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ASSENNA VIDEO: Voices from the Successful Geneva Demo – Hana Petros Solomon & Committed Justice Seekers from US – P 4

Review overview
  • Berhe Tensea June 24, 2016

    This is wonderful, I hope to see the presentation by some of the 68 people that were sent from Canada , to represent justice seekers in our area…
    The Eritrean diaspora are awake and hopefully they are going to work hard to change our mesakin image.
    By the way, to day I was in a gym, and three men who happen to be black were discussing about the presence of slavery in the world. They were discussing . the CBC tv documentary that was aired few monthes ago. I kept overhearing them, and I was ashamed, but I intervened and told them I am Eritrean and what you are talking about is a fact, and explained the hard reality of our situation.
    Our plight and suffering is on the open and it is sad..

    Hana, be proud and strong, IZY KIHALF IYU.