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ATV: ቃል ኣሰና – ምሕዝነት ክልተ ጠላማት – ንልምዓት ዶ ንጥፍኣት ? – Feb 11, 2019

Review overview
  • k.tewolde February 12, 2019

    It is political adultery at its best,two of a kind sniffed each other from faraway like the canine species, flew untamed skies and consumed their lust with a bear hug.It takes one to know one and these two knew each other very well to say the least.It is a theatrical script being played in front of our eyes starring a rising political phenom and a fading shrewd veteran of the 6o’s who already absconded his reign because he can’t keep up with him,I wonder what his son who was waiting in line is saying?