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ATV: ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ትዝመት ኣለኻ! – ሰላሕታ ወራር ኣቢይን ውዲት ኢሳይያስን – Nov 24, 2019

Review overview
  • k.tewolde November 25, 2019

    Besides the timely and rallying call to all Eritreans at home or in diaspora who love their country so much regardless of their political affiliation,religion and ethnic group,the nostalgic song caps it all,without a home,a land and people you call your own,YOU ARE NOTHING! a hefty 30 year mortgage is paid for the property,don’t walk away for others to occupy it. The motherland is wailing more than ever before,lets answer the call together……IWAY MERIETEY MERIETEY…….! IWAY MERIETEY……!IZA KIBRETEY.

  • Temesgen November 26, 2019

    Of all the brutal dictators and tyrants that have risen and fallen in the past, Hitler is the most cruelest one. If he had been eliminated before he launched his genocide war machinery and ethnic cleansing on the unwary world, it would have saved the lives of tens of millions of people. Is there anyone who might think otherwise by hindsight? I don’t think so. The reason why I am bringing this is because the same scenario is unfolding in Eritrea. A tyrant comes to power by illegitimate means and brutalizes, kills, plunders, displaces and plunges the country and the people in to a living hell. The only route to herald freedom 2020 for people of Eritrea remains to take the law into their own hands and remove this beast.ASP