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ATV: Eritrean Diaspora Urges Everyone to Boycott Eritrean PFDJ Festivals & Events – Reclaim Eritrea

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  • k.tewolde August 8, 2019

    The revolution is finally taking shape,this is what the tyrant and his cronies were desperately trying to avoid for years- the epiphany and socio-political consciousness of the young by quarantining them in military barracks and rendering them impotent to do anything including start a family.This kids remind me of my boyish years,I recognized the enemy early and fought it ferociously,unfortunately the odds were stacked against me.I love my people and I gave them all I got.Giovanni!!!!!! it is never too late,grab the bull by the horn and ride it to the finish line,the poor masses are counting on you.

    • Salim Negash August 10, 2019

      I doubted PFDJ/GOE hardly make money through these festivals but rather a mechanism to energize their base of support. I see no problem with people going to these festivals as it is a way for Eritreans to get together , touch base , and integrate with each other irrespective of their political disposition.

      being overly cynical and glass is half empty mentality only brings about isolation, frustration, despair, and hopelessness to our brothers and sisters who “oppose” PFDJ….. Cheer up and pick the right fights and not be juvenile about every little thing.

      The sad thing is that our kids are growing up in such political divide, they are not even afforded chance to meet all Eritreans of various backgrounds and most of them will end up associating with other (non-Eritrean) ethnic groups when it comes to making choices around their life partners. How pathetic and sad is that?

  • Mike August 9, 2019

    Wait a minute, this event is still going on – And people are still going to support indirectly the current leaders in Eritrea?

    Top 10 reasons people go to this event:

    1: Have no productivity in their lives

    2: They stay home almost every day so in need of some sun shine

    3: They are still drugged up and dreaming

    4: They are alone and need a partner of the same mindset to take home with

    5. They own a “goat or sheep” or perhaps a pair of oxen back home and maintaining until “sacrifice”

    6: They have paid 2% by falsifying and feel like entitled

    7 : To revisit the old nostalgia – If Eritrea is still the City on the hill or dead on the wheel?

    8: Because they can’t go back and can’t stand still

    9:They forgot they actually flee Eritrea and no one is watching

    10: The number 1o reason people may be going to the festival is to see if the soccer players, this round, will ask for political asylum and never go back home

    Peace to all