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Review overview
  • Mike May 10, 2020

    Just a thought:
    Abiy needs to make peace with his own people before jumping and dinning with a dictator next door in the North. Abiy needs to learn from history and come out of his honeymoon. First and for most Abiy needs to figure out in making peace with Tigrai. Regardless of the Tigraian’s resistance the aim of Abiy must and should be resolving this very issue with Tigrai regarding border demarcation. As this issue, demarcation, is in constant discussion in every meeting with Isayas the drive should be to bring the Ethiopian people to a final closure with demarcation. Without this, both, Ethiopia and Eritrea, are at a stand still. Let us not fool ourselves or anyone else, it is a fact Abiy is stuck on this demarcation case and the dictator in the North is also using this as a place where he could get a free trip, life saver, to Ethiopia as Eritrean leadership were at the brink of collapse if it was not for Abiy changes and the Saudi’s play.

    Abiy might be considering to block (or punish) Tigrai using the neighbor in the North side. Lesson learned as they say, history has proven over and over that such style and/or game is fatal. If anything, Abiy needs to be mindful of the abuse in Eritrea and stand for justice and openness. However, Abiy is ignoring events in Eritrea to push his own desires.

    Plus anything that the Norther neighbor touched or is participated, this far, has gotten spoiled and burned. Abiy could use neighbor in the North to fend off Egypt ( if that is the game these days) but Abiy will not be successful in suppressing internal feuds just because Abiy thinks he might have some majority in Ethiopia supporting or patient to Abiy’s actions so far because his clever political skills. Such styles has been wrong repeatedly and outcome could be a final chapter for Ethiopia.
    That is my two-cents