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Assenna!! Eritrean Athlete Ghirmay Ghebreslassie won the men’s 2016 New York City Marathon.

Review overview
  • Sened November 6, 2016

    you are like a light in a tunnel to the poor, oppressed and devastated Eritrea. Seeing the fruits of Ghedli, the death and destruction to young Eritreans in the land, desert and the sea, the Eritrean Gedli was not kind to young Eritreans.

    My hats off to young people like Girmay Gebeselassie, Zeresenay Tadese and to our brother and sister Ethiopian brave runners. Despite all the odds, you are brave like your heroic Habesha-Agazian ancestors who were always proud of their history, identity and languages.

    Good to see a man smiling while running and walking proudly in New York, the Center of the World, waving his flag.

    • Asmerom November 7, 2016

      Why are going so soft and what do you call this so much bending, praising and my hats off crap? What happened to the tough uncompromising debater/commentator of HazHaz, Kombishitato, Franco, the old real Habesha-Agazian?
      Stay focused and principled as before without compromising your stance or principles. I never take my hats off to any opportunists but I believe this Ghirmay guy must have been highly trained and groomed in Ethiopia for stardom. God bless the pure people of Agazi.

  • Teclay November 7, 2016

    Congratulation Ghirmay G/Slassie! and thank you very much.
    You are brave just like your older Habesha brother Haile G/Slassie =ውረስ ተወራረስ ትብሃል ድማ እዚኣ እያ ። እንበር ብፍላጥ ይኹን ብዘይፍላጥ ን ሱዑድያን ግብጽን ተዓሲብካ ሓውኻ-ኣካልካ ምቕትል ኣይኮነን።
    All of us are beneficiaries form Ghirmay’s sports victory…Among many benefits to mention two;
    1, We had been tired of bad news and humiliation.We need desperately a good news.
    2, He encouraged us to start jogging.Yes,if Ghirrmay,one of us ,can run 42km and bit everyone ,i think every one of us can run at least 3 or 5 km…So , fellow the footstep of Ghirmay and start jogging = it is good for your health.
    May God! !Haile G/Slassie (Habesha ) ⇒ Ghirmay G/Slassie (Habesha)

    • Selam November 7, 2016

      Excellent well said Mr Teclay
      Your kind and timely advise is very much appreciated and valued highly dear brother.
      However, after being so unfit due to frustration of the awful situation of Eritrea and also lack of
      activities (not being involved in dancing Emur Higdef Guayilas for a long time), we are unfortunately just resigned to admire and support our next hopes the youth generation.
      You’ve also put it beautifully the connection resemblance the all peaceful, God fearing people of Habesha Ethiopia & Eritrea have in common and in union like the names of Haile G/slassie and Ghirmay G/slassie. Once the evils monsters higdefs and their korakur foreign mercenaries are defeated and got rid off the whole people of Habesha Agazi would live in peace and harmony with care and love for many years to come.

    • k.tewolde November 8, 2016

      It sounds like the homecoming and resurrection of Emperor Haile Selassie.Any thing is possible in that part of the world.What if this marathon was won by an Eritrean named Ahmedin Osman? How would you trace his ancestry.If you live in the west,use the opportunity, get some education.Marathon has been around for years and was won by different creed and nationalities and has never been politicized sleazily like this.Don’t waste your time,go to school,it does the body and mind good.

    • meg November 9, 2016

      tecklay let me said again as my brothers and sisters said always in case you forgot Eritrea is a country located across the red sea. Gain its independent from Ethiopia in 1991.

  • Teclay November 7, 2016

    Thank you sister Selam the saying “ሽም ይመርሕ፣ጥዋፍ የብርህ።”
    ” the whole people of Habesha Agazi would live in peace and harmony with care and love for many years to come ” …….Yes, it seems that the union of brothers and sisters to be implemented in the next few years. …We are not going to do referendum or something .It will be simply a rush unification ,just like the wise east and west Germany ppl did .

    • massawa November 9, 2016

      teclay, dream on

  • massawa November 9, 2016

    teclay, what is your relation with isayas?

  • meg November 9, 2016

    tecklay give it a rest Eritrea is a country.!, after we remove your serial killer cousin we will build our country. God bless Our country.

  • Gura November 9, 2016

    እንኳዕ ኣብ ኤርትራ እተፈጥረት፥ ናይ ክራይ መንነት ዘይኮነት ሰንደቕ፥ ኣብ ከተማ ኒውዮርክ በልበል ኣበልካያ።
    እንኳዕ ብታሪኽ ኣቦታትካ፣ ዓባያትካ፣ ቋንቋኻ መንነትካ ትሕበን ኣግኣዝያዊ ኣፍሪካዊ ኴንካ።
    ከመኻስ ይብዝሑ ይባረኹ።

  • ghebrekristos November 9, 2016

    Eritrea is not just Agazian. Eritrea is composed of many nations. Why don’t we all eEritreans be proud of our brother/son ghermai. The word agazian is brand new representing Tigray Tigrinia. This is not inclusive word for All Eritreans. I think this idea is a very divisive and a new strategy towards annexation with Ethiopia. Another shameless slave mentality. Any way good luck Agazians and your dreams!