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Review overview
  • Temesgen September 21, 2018

    At a time when DIA & his cronies are running of tricks and have their back against the wall, they are engaged in instilling unfounded fear in the army. But this is not something new. Using fear mongering such as anarchy, civil war, economic collapse and strife as a tactic to discourage the army is futile and desperate attempt that won’t sit well with the ordinary patriotic soldiers. I urge the ordinary patriotic soldiers in the EDF to remove DIA & his boot licking Generals by all means.. Our success to topple this regime depends on crossing of the fear barrier by the whole people of Eritrea. Let us turn up the political heat until it becomes a Tsunami!!

    • Genet Original September 22, 2018

      Is this your post Temesgen?
      SEPTEMBER 21, 2018
      You can’t even spell ‘Asmera’ correctly! You seem to be stuck in the 1950s, it is simply a lot better to have black African brothers and sisters of Amhara/Oromo than your 1950s where ‘Asmera’ was full of foreign Italians and Arabs abusing and using our people as servants and as second class citizens, do you see the differences? Wake up and smell the Oromo coffee!

    • Natu September 24, 2018


      we have protested the DIA.regime we have written a lot since its establishment. BUT we can still not present a usable or implementable concept how we can realisticaly get rif of this Idiots leading our fatherland miserably. So the question still is HOW ????

      Note ! The CIA doesn’t want an opposition group any more (Herman Cohen in unmisunderstandably way ) DIA seems to serve the West very well,but not his own people !

      NO concept, NO solution !

  • Temesgen September 22, 2018

    “”Genet Original” , to begin with none of my post contains the word Asmara. If your motive is to distract fellow Eritrean from reading the message, you are day dreaming. For the sake of decency, I don’t want to be nasty even towards an Agame stooge like you.. Least but not last, the message is meant to hurt a nerve cord of regime sympathizers in general and Agame cronies of DIA, who suffer from. Identity crisis and inferiority complex in particular .

    • Genet Original September 22, 2018

      oh!! Temesgen, You did write it.
      1. your attempt of pretending to be an Eritrean justice seeker is just failed miserably.
      2. your post exposed you that you don’t believe in an Eritrean SOVERIGNITY!!!!
      3. you are part of the new waves of DIA cyber stooge 03!!!!!!
      4. you are so desperate to distract, even you want a woman to do your job.