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Review overview
  • Hadera August 22, 2019

    It is my hope that the next person is Gen Mesfin Hagos or Ambassador Adhanom.
    Thank you

  • Gezae August 24, 2019

    I was a member of ELF since 1969 along my comrade a neighbor Israel Mesgina Gebrezgabihir and Abdu Seleman then killed by ELF because of wrongly killed Fesehaye Wedi Colonel/Auditor/in Djibouti; I personally joined the struggle in 1974.I was also one of the founder of ELF Sagm. However, I am very happy of the demolition of ELF and its fanatic so called leadership Isayas is a fighter and a liberator not like you are opportunist as well as Jealous. So do not say Isayas – Isayas. You were MUTEMERED and still MUTEMERED

    • Wedi Hagher August 25, 2019

      Many of Iseyas’ supporters and admirers share his sectarian ideology.
      From day one he jointed the ELF his divisive tactics kept the revolution bleeding internally. It took close to 40+ years for ordinary Eritreans to understand that he is not a national hero but most probably an enemy mole.
      Strangely, all those who worked for him also ended up being his victims.
      A few like Gezae who still work for him may have a big secret to hide. They are scared of any change that may end Iseyas’ brutal rule. They do it to protect themselves.

  • Wedi Hagher August 25, 2019

    “I was also one of the founder of ELF Sagm.”


    While some tegadelti had no problem joining the EPLF others had opted not to.
    Some of those who refused the merger were killed by their own comrades. This was instigated by some Sagem leaders.
    What was your role at the time ?

    • Gezae August 25, 2019

      Your question is very serpentine , but for your placidity,lets raise the curtain in brief. However,
      before I jumped to answer your superseded challenge , I want to inform you one fundamental thing point that no body still knows . As very few members know first before Sagm institute in Tahday and Korokon as a front there was a study center known Eritrean Revolutionary movement. It is as a secret group most of its members are from one region Akeleguzay. The leaders of that group was Tekeste Woldu/Geometia and I am not quiet sure may be Zemhret Yowhans too.
      There was also another group led by Berhane Haile and Mehreteab Geberie most of them was from Serea. I am by grandfather side from Adegbay Tsilema Logochewa and my grandma is Deqi Shehay Logo Anseba. Any way I was a member of the Geometra and Zemhret group and a member of the secret study group. As far as to my knowledge Tewelde Gebresallasie and Abrahim Totil were not members of either group.

      Any way we were pretty good at fighting with ELF RC and ELF Abdella Idris groups and we had an upper hand at Tahday and Korokon. All the rest ELF proprieties left at Korokon were under our control. We had some hidden ammunition to protect our selves and our properties. And we were very united.

      Do you know when where the fight started? The dis agreement and more suspicions began at Homib during our first organization congress what so ever. I recall know in the selecting leadership our secret study group by the leadership of Geometra and Zemhret spent more than 7 hours close meetings and lobbies. The reason of this meeting was our group do not bring guys like Mehretead Geberie Berhane Haile’s group to the leadership. Contrary the Berhane group want bring Mehreteab and others from their groups to leadership.

      I was one of the Central leadership of the Sagm-Qetsil. I was the first person who crossed with Armed Units to Tigray and started to beef up the relations with TPLF.and the other Ethiopian organizations.

      • Gezae August 25, 2019

        Correction add want to the
        The reason of this meeting was our group do not —– and reas as
        The reason of this meeting was our group do not want———–

        • Gezae August 26, 2019

          Correct Tekeste Woldu by Kifle Woldu Geometra