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ATV: ዝርርብ ምስ ተጋዳላይ ህዝባዊ ግንባርን ኣባል ምስጢራዊ ሰልፍን ነበር፡ የማነ ተኽለገርግሽ – ደራሲ `ሳሕል ወፊርና እንታይ ኣምጻእና?` 4ይ ክፋል

Review overview
  • k.tewolde March 20, 2019

    ELF is no saint either,I can’t testify what happened before 1975,however I can give my accounts what happened after that.Fact is,we are all in it,the good,the bad,the ugly.It is our story,it an Eritrean story,the young and future generations are entitled to know the truth and the whole truth,it is our mirror,it reflects who we are,regardless if we try to dye our hair,try rhinoplasty or chin implant,it is our image,it is who we are,the smart,the dumb,the ferociously brave,the wimp,the intelligently wise,the ignorant,the greedy and the one that just gives even his/her life like the ones who fell for us.It is time to heal,it is time to move on,it is time to get rid of the one who created the state of paranoia among us like brother Yemane asserted.Lets take the precious gift of our fallen back,lets snatch our country back,the one that we dreamed of and fought for.

  • biniam March 20, 2019

    ab gebha zenebere tarik zteabte tarik yelen ab wishti hzbi sle ztegebere zhiba mistir yele

  • Asmerom March 20, 2019

    Ato Yemane T/giorgish, thank you for all your relentless and positive inputs and contributions, God bless you brother.

  • መፍቀሬ ኢየሱስ March 20, 2019

    Dear tegadalay Ato Yemane,

    It is so disappointing that Eritrea has descended into such an abyss due to her own children’s beastly behaviour. You did not deserve to be hunted as if your were an alien to your nation… but the internal circle of pfdj formerly EPLF’s nay tselmat selfi has no shame.

    Thank you for all your efforts. Your intervention and that of tegadalay Ato Tesfay Temnowo have provided qualitative change to our understanding, as you informed us of the ugly practices of the wild organisation dead determined to destroy us.

    You have given our struggle a great boost: as information is power. I salute your courage and unbending character. You are an example to us all – of course not to the internal circle of pfdj.

    I hope new people will defect and inform us all how the criminal is operating at the moment.

    Thank you so much!

    We shall prevail in the end.

  • Theodros Habte March 21, 2019

    Thank you Yeman and Assena, with today’s technological revolution, we get access to so much information. I wish we don’t do anything like that again. Now, let’s focus on our county future economic growth. why those who have business left the county? I heard they are doing good in other African country. Let’s learn their past experience from businessmen too..