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Calais: Refugees escape unharmed after encounter with Moscow Circus polar bear

A polar bear who had an unexpected encounter with shocked migrants who climbed aboard his lorry in Calais appears unfazed by his experience, his new owners have said. The bear, called Nissan, was in the back of a truck outside

A polar bear who had an unexpected encounter with shocked migrants who climbed aboard his lorry in Calais appears unfazed by his experience, his new owners have said.

The bear, called Nissan, was in the back of a truck outside the French town when a group of people managed to open the back doors and three of them got into the compartment containing his cage.

 Nissan was on the final stages of his own journey from Eastern Europe in search of a better life in the UK – at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster.

He set off from Moscow Zoo earlier in the week by plane. But the second leg of his journey to South Yorkshire was by road from Frankfurt, Germany.

A Yorkshire Wildlife Park spokesman confirmed that migrants got aboard Nissan’s lorry close to the camp known as The Jungle on Tuesday morning. The doors were shut and three men were inside the truck for about 10 minutes before French police arrived and released them.

Witness Simon Bridger, of West Malling, Kent, told The Sun: “It only took 17 seconds before four vaulted the barrier and prised open the truck’s back doors. They must have had the surprise of their lives. It shows how desperate they are to get to Britain.”

Nissan has now arrived at the wildlife park where he has joined the older bears – 15-year-old Victor and two-year-old Pixel – in its huge Project Polarreserve.

The spokesman said: “He’s absolutely fine. He appears to be settling in well with Victor and Pixel.”

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Review overview
  • Abduselam (Abby) kadir October 14, 2015

    Dictator Issias Afwerki is in extremely critical condition in Germany; some say he is in bed death .

  • Zeray October 14, 2015

    Is the punch line of this above story the refugees or the bear? I guess we should say, Hallelujah, praise God the bear has arrived safely in his new home in UK. He is not caged anymore he is free and well protected. In fact the bear has become the citizen of the United Kingdom. I wish refugees can have his luck.

  • Berhe October 14, 2015

    Abdulsalem (Abby) Kadir,
    I hope Germany will not save the tyrant. Israel saved him back in ’91 just to elongate our suffering. Our people would be much better off without this evil creature.

    • AHMED SALEH October 15, 2015

      Issayas mental disorder began way back from inner symptoms that originated
      in association of DEKI HIDIRTNA names associated with J sound names ; Jebha ,
      Jihad , Johova , Journalists , G15 and so on . Germany is in that category
      which is not proper choice for his treatment if he is sick . We hate him but
      we are not cruel like him to die that way from negligence. We fear God and we
      want him alive to face justice according his deeds like civil societies practice.

      • Berhe October 15, 2015

        What’s so cruel about dying of illness in a hospital? In fact, the sooner he dies, the better. I’m not wishing the Eritrean people to wait any longer for their lives to come back to normal.

        • AHMED SALEH October 16, 2015

          Do not misunderstand me , we’re are in the same picture .

    • Habtay October 16, 2015

      Berhe, Germany are not only saving a dictator but they are also saving many thousands refugee people. Their duty and responsibility is not for you or for Eritrean people but for all humanity of our world.

      • Habtay October 16, 2015

        please change their duty and responsibility to ‘their good will’. Thank you.

  • Teclay October 15, 2015

    ወይ ጉድ !
    “ስበይቲ ቀሺስ መግደፍ እንበር፣መንደፍ እረኽበኒ ኣይትብልን” ድዮም ዝበሉ መሰልቲ??
    እንቛዕ በሉ፣ገጅፍ በጊዕ ናይ ፈረንጂ መሲልዎም ኣይተጸግዕዎ ።

    • Haregeweyini October 16, 2015

      Haw Teclay, thank you for a good laugh about ‘gejif begiE nay ferenji’ and another good old saying of ‘sebeyeti keshi’ as well. I always like and admire your matured and farsighted comments my dear brother and please continue to enlighten us with your wisdom and sense of humor.

      • Teclay October 16, 2015


        Sister Weyni ,thank you for your feed back and support.
        God bless you and happy weekend.

  • melekot October 15, 2015

    What next to the desparate and unlucky refugees of the world? DIA should be locked in one of the animal cages next. Justice and fair treat to our refugees all over the world.

  • hanan October 16, 2015

    Why is it that the white Europeans are saving white bears and white arabs more than black Africans like Eritreans, Ethiopians or Sudanese and other unlucky black African immigrants. We have to remain in our proud and green black African lands and countries in future, no more humaliation and mistreatment by especialy people like the Jews of Israel towards black Africans regardless of moslems or christians.