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  • Tewelde Gebremariam January 24, 2020

    Salim Negash,

    If you are truely an Eritrean who stands and concerns for the people of Eritrea and not a simple brain washed eulogist of the impostor isaias afewerk and his cabals, answer the following few questions like an impartial and objective person would answer to best of his/her knowledge:

    1. What is the driving force behind Eritreans leaving their country and flooding Western and African countries? Or do you attribute , as the impostors claim, to the Pull Factor played by the alleged enemies of Eritrea? But again, if the situation in Eritrea had been heavenly as the impostors would have us believe, Do you think, as the Eritrean catholic Priest rightly retorted to such false claim, people would prefer evil to heaven?

    2. I always hold woyanes as despicable and immoral creatures which was confirmed when, among others, deported 100,000 Eritrean from Ethiopia in worst barbarian manner and violated the Final and Binding decision of EEBC they signed to uphold and implement. And the Eritrean territory the villain woyanes have refused to relinquish is minuscule (say less than 0.1%) relative to the size of the rest of Eritrea.

    The question for you know is: Do you think it is a manifestation of an Eritrean patriotism, as the impostor isaias afewerk claims, to hold 99.99% of Eritrea hostage for the .01%.? I mean, is the wholesale social, economy, military, and material devastation that has transpired in our country worth it? Or do you deny, as the impostor isaias afewerk openly denied, that such devastation ever exist?

    3. In 2011, in New York where he hosted conference of Eritreans, the impostor said that there would be National election very soon, alleging the woyane invasion for the delay. But as soon as he returned to Eritrea, when asked on TV by Wedi Abe about the National election, he reversed himself completely. He said he would not hold national election to please others. Now, do you think a worthy and genuine National leader utter such an atrocious lie to his own people? How do you trust such a treacherous person unless you are either a brained washed simpleton or tigrawai like himself and his cabals?

    • Salim Negash January 26, 2020

      Selam Tewelde

      Let me attempt to answer your questions. BTW, you do not have to wonder about my being Eritrean or not. I am a proud Eritrean born to Tigre father and Tigrinya mother + born and raised in Keren. So rest assured that I do not suffer from identity crisis like our brothers and sisters who hail from the border areas with Tigray.

      1) Pure and simple, Eritreans (like many Africans) are economic migrants. What validates this is not what you and I say but rather what these folks end up doing as soon as they reach a host country. Be it in Africa or Europe/USA, they all focus on economic advancement and supporting their families back home. So much so, most of them ask for forgiveness (from their government and people) and return to their homeland with nothing to worry about. The criminal gang leader , Meles Zenawi, tried to organize them as fighting militias to do his dirty job of doing cross border attacks on their people, land, and government. Their collective and resounding answer was NO and they all fled to Sudan and Kenya/Uganda.
      2) In my humble opinion, sovereignty is not to be negotiated in numbers and percentages. They take badme today, who stops them from asking for Asseb tomorrow if you have set a very dangerous and slippery precedence of giving away pieces of your territory, however small?
      3) I think the question you need to worry and ask is the implementation of constitution & the president will have no choice but to abide by it. He is not immortal in the end, so why get too hang up about one person?
      4) This is not a question you asked but let me address the things the president have said during the outset of the Ethio-Eritrea rapprochement – famous amongst them are – WE ARE ONE PEOPLE & YOU LEAD US……
      a. I was non too happy about those words at the time as everyone else because we are never one people with the Amharas and Agames & Dr. Ahmed WILL NEVER lead us.
      b. Judge the president by his actions not his words (words that may have come in the midst of the joy and he may have said them in jest). What happened since then are: lifting of unjust and unlawful sanctions, acceleration of reconstruction (roads, dams, power plants etc..), complete encirclement of the TPLF criminal gangs in Mekele, resumption of air and telecommunications links between Ethiopia and Eritrea; removal of 300K+ Ethiopian forces from our borders etc…..

  • Warsay Adhanom January 24, 2020

    If you are at loss, let me explain to you. What we care about is not what the Amhar’s are saying, it is what the so called our Government not saying. Prosaically because Isayas informed them that we are one people. This were not some individuals with some home made map. This is official made by the local government. And this was an insult to the so called Ambassador, and to the Eritrean people who sacrifice for the independence of our nation.. You can see the shock on his face, and speech.. Furthermore, Tamrat’s statement got the attention it did because he told us exactly what Isayas is planing. I would refer you to what Tewelde stated regarding his actions. And you suggested us to focus in development? What development? Have you been to Eritrea recently? He has destroyed the country, the economy, the culture, and the people. He has done that hidden behind Woyane, for the last 20 years. You have not mentioned one thing negative about Isayas. That tells me who you are.

  • Hagherawi January 24, 2020

    Salim Negash

    It used to be easy to pose as Eritrean, not anymore.
    We were naïve, used to trust anyone, even those of you who constantly worked against Eritrean national interest. Not anymore.
    We don’t trust you.

  • Temesgen January 25, 2020

    If a duck quacks, looks, swims, walks like a duck, is it really a duck? Those who are advocating for the subjugation, destruction, destitution, displacement, agony and enslavement of the Eritrean people/Eritrea by ruthless imposter/mobster/criminal gangs like HGDEF can’t be Eritrean in blood and flesh.
    They are all expansionist forces who had been encroaching on our territory covert/overt since the 1930’s to destroy Eritrea. These forces didn’t come from the planet Mars as some mischievous pundits want to mislead us, instead they came from south of the border.
    Why do the tewekgies of Eritrea, the agazians of Ras Alula/ Atse Yohannes / now the Woyanes, the neftegnas of Atse Menelik/H.Selassie/Derg/and now Abi Ahmed have in common?
    They are all cut from the same fabric because they are the children/descendants of the old Ethiopian order. They are all ant-Eritrean because they are obsessed with the illusion of Greater Ethiopia.Why do we see the resurgence of these dark expansions forces at this juncture?
    Because the pro Ethiopian forces (DIA/HGDEF/Tewelgies) that they have implanted in the Eritrean struggle and social fabric are giving them the green light to advance their hidden agenda.
    Ethnic Eritreans will fight tooth and nail to rid Eritrea of these carcinogen forces once for all so that Eritrea can reassert itself.
    Eritrea for Eritreans by Eritreans!!

  • Hagherawi January 25, 2020

    እወ ተመስገን ፥ ጹቡቅ ኣለኻ ።
    ይመስገን ፈጣሪ።