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ATV: Intv with Professor Kjetil Tronvoll on his perspectives of the Ethio-Eritrean relationship

Review overview
  • k.tewolde May 23, 2020

    The interviewee states,(( look how the western and eastern lowland communities has been Tigrignalized, ruled by tigrigna administrators,they feel encroached upon,muted and not represented in the political process….strategically done by the current regime..)) prof. Tronvoll, the world is watching this little nation unravel,it is called gentrification African style, he empathizes,(((sadly to say,you have lost the cohesion you once demonstrated to the world.))). How did Geretsadik acquire a plot of land in Gerset? and Teklebrhan owns a mechanized farm in kerkebet? the prof. advises, {you need to re-frame and decide now what kind of Eritrea you want to build post this dictatorship era because this is not the one you fought for.}