪ ስዉኣት ተሕስሪ ኣለኺ ይብሉኺ !!!
    ደቅኺ ዶብ ክሕልዉን_፡ዓጋመ ከጥፍኡን ንሕና ኢና ገንዘብ ኣዋጺእናሎም፣ ስለዚ ሕሰም ድኣ እዩ ዘዛርበኪ ዘሎ እምበር__ናይ ልብኽስ ኣይኮንክን ይብሉኺ ኣለዉ___ኣብ ወጻኢ ዘለዉ ኤርትራውያን ..¨ንዓና ዲኺ ትኣምኒ__ነቲ ሓሳዊ ዓይንኺ¨!!!ኢሎም ይግስጹኺ፧ ።ኣርባዕተ ደቀይ ኣብ ውግእ ጠፊኦም ኢልካ ምዕግርጋር ብደም ስዉኣት ምጽዋት ግደፊ ይብሉኺ__( ኣብ ወጻኢ ዘለዉ ንህግደፍ ዝጸልኡ ተቓወምቲ)። ንሕና እውን ክሳዕ ሰማንያን ሓደን ዝተቓለስና እኮ ኣለና___ደቅኺ ናይ ኣያታቶም ኣርኣያ እዮም ዝኽተሉ ዘለዉ__ንሕና ክኣ ግቡእና ስለ ዝገበርና ደቅና ኣብ ጀርመንን ካናዳን ኣሜሪካን ኣውስትራልያን ጅዳን ነዕቢ ኣለና።….ስለዚ ኣብ ገዛኺ መጺእና ዲና ቀዳም ቀዳም ሃምበርገር ክንዕድለኪ ደሊኺ፧ !!!!!ኢሳያስ ዝሐረደልኪ ኣባጊዕ ይኣኽለኪ ይብሉኺ ኣለዉ።
    ርሑስ ብዓል ነጻነት እንቋዕ ናብዚ ኣብጽሓኪ።__ዋእ እንታይ ርሑሱ ኣይትበሊ ።ጽቡቕ ዘረባ እዩ ጽቡቕ።ዋእ ዓጋመ ዲኺ ብነጻነትን ራህዋን ናይ ኤርትራ ዘይትሕጎሲ ??? !!!!!
    ኣንታ..ካብ ገዛይ መጺኦም ንባድመ ወሲዶም ኣእጋረይ ብጥይት ተቖሪጸን ኢልካ ተዕበርብር ዘለኻ__እወ ኣብቲ ዝወሰዱኻ ግዜ ወዲ ዓሰርተ ሓሙሽተ ዓመት ኢኻ ኔርካ __ግን ነብስኻ ፍርዝን ስለ ዝበለ ግን ቀልጢፍካ ኢኻ ሰቢእካ__ምእንቲ ሃገረይ ኣእጋረይ ተቖሪጸን ትብል !!! ንሃገር እንድዩ__እቲ ዓጋመ ከተጥፍእ ኢሎም ምስ ወሰዱኻ__ካብ ሳኽራማት ዘዳናገርናዮ ኣሽሓት ገንዘብ ጌርና ሓጊዝና__ግደፈና ደቅና ከነዕቢ።ድሓር ድማ ኣብ ዝመጽእ ዘሎ ውግእ ምስቶም ¨ኣይሃጅሙ ኣይሃድሙ¨ ኴንካ ቁምብላ ናብ ጸላኢ ክትድርቢ ኢኻ።….ኢሳያስ ነቲ ቃልሲ ስለ ዝጨወዮ እዩ እምበር__ተጋደልቲ ሜዳ ከለዉ ሰብ ኣየባሳበሱ___ሓለዋ ሰውራ ጌሮም ኣሰቃቒ ማእሰርቲ ኣይፈጸሙ___ክቃለሳ ዝመጻ ደቂ ኣንስትዮ…..ኣብ ክፍሊ ንበይነን ፈቲሾም እግሪ መገዶም ኣይዓመጹ___ሃፒ ኣዋር ናይ ድሙ ድሙ__ተጌሩ ካብ ሾውዓተ ተጋደልቲ ሾውዓተ ቆልዑ ዝወለዳ ደቀንስትዮ ተጋደልቲ የለዋን።እዚ ነጻነት ዘምጽኣልካ ውድብ__ኣስላም ሓረድቲ ኣይበለ ህዝቢ እናሳማምዔ__ተሓጕሰ ኣምላኽ ዘፍቀረኒ እናዘመረ እዩ ህዝቢ ዘትሓባበረ።ንሓዎቦታትና ኣብ ድምበዛን ናይ ቀበሌ ተመሪጽኩም ኢሉ ኣብ ርእሶም ብኻራ እናሸኸተ ቀቲሉ ኣብ ማይዓምበር ኣይደርበየን።ህዝቢ ገሽናሽም ነዞም ¨ተቓወምቲን ገስገስትን ዲኻ ትኣምን፣ዋላ ነቲ ሓሳዊ ዓይንኻ ¨ ህዝቢ ቶርዓ ነቶም ካብ መሬትካ ኣልቂቖም ከዕዝሩኻ ዝደለዩ__ነቲ ጊዚኡ ዝሓለፎ ጓንዴ ናይ ኢትዮጵያ ቀይሩ ካላሽን ሂቡ ኣይሃሰየካን።ኣስላማይ ስለ ዝኾንካ ከተኽፍኦ ደሊኻ ትኸውን እምበር__ሻዕብያ፡__ነዚ ሬሳ ዓማ ኣዳግሞ ኢሉ __ናይ ¨ደቂ ሓሊማ¨ ሬሳ ኣየዳግም __ኣካለ ስንኩላን ብጥይት ኣይርፍርፍ።ኣንታ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ __ንዓና ዲኻ ትኣምን__ነቲ ሓሳዊ ዓይንኻ ፧ ይብሉኻ ኣለዉ ተቓወምቲ።ኢሳያስ እዩ ነገር ኣባላሽይዋ እምበር__ንሱ ውን ወዲ ተምቤንን ወሎን ስለ ዝኾነ እኮ እዩ ይብሉኻ ።______Part 2 ይቕጽል

    With tears of blood….
    New Hope Eritrea

  • wedi zibolo May 20, 2013

    If a person who really dedicated to God they should not hide them self from helping the poor, the suffering, disabled, neglected, unwanted, and refugees. I have biblical prove a good Christian should stand for the above I mention to help. When John the Baptist tell Heredos he should not toke his brother wife that’s way Heredos killed John. Don’t fail to rescue those who are doomed to die. Be the voice for those who are voiceless. Speak about truth. Religion not about pray in room it is also socialize with the society and involved in person with your people.

  • Genet May 20, 2013

    “Can a religious person be a politician and a true religious leader at the same time” NO!. Unless the country he is going to lead is a homogeneous with a single religion. Also, a country’s law is based on the religion. otherwise there is no way a person can be both a political and religious leader and be effective. It just too many messy contradictions.