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Assenna Pictures: Dictator Isaias’ Policy of Destruction Continues in Dae’ro Qawlos – Cry My Country, Raise Up My People !


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Review overview
  • Teclay April 3, 2015

    Stop being Hypocrite

    Please be fare ,blame your self before Isaias.Yes don’t be hypocrite .Isaias
    isn’t super creature .He is like you and me .How did he came to this position ? Because my 3 brothers and your sisters and brothers served as slaves.
    -Did you contribute money for Ghedli or for the so called Gov.? if yes blame your self.
    -Did you go to Guailas or to meetings ? if yes, you are responsible.
    If Isaias only were the problem as most of are claiming it would not be a disaster.Yes there were a lot of dictators in the world but after they passed away or overthrown ,the destiny of those countries were different.Some of them went to civil war(Iraq ,Libya scenario) and some of them went to democratic rule(Cambodia ,Chile ),depending on the affinity of the societies to each other.
    So if Isaias only is the problem,he is in Eritrea not in London,not in Washington ,why don’t you unite in diaspora ? why do you need 40 Orgs? why ?

    So please do not be hypocrite.Deep inside we know each other and we know what we talk in our small private circles.ንነብስና ነተዐሻሹ ከም ዘሎና ዘንጊዕና ኣሎና።

    • memhr April 3, 2015

      This is the type of honest comments I would like to read often, unfortunately, the good moderators in asenna keep on deleting them.

  • wedi blata hannes April 3, 2015

    If the builders do not follow the rule of the master plan, what should happen, we should investigate the reason behind it. i do not think they are demolishing houses that belong to the opposition members for revenge.

  • rezen April 4, 2015

    “Stop being Hypocrite”

    “Deep inside we know each other and we know what we talk in our small private circles.ንነብስና ነተዐሻሹ ከም ዘሎና ዘንጊዕና ኣሎና።”

    So, wrote Teclay. It is what they say as ‘telling it the way it is’. No mincing of words; no skirting around; and no sparing of any punches. Eritreans would be better off being brave and swallow the bitter pills of recent history and forge their way to the betterment of their future Life. Denying and insulting others for expressing their genuine suggestions would NEVER add an iota of advancement to the salvation of Eritrea.
    As it is, the future of Eritrea is dangerously proceeding to be outside the control of its people. And that would be the classical TRAGEDY.

  • Miamber Rubay April 4, 2015

    Its very sad to see this Destruction!Lets wait to a bright time where we kan revise our history.