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Blue Nile – Voted the best restaurant in London for the second time in two years

Each month Open table analyses more than 400,000 dinner reviews that are sorted by predefined categories. Blue Nile, an Eritrean Restaurant based in Woolwich South East London, has been voted the best Restaurant in London

Each month Open table analyses more than 400,000 dinner reviews that are sorted by predefined categories. Blue Nile, an Eritrean Restaurant based in Woolwich South East London, has been voted the best Restaurant in London for the second time in two years.

Photo of Shewa Hagos, Owner of Blue Nile Eritrean Restaurant.

Photo of Shewa Hagos, Owner of Blue Nile Eritrean Restaurant.

Shewa Hagos, the owner of Blue Nile, said “This achievement would not be possible without our loyal and supportive patrons. I thank them all.”

P.S. The Open Table website refers to our restaurant as Ethiopian. We are in fact Eritrean and have asked Open Table to amend the country of origin.

OpenTable is an online restaurant-reservation service company which covers more than 30,000 restaurants in most U.S. states as well as in several major international cities including London.

Review overview
  • Tsega October 24, 2016

    Congratulations Shewa,
    You are the pride and the best role model of the Eritrean and Ethiopian diaspora community through out the world. It is shameful to the present generation who are known for misery, poverty, inferiority complex, burning our own languages, history,and identity and lack of basic rights.
    Your name “Shewa” from Chewa is translated as noble and virtues that you already have plentiful..

  • Nazret October 25, 2016

    Indeed, big congra sister Shewa for being voted twice as the best restaurant in London.
    But what’s the big deal with being referred as Eritrean restaurant or Ethiopian restaurant?
    If you have been successful for the last two years as an Ethiopian restaurant then stick with it longer
    as business and politics should never mix. If you customers are happy with your service and food then
    the name of your business should not matter as much that is as long as your customers (as your kings)
    do not ask or demand for the change of name or identity/cuisine of the business. Otherwise, make it third
    time in row the best successful restaurant in South East London – UK. Indeed, you are the pride of the community.

  • k.tewolde October 25, 2016

    Cute lady,keep rolling…..

  • Abebe October 25, 2016

    So you want the country of origin of your Restaurant to be changed from Ethiopia to Eritrea. No doubt you can do so if that is your wish. No one but you has the right to make that decision. While you are at it why not also change the name of your restaurant since the Blue Nile originates in Ethiopia and passes through Sudan without even touching Eritrea.

    • Mesfin October 25, 2016

      Abebe, may be our sister was pushed to change it by some Eritrean fanatics. Or may be the Eritrean embassy in London have told her unless you change it you will not visit or enter Eritrea. In Eritrea or even outside Eritrea many poor Eritreans don’t have a proper freedom or democracy but only threats and blackmailing. The Eritrean government even used to tell/order them not to listen Amharic music, not to go to Ethiopian restaurants and weddings.
      But what ever her decision let’s support her fully with best wishes for the future.

    • Habtu October 26, 2016

      “Blue Nile Originates in Ethiopia’ true! But, Ethiopia doesn’t own it. For all practical purposes, Egypt owns it! Does Ethiopia calls the river ‘semayawi Abay’ :-))))

      • Samson October 26, 2016

        Are you that stupid idiot who thinks too much of himself as a fake expert of everything? Last time you told us unashamedly that the Ethiopia – Djibouti railway was owned by Chinese when the truth and the fact is it was only financed by 30% through the Chinese banks and the rest by the governments of Ethiopia & Djibouti. And now you are coming back with your other made up lies and exaggerations. You must be a paid misinformer and agent of the Arabs/Egypt and how much do you get paid for your dirty cheap works? Btw, Ethiopia will have the power to switch on and off the Blue Nile in a very near future. In the meantime, keep spreading lies and evilness.

        • Habtu October 27, 2016

          No need for name calling. Do a little research and you will find that the new railroad is indeed owned by the chinese for the next 30 years. The switch on Blue Nile on Ethiopian hands? Give me a break! Like I said, for all practical purposes, the waters belong to Egypt.

          No lies or evilness please–just facts!

          • Samson October 27, 2016

            Habtu the sick parrot,
            Do us a favor and come back after you’ve done a proper research for a change. But make sure you don’t come back with your wishful, imaginary and fictitious findings.
            The cost for the Ethiopian side of the project was around $3.4 billion US dollars. About two thirds 70% of it was “financed” by China Exim Bank and the remaining 30% was covered by Ethiopia & Djibouti. Make sure to correct ‘railroad to ‘railway’.
            May be you are owned by the Arabs for the next 30 yrs to do their dirty and evil works as well as spreading Islam in Africa! Y
            If you feel the water really belongs to Egypt then take all your stinking camels for a wash and swim for free of charge. You are truly a talking snake. You don’t deserve a break but hell for life.

  • Abrehet K. October 25, 2016

    I want to add or say my congratulations to my sister Shewa Hagos.
    Running a restaurant or a self employed business for a woman is very difficult indeed in Europe.
    You always need a good support and back up of your family to continue staying and being successful.
    Make sure you always communicate with your customers and staffs. The name issue or change is insignificant.
    Your good wisher sister Abrehet Kahsay – London.

    • Habtu October 27, 2016

      I don’t think she needs to change the name. While river within Ethiopia’s boundaries is called Abay, the rest of the river unit it darns into the Mediterranean is called Blue NIle or just Nile. Hence, the name Blue Nile is not Ethiopian!

      From what I can see on the picture, the Eritrean red and blue colors of the outside door and wall of the business represent……..

      • Samson October 27, 2016

        Habtu the sick parrot,
        Sister Abrehet is clearly stating the name issue is insignificant.
        Who cares what you see on the picture! You are a confused loser.
        It is not for you to decide if she changes or not with the name of the business.
        Once or “If” you ever get your own real business then you get to decide.
        In the meantime, stick to your dirty work of spreading lies and confusing people.

        • Habtu October 27, 2016

          All facts no lies from me! A lot of people care what they see and what they see symbolizes. I’m afraid this subject is beyond your capacity.

          On the railroad topic, you seem to spew only filth and deceit. Makeup you mind, was it 30% or 70% owned by Chinese? A good start though, you moved from 30 to 70% Chinese financed, dig a little more deeper!

          Your clueless and absurdity is boundless. Maichelot yedleyeka alo zehawie.

          • Samson October 27, 2016

            Habtu the sick parrot,
            You do love the sound of your own snaky voice, don’t you sicko Kebtu? Tragic with all the fantasy and half truths you fabricate.
            Are you that misinformed or just a paid misinformer mercenary?
            I don’t just consider you a vulture but I consider you something a vulture would eat. You are the lowest of the low scumbag.
            Keep hallucinating Kebtu snake but you don’t deserve to remain that blind to a glaring reality.
            You are truly a clueless moron or a poisonous snake on a life coma. Temen (like snaky Kebtu) mienti kebdu yiKheyid biKhebdu, indeed. Stop your pathetic sniffing around Kebtu.

  • Chenawee October 27, 2016

    Can I stop being Eritrean? Ready to pay any price to erase everything Eritrean about me – sort of mental and phisical detox

  • AHMED SALEH !!! October 27, 2016

    Talkatives who don’t know when to speak and when to listen must learn how to Say congratulation for her success or zip their mouth ..
    It is not easy task to run a business for an Immigrant in western world .

  • Gombel October 28, 2016

    The Restaurant is named Blue Nile and the Owner’s name is Shewa. And the country of Origin needs to change to “Eritrea?” uups, the owner has a long list of things to do.. First, you should start with your name,. If I were you I will change it to Shewit. Then, change the name of restaurant to “Anseba Restaurant”. Only then it that it make sense to demand for a different country of origin..