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Review overview
  • Russom July 16, 2019

    amanuel yoa are interuting too much.

  • Russom July 16, 2019

    Amanuel , those who talk about aurajas , we have to know they want de create division among us. it is an evill intention or ignorance;, we have to be aware that this could come from either from some either from PFDj short sighted. I agree with both speakers of their views on this issue. The kriteria should be their capacity. irrespect of their region or Awraja. I agree on the issue of religion ,; the participation an repressentaion in the Baito should reflect both religions. Amanuel I have full respect in you and your achievement. irrespect of my above comment.

  • tewelde gebremariam July 16, 2019

    The Baito-Congress must push on, as they go, fixing any deficiency that comes along. Who says it is easy to start a humongous project from scratch as the one these members of the Baito is wrestling with, with no previous experience and no money save their ever flowing love for their country and people , and as if this is not enough, facing deep entrenched enemies as the impostor isaias afewerk and woyane who have assembled their human expertise and financial resources to nip them in the bud. Nothing Big Is Easy As The Wise and Initiated say.

    Every Eritrean patriot must lend every support to Baito regardless of ups and downs that may show up along the way. No one should be deceived by the wolves in sheep clothing who, hiding behind their veils, shed their crocodile tears and purposefully inflates deficiencies not only in order to obliterate achievement but also to bring down the Baito by sowing seeds of hopelessness among its members and its followers. This must not happen at all.

  • Cheezy July 17, 2019

    I have a quick question? why is Kemal Ali in the leadership of every deleyti fthi gathering? Debrezeit, Bayto, Minkisikas Menieseyat, Denver…..and now YIakil. to mention but a few. does he possess any special indispensable qualities? Why does every organization or gathering he is involved in fail? or ends up in splinter? just curious

    • tewelde gebremariam July 17, 2019

      To imply that one person, Kamal, has been the cause of the failures of the oppositions against the impostor isaias afewerk is preposterous. I do not know him in person but from the content of his many interviews, I can definitely say he is an Eritrean Nationalist determined to contribute his part at removing the impostor. Until I know otherwise, he has my support.

      The one and only one cause for the complete failure of the oppositions in the past was their fatal act of naively jumping into the fold of woyane misunderstanding the apparent animosity between woyane and isaias afewerk was tactical designed to lure them into trap where the impostor successfully portrayed and identified them as enemies of Eritrean Sovereignty.

      There is one person known by the name,Qeleta Kidane, who has not yet come of the woyane-isaias trap, and who writes wondering why the impostor hates tegaru. How did he get this fallacious idea? Because he is taking the illusion for the reality as the opposition did. The fact of the matter is that his kids are 100% tegaru. Why? Because he purposely married tigraweiti , All of his top officials are tegaru, Why? Because they have common tigrai interest against Eritrea. He annexed Badme to tigrai in 1985, and 13 years later, he ignited war on its account. Why this seemingly paradoxical act? To deceive and mislead Eritreans into his trap of perpetual state of No War No Peace as a means of realizing his hidden agenda of abai tigrai on the ashes of Eritrea and its people.

      Qelete Kidane: Anafra Qoquah Zeyfelts Ayhadanein……please wake up from your slumber and remember the warning dictum of our fathers…… libi tigrai tiwi twai..’

  • senkam July 17, 2019

    Yiakl is a popular movement (includes most Eritreans from all walks of life).
    It looks those who used to be in some organizations (political, civic, ..) prior to YIAKL are the ones taking the mantle of leadership of YIAKL. It could be b/c in the election of reps those ppl show up and become the reps. This could be the most common process in the election that occurred in DC. This is not bad in itself or anything wrong with it. However, these people have a certain culture they developed over the years. This may make the YIAKL movement look like a new vehicle body on an old engine.
    For example, Tewelde’s response to very important questions in this interview proofs that fear.

    The other issues :
    Why is Andebrhan w/giorgis’s relevant to the NAmerican Yiakl festival ? I don’t even think he has any .relevance to the justice quest in Eritrea itself. If he had anything to do with this movement, let him go to the region/area where he resides and contribute and get the support of that community. Otherwise, out of the vast evidences on his background, even if we look at the most recent ones under MEDREK where he created an org that suits him in plan and members. What did he achieved in the end ? He is coming back to the drawing board. You can’t do anything without the ppl. Now the ppl have some how galavinized themselves and they look resolute. They are not looking for double loosers to lead them.

    please, please please do a survey on how the ppl want their leaders be elected ? what they want to know about the leadership ? and use that criteria to electect leaders so that they accept whoever is elected. The leadership issue is the core problem that choks all Eritrean’s movements so far. And, YIAKL is coming to this test. Its failute and success depends on how it democratically & transparently pass this challenge.