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Assenna Video: Eritrean Women Justice Seekers Speak Up on Behalf of the Voiceless Eritrean People – Genève, 26 June, 2015 – Part 3

Review overview
  • ertra n ertrawyan June 30, 2015

    Be proud Eritrean Females. There is no revolution or opposition which has been won without females. It is good progress and keep it.

  • Gerimuna July 2, 2015

    My dear sisters, I am extremely proud of you efforts to challenge the brutal dictator and its docile cohorts.
    I am aware that women’s movement is strong in all western countries including USA and Canada.
    I believe that there is possibility to collect the names of those who made atrocious crimes against our sisters. After, contact all women organizations to support to bring the perpetrators of the crime to justice again by demonstration. You should make it as women’s most urgent issue in the globe the same as those in ISIS if not worst by the regime.
    May be Elsa and Meron could initiate supported by all opponents in diaspora.