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Asylum Seekers Brawl With Eritrean Regime Supporters in South Tel Aviv

Thirteen Eritrean asylum seekers were arrested Sunday after mass brawls broke out in Tel Aviv and Kiryat Malakhi between supporters and opponents of the Eritrean regime. 11 were arrested in Tel Aviv and two more were arrested

Thirteen Eritrean asylum seekers were arrested Sunday after mass brawls broke out in Tel Aviv and Kiryat Malakhi between supporters and opponents of the Eritrean regime. 11 were arrested in Tel Aviv and two more were arrested in Kiryat Malakhi.

Some of the brawlers suffered mild injuries and one case of moderate injuries was reported. The brawls erupted in light of events marking the Independence Day of Eritrea, which was on May 24.

In Tel Aviv, the Eritrean supporters and opponents collided at 1 AM Sunday night, in the neighborhood of Neve Shaanan. Dozens of people were involved, hitting each other and throwing objects and rocks. Some were arrested and are being brought before the courts on Monday. One police officer was hurt and received medical attention.

The fight in Kiryat Malakhi broke out Sunday evening on San Diego Street, involving about ten people. Police arrived, broke up the fight and made some arrests.

Over the weekend, dozens of people demonstrated in Tel Aviv in favor of expelling African asylum seekers from Israel. The demonstrators were protesting government policy and conduct in respect to the asylum seekers. The police arrested one activist, Sheffi Paz, a leader of the campaign in favor of expelling the asylum seekers, for causing a public disturbance.

In May, Interior Minister Arye Dery stated that Israel and the UN Refugee Agency were once again discussing a deal to deport African asylum seekers to western countries. The original deal fell throughin April, after public pressure reportedly caused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to back out of it.

Last week, a news report stated that Israel wants to reduce the number of asylum seekers who stay and are given residence status, and increase the number of those who migrate to the West. The report also said Israel would like to expedite the expulsion of asylum seekers from Israel.

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  • k.tewolde June 5, 2018

    A hallmark of a generation fighting,demonstrating,asking for freedom from everybody except the tyrant far away from home,when asked why and how they ended up where they are they don’t even mention his name.I look back at my younger years like my contemporaries,I see plenty of childhood memories I cherish,what do these post independence gen. have to reminisce.The heinous crime that is been committed by the evil man and his cronies is out of this world,they have meticulously camouflaged themselves from their prey.

  • Simon G. June 5, 2018

    Wow, there are some people who support the criminal junta of HGDF in Israel?
    I think we are screwed up people. I am not sure what’s wrong with us.

    • amanuel June 5, 2018

      Nothing is wrong with us. Many of them are economic migrants although they could be refugees easily. If you are violated and did not know that you are violated then you are not violated. That can lead to confusion. And many of these new generation are obviously confused. They live among us and we witness it everyday.

      • Simon G. June 5, 2018

        But, but, isn’t that that criminal isays and the govt of israel say the same thing as you are saying: economic migrants?
        Even if they are, how they can be so complacent?

        • amanuel June 5, 2018

          There are many who arrived in canada, usa, europe through shimelba and libya who signed the forms testifying that no crimes were committed by iseyas and his bandit group. every body knows that. Most of them might be from seraye and hamassien. But you must have seen some going to their festival and their meetings. Some do go to dance only ofcourse. But those who openly support and defend the criminal tyrant after going through hell to get to where they are now, what do you call them simon g?

          • Simon G. June 5, 2018

            I was only talking about Eritreans who are residing in Israel. In Europe, Canada and USA, I agree there are many of them. That is the reason I have stated earlier: “I think we are screwed up people. I am not sure what’s wrong with us.”
            I have two distant family members who are ardent HGDF supporters and one of them even came through Shimelba. Can you believe that?
            As a result of that, we are incommunicado.

          • gerima June 5, 2018

            If you have the right to oppose, there are your country men (women) to support the regime too. Bringing adi or ruba or godebo is not a solution and that shows me how backward you are.

          • Meshalit June 6, 2018

            Hey Amanuel:
            I, for sure, know you committed treason. I don’t think you can go back to Eritrea unless you get amnesty.
            When Eritrea is at war, you sided with the enemy and disseminating false and destructive information. You are an agent of the enemy who helped bleed our people in Eritrea.

      • Yodit June 5, 2018

        Amnanuel tchemlak retiurn to yr slave life then, otherways dont judje others you dont know them bastard

  • RAHWA June 5, 2018

    ERETRIA is a big ticking time bomb unless brave souls say enough is enough and end the vision less path of the tyrant !

  • Sol June 5, 2018

    The time bomb in Eritrea is under continuous manufacturing process by the maniac dictator since the seventies and the irony is that some Eritreans are applauding him thinking that they will not be affected by the time bomb of DIA.

    • Danilo June 5, 2018

      Dia is proving to have mas distraction bomb chemically mixture blood and tears. that blood “eri ” and the tear un like red, dark but glowing. Unfortunately, a mix is out of control to handle. .as the matter of fact puppets use red t. shirt v between yellow get ready to profit. peccato!

  • Fissaha June 5, 2018

    Basically what you trying to say is full of Lay and conscience. What do you mean by economic immigrants? Do you think these individuals do not have political problem in their homeland. I am not sure from which generation are you but trust me they are not confused, you are the one who confused who could not realize what is really going on. If I were you I would feel shame for what you wrote. I always feel bad when I see this this kind of nonesense comment. You are acting as you knew a lot by underestimating this new generation but trust me you are retarded.

  • Danilo June 5, 2018

    I think it is time to fight to those in any way. . justice seeker should respond if attached. why not? Time to dialogue is over.

    • Gezae June 5, 2018

      who are those Justice seekers? Are you kidding, the genuine Eritrean people wait justice from you who just acting like damn street boys and girls? To my understand you are just hate mongers cell out, out lowed and highway men and women who do not have any concern to the peace and stability of the people of Eritrea and the region..NO BODY WILL DIALOG WITH YOU YOU ARE THE LOST GENERATION OF THE COUNTRY OF THE BRAVES.

      • Danilo June 5, 2018

        Gezae 😈. I am one of them justice seeker. In return please tell me who you are. You like it or not ” በምዑት ጸወታ የለን በለት ደርሆ” why gangs, why terror abroad? .isn’t enough at home? I really discredit your comment.

        • Meshalit June 6, 2018

          We will know soon who is the gang and violent. I believe the so called “justice seekers” are militant and violent. They went to the arena where people were celebrating the independence day. They did not want Eritreans in Israel to celebrate. Israel is a free country, you can do whatever you want. No one could tell me what to do.

    • Meshalit June 6, 2018

      Try it and you will perish fast. Don’t be imbecile. You cannot fight against the people. Without the support of the people, the present regime cannot stay for seconds. This fight has to be about ideas not a fight using bullets. Come up with a constructive idea instead of ad hominem [attacking personalities].

  • Gezae June 5, 2018


    ኮሚቴ ፈጻሚ ስራሕ ኢህወደግ ስምምዕ ኣልጀርስን ዉሳነ ኮሚሽን ዶብን ተግባራዊ ክገብር ወሲኑ

    BREAKING: Ethiopia to implement Algiers peace agreement with Eritrea, boundary commission decision

    By Engidu Woldie
    ESAT News (June 5, 2018)
    Ethiopia said it would implement the Algiers peace agreement signed with Eritrea in December 2000 and “fully accept” the decision by the Ethiopian Eritrean Boundary Commission decision that came after a two year bloody war between the two neighboring countries.
    According to the national broadcaster, ETV, the executive committee of the ruling EPRDF has made the decision in its regular meeting today.

    The two countries agreed on a binding decision by the Commission following a two year bloody war between 1998-2000 in which an estimated 70,000 people lost their lives on both sides.

    The Commission handed down its decision in 2002, awarding Badime, the flash point of the war, to Eritrea.

    Ethiopian refused to return the territory of Badime to Eritrea and insists “normalizations” of relations between the two countries should come before any implementation of the decision by the Commission.

    The Boundary Commission’s decision delimit the border between the two countries.

    • Danilo June 5, 2018

      So, do you mean to give up terror by. Kid to kid. ” ኣብ ዳጝ ነይዝረብ ዋዛ፡ኣብ ቅድሚ ቆልዓ ነይ ቁረስ ሃንዛ” .I always refrained to most of your comments which is boring but now, more clear.

      • Gezae June 5, 2018

        How many times do you hear one of our kids screaming something like this: “Daaad! Awet won’t stop picking on me! Make him stop!”
        And then Awet , “No I didn’Hanna started it! Why do I always get blamed for everything around here?”

        Does this sound familiar to you? Do you ever feel as though your kids act more like hungry alley cats fighting over the last mouse in town than the loving sibs you’d hoped they’d grow to be? You are not alone!

        Bro-what’s you to do when the kids are at each other’s throats and the living room looks like finals at the international wrestling championship? The first step to understanding is why siblings bicker and fight. Why is it that our children—our flesh and blood—often go for flesh and blood for nothing than push backes?

        • AHMED SALEH !!! June 6, 2018

          What the hell are you talking about to compare kids with cat and mouse.
          You tried to make a big deal to see kids fight each other inside their house . I don’t know most of your comments doesn’t make a sense .
          Sometimes you represent yourself like ELF political cadre then next you
          right something childish .

          • Gezae June 6, 2018

            Yes I was an ELF’s cadre, a member of the ELF Sagm founders, and ELFSagm Central leadership, head of the armed political and propaganda unites in Eritrea and Ethiopia. Simply just like PIA was ELF political commutioneer, PFDJ leader and Eritrean president so what is your problem? Do you believe any member of ELF blindly stands for ELF and a member of EPLF does the same? Anyway lets explain you our unsuitable situation of blaming each other for no reasons the way we fight power, often without the power knowing. Brother

            There are many political organizations in Eritrea to day, they spring up like green onions in a vegetable garden. Some evolved from older organizations, while some are formed afresh. However, no matter how numerous they are, there are never more than two or One main stalk. The history of political organizations in Eritrea is a splintered one and can be told from several perspectives. But in this context, history leads us back to 1960, when Eritrea started struggle for independence from Ethiopia colonial rule, and when political organizations in Eritrea stood for something.

            During those early years of independence, belonging to a political groups gave a person an identity. People could guess what group you supported or belonged to. gave a person an identity. Over the years, however, as the nature of politics changed in Eritrea, so did the political groups. Ideology stopped counting for something and was gradually overlaid by selfish interests. Political groups became something politicians identified with, not because they held a particular set of ideologies similar to the group/party’s, but because it increased their chances of winning particular peoples mind to get power.

            And the more this happened over time, the less political ideology mattered to the public. People were ready to support anyone who appealed the most to their immediate needs. It didn’t really matter to the people that this politician had spent the last 10-12 years of his career with the erstwhile ruling party and had only recently jumped ship to the new ruling group. Or, it didn’t really matter that this politician was in an entirely different group a few months ago, or that he had even changed groups twice in a year. If he was good enough for them in the moment, he was good enough.

          • Gezae June 6, 2018

            Thus, as the nature of politics changed in Eritrea over the years, it became less clear what politicians and group supporters stood for. Granted, Eritrea’s politics has been tainted and disrupted by years of nonsense groups. In 27 years of independence, Eritrea has suffered a lot; even a very little has been not done by the current political groups to codify their ideologies or political strategic stands.

            Pardon, for me political ideologies or strategy is very important!!!!. As we know a political ideology can be defined as “a coherent set of views on politics and the role of the group or government.” Thus, a group or person’s political ideology defines what he/they stand for politically and how he/they believe the government should approach political and economic issues. Ideologies shape and explain our perception of reality. I don’t all see things the same way, and as humans and a politician, I have the tendency to interpret reality through my biase and orientation. So, political ideologies are important because they help us understand our political views better. They help us identify what we stand for and what we are against. Ideally, they help us know how best to relate and interact with other people or group politically.

            In Eritrea, especialy in so called opposition groups however, political ideologies, if they still exist, do not feature prominently in our political discourse, at least not anymore. Eritrean politics has no regard for ideologies because our political parties or groups themselves are not built on ideologies but on selfish interests. The core value system is no more in place. We have a mixture of the negative and positive tendencies among the youth. The negative tendencies are more than the positive ones. How do we get sincere and good future leaders in the present society?. The military orientation of controlling the political parties after leaving power is still being practised by the democratic government in the country, whereas it is the people of like minds who ought to get together, form their parties and run them the way they deem fit.

            Political parties grew in [a] hierarchy system in those days; whether you are a tailor, bricklayer, carpenter or whoever, you must learn politics through your political party. You cannot just rise up and say you want to become this, you want to become that in the party. You must learn first. [The] political party or group was a leadership training ground. That is just not the case anymore. The majority of the people at the leadership of the political groups are those who grew or learn politics in the struggle/fight arrangement. This reflects heavily on the kind of democracy that is now practised in Eritrea, where freedom of expression and freedom of the press remain limited and government accountability to the people is still as weak as ever.

            Political ideology and political up date understand go hand-in-hand. One buttresses the other and neither can flourish without the other. So, if someone asks me what it means to support a political party in Eritrea, I will tell them it means nothing. If they ask me again why, I say to them it is because political ideology and education no longer count for anything in Eritreaa politics. Or simply I will reply their question with these two questions: What does it mean to be a ELF or EPLF/PFDJ supporter? What do those parties or groups stand for? At a point, I’ll need to go further and ask what the Eritreian expects of from the so called oppositions or Government. We might even push further to ask what does it even mean to be Eritrean?

  • Hagos June 5, 2018

    The Isreali government needs to deport the supporters of the Hgdef regime back to Eritrea or to Sudan immediately.

    • gerima June 5, 2018

      All of them who are fighting should have told to make peace within themselves. They are brothers and sisters for God sake.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! June 6, 2018

    I guess HGDF era produced false feedback method to brain wash the young SAWA generation
    that created these kind internal conflicts tend to spread up to the level of entire community .
    Accept and expect human conditions to observe bad apple effect consequences in our life .
    Myself I learn to run when bad apple approach me regardless his/her political stand ,.