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  • Seifu November 18, 2018

    Who is this called Habte Hagos? Why is it important for BBC to interview him?
    He is not the next president of Eritrea, is he? May be next would be Abiy Ahmed to
    be interviewed on behalf of Eritrea! The BBC should be exposing the hardship of Eritrean youth.

    • rezen November 18, 2018

      Honestly, I too am curious to get the answers to the above mentioned two questions (first line). .

  • Petros Tesfagherghis November 21, 2018

    With due respect Seifu. Why are you surprised about the interview of BBC with Habte Hagos. .He is one of the committed justice seekers. . He is the chairman and founding member of “Eritrea Focus”.(EF), an association of Non- Governmental Organisation, exiled and refugee groups and individuals concerned with the gross abuse of human rights in Eritrea.
    The objective of . Eritrea focus is to draw attention to the horrific abuses and suffering of Eritrean at home and as refugees abroad. It actively engages with the international community. Among others .- It helped to form All party Parliament group on Eritrea (APPG) in the United Kingdom . During the
    Chelsea Flower Show: together with Freedom United lobbied against forced labor in Eritrea.. EF launched Photo exhibition on the History of Eritrea in London.. It also solicited a study on Mining. Titled “Mining & Repression in Eritrea, Corporate complicity in human rights abuses.. Eritrea Focus is action oriented. Habte, like many justice seekers activists like him have felt the pains and suffering of the Eritrean people and prefers to help than to ignore it. I hope Seifu is reacting out of curiosity and not for other opportunist motives..

    • rezen November 22, 2018

      THANK YOU, Sir, for the expanded information. .