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ATV: እዋናዊ ዜና ካብ ኤርትራ – ምስረታ ዕጥቃዊ ውድብ- ህዝባዊ ተጋድሎ ሓርነት ኤርትራ (ህተሓኤ)ንምውዳቕ ምልካዊ ስርዓት ኢሳይያስ – 13 ሚያዝያ 2019

Review overview
  • Yonas Zeru April 13, 2019

    wae, hiji win gedli? yeslito. …

  • Hagherawi April 14, 2019

    When a political party indoctrinates the military of the country, it turns it into a party militia. That is what all dictators do. Then its top brass become the guard of the tyranny. It frustrates any effort to change the worsening situation of the country. It kills and maims demonstrators and activists. It doesn’t care what happens to the borders. It’s concern becomes how to protect the dictator .
    The Army should be a national institution, free from political influence of any political party.
    Eritrea is suffering because Higdef turned the EDF into one of it’s organizations.

  • k.tewolde April 14, 2019

    (because there are no significan number of young people inside Eritrea to confront the regime ”) Geje summarizes the situation,indeed the tyrant might have succeeded bleeding the small nation of its youth,however like I said few posts ago that he will paint himself in the corner,practically he committed political suicide by crossing the red line and committing treason on the Eritrean people which is punishable by expulsion up to and including execution,that is what the people are working on young and old,men and women,inside or in diaspora,opposition or the not opposition…this makes up for the lost youth segment of the population,the regime is in dire straits with its secluded capo in adi halo,all the people had to do is knock at his door and tell him,time is up. OUR VICTORY IS IMMINENT!

  • Woldegabriel April 14, 2019

    Geje, WHO are you?

  • Woldegabriel April 14, 2019

    Let me tell you who you are. You are MASTER of illusions, confusions and deceptions. Any body could see through your distortions.

  • Organized General April 14, 2019

    All we need is ” kenxalit mistirawit gujle nharnet Eritrea.” that focuse only to head of the snake and his baby snakes. Other than that Wedi berad is more than happy to get us all kill each other and finally invite ethiopian troops to the country in the name of ” peace keepers” indirectly return Eritrea to Ethiopia.

  • Berad April 14, 2019

    Hji grim
    B hbit selfi zmexe b hbue selfi ytefie

  • Russom April 14, 2019

    The best would to annihilate a few with the brutish mad dog. The focus on the security personels and nab of the criminals. The people are wise to discern right from wrong unless the fact in the ground justifies it.

  • Gerima April 15, 2019

    ሓሶት ክትፈትዉ ጉድ ኢኹም ፥ እንዳ በኾኽ በኾኽ!