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ATV: ጸረ ምልኪ ሰላማዊ ሰልፊ ኤርትራውያን ኣብ ጊሰን 13 ሓምለ 2019

Review overview
  • Temesgen July 17, 2019

    What does the appearance of Hagos Kisha along with Osman Saleh signify? His trip to Giessen, Germany last week and now to Switzerland on the 20th of June can only signify the beginning of the financial hemorrhaging in particular and the cracking of the HGDEF Pandora box (propaganda, financial, military, security & military wing). With their illicit source of revenue from diaspora (2% contribution and others) drying out, with their propaganda machine decimated and knocked out of action by the gallant justice seekers social media, with millions and millions of dollars squandered trying to jam/fight justice seekers media ( ASENNA/ERISAT/RADIO SIMRET and ETC), they are finding themselves in financial dilemma. Plundering, diverting the revenues from the Bisha Gold mines and the leasing of the two ports to their personal accounts overseas and sustaining the payroll of their security apparatus, mercenaries and criminal informants and paid agents in Eritrea is the powder keg that they are sitting on without knowing it..

  • senkam July 18, 2019

    Thanks Eritrean women.
    A special shout out to W/ro Gouy, Feven, .. !! You have energized many many Eritreans across the globe.
    Yiakl Yiaklena