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Arrest made over the death of Dresden asylum seeker – “The 26-year-old suspect is also thought to be from Eritrea”

"The 26-year-old suspect is also thought to be from Eritrea, quelling rumors that the murder was a hate crime" About a week after an Eritrean refugee was found dead in his apartment, an arrest warrant has

“The 26-year-old suspect is also thought to be from Eritrea, quelling rumors that the murder was a hate crime”

About a week after an Eritrean refugee was found dead in his apartment, an arrest warrant has been issued for his roommate. The incident has raised questions over the safety of asylum seekers in Germany.

The Dresden district attorney’s office confirmed on Thursday that an arrest warrant for manslaughter had been issued in the case of an asylum seeker who was found dead a little over a week ago. The accused killer had been remanded into custody as a result of DNA evidence found on the murder weapon.

The suspect was a housemate of Khaled B., the 20-year old from Eritrea who was discovered dead in his high-rise in Dresden’s Leubnitz-Neuostra district where he lived with other asylum seekers. The police originally issued a report saying there was no evidence of foul play, but reversed this statement when a coroner’s report listed multiple stab wounds to the neck and chest.

The 26-year-old suspect is also thought to be from Eritrea, quelling rumors that the murder was a hate crime, which had been circulating since swastika graffiti was found in the staircase near Khaled’s apartment. The accused has allegedly confessed while in custody and given his motive as a fight over household concerns that turned violent.

Khaled’s death spurred an outcry over the treatment of asylum seekers, particularly as it occurred in the same city where weekly anti-Islamization marches by the PEDIGA protest group take place. Although the group denies being xenophobic, they are often criticized for stirring up anti-foreigner sentiment.

Thousands had gathered on Saturday for a memorial following his passing to pay their respects to the late Khaled, carrying signs that say “Ich bin Khaled” or “I am Khaled” and lighting candles.

es/msh (AFP, dpa)

Editor’s note: Deutsche Welle is bound by German law and the German press code, which stresses the importance of protecting the privacy of suspected criminals or victims and obliges us to refrain from revealing full names in such cases.

Source: Deutsche Welle

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  • fact-is-fact January 24, 2015

    Read your response, @ “Wadbahar on January 23, 2015 at 11:50 pm said:”

    First off, brother, thank you for being civil when expressing your opinions.

    Second, you were very generous in your comments 🙂 Yet you didn’t drift off from the seriousness of the discussion here. Neither Ahmed nor I are discarding the most probable cause of death of this poor young brother as you stated. However, We simply added the other troublesome phenomenon that is also consuming our many immigrant youth the dangerous behaviour that they learned from PFDJ resorting to KILL when in disagreement & this phenomenon was absent in the psychic of our people before 1991. How often our people as individuals resorted to kill or taught us or entertained the idea to kill?

    Sadly, the death of Kahled is only another bricks of loss to what has been happening to Eritrea & Eritreans. The fact of the matter is that we all are RESPONSIBLE in the states of affair that Eritrea is now in. Only those oblivion denies it!

    let me add this to those other comments that surfaced–

    Those who pint fingers at the ‘liberators’ simply are NOT looking themselves in the mirror. The visible/invisible contributions made by Eritreans help PFDJ in seeding its root in Eritrea since that May 24, 1991 itself sums it up! Every Eritreans from diaspora rushed to Eritrea as though there was gold rush, everyone (with thick pocket) in particular those whose ‘liberators’ brothers/sisters had the higher authority/positions rushed to create an Eritrea for the elites.

    what surprised me most was this: how EPLF leaders (perhaps Isaias) were so visionaries and prepared to even directing their abroad based cadres to study how small businesses (such as Mortgage, (remember Sembel HP? the Eri Gold rushers from the West & Arab worlds)even how 7-eleven, Gas stations, work… etc 😉 functions in the West & how the corporations work & exploit the citizens of the West. And immediately, after independence, life in Asmara in particular became so expensive as you all heard what Sebhat Efrem said in order to evict Asmarinos so PFDJ with its few & its diaspora collaborators (with money) was planning to erect an Asmara for the elites.

    Everything the cadres that studied it in the West that functioned for the West citizens in proportion with the money they earn (at least) was implemented in Poor Eritrea for our people. The prices of items in Asmara were tagged in the literally equivalent price, they only knew & determined the valuation of dollar in exchaning it with naqfa & the fluctuation was at their mercy… No wonder PFDJ refused to let Credit Card companies set foot in Eritrea back then as EPLF has perfected theft in the field, and thanks to its Eritreans diaspora cadres for doing their job to figure out all the exploitation and PFDJ being the master of theft, it never allows & likes others to con it! The end result would be — Mr. Desu — PFDJ is so patienyt in the kill too! a master of theft & kill!

    For me the ‘liberators’ leaders did their utmost study, thinking (to achieve their own mission, cause) with their own future Eritrea Blueprint, Benchmark. And they have achieved it.

    so what we have lost is not just a legacy that cost so many of our people’s lives, the A’detat, the uprooted populace, and what not…BUT also the virginity of our HONESTY, the soul of our soceity’s ‘consciousness of rules -Higi endaba being it, and the STOICness (fear of God being it!

    Today, whether we are killed, raped, dehumanized by Germans, Arabs, and who not… it is the result of our collective failure to always not understanding the fabric of society. society (even individuals) cannot be gelled by -Tiqmey Tiqmeka –craving in being seb Ewan- , if we had instead thought of our own society that is led by institutions that keep it move with rules, principles, convictions and with fearing a higher power (that our people used to long ago) the way our society brought us up before 1991 with those principles as ex. not stealing, killing….what not .. whether you, my fellow human kind called Eritreans, held them close to your heart & conscience was an inquisition to yourselves -ask yourselves!

    We (Africans) HAD to flee before leaving our society, culture, meaningful life of family & life in itself for the reasons that our youth are now fleeing. Our soul in sedet swinging like a pendulum no matter how our individual hard work awarded us success. And only those of us in blessed U.S.A can boldly say U.S.A not only granted us home but also made us taste uninhibited individual freedom.

    YET, countless diaspora Eritreans do not even grasp what U.S.A has given us –if we HAD UNDERSTOOD it, we would have voiced concerns, objections when PFDJ began it all in very early 90s’ … remember one very sensitive case when men tegadeltis divorced their wives and sought out the city girls with the city girls all excited to wed their Gedli heroes.. YET, our society didn’t like it as it was purely against the fabric of our society, and not just that it was purely what YG calls it an alien culture, BUT ALSO it was pure manipulation, prey of the innocent who had NO institution that protect them. Literally, the people of Eritrea were introduced to the immoral values of humanity & Eritreans’ women from Asmara to GeTeratt psychic & value on dignity sums it all up!

    And the other one was how our tegadelti sisters were made disposable and those who had no education or well to do relative set out to the Arab world to even sell their own body. PFDJ didn’t even let them be free in the SArab world, they were at its mercy! Yet, Eritreans diaspora looked the other way!

    so our 20+ years failure (at least) in creating institutions (here abroad) that could weaken the PFDJ Institutions with powerful dissemination of propaganda itself (at least) was one. Individuals like, have done exceptional job, but nothing like a massive, collective that embraces the majority diaspora. Truthfully, we all are so selfish & imprisoned with our comfort of life. you & I know it so why pointing fingers at those who set out from the onset to do what they now are doing! The man at the helm simply outsmarted his buddies. Petros Solomon before he was hushed away said it frankly!

    Not knowing our individual capacity, the limited individual human capacity that we each possess is our failure to work together. Narcissm is deep in us, just like PFDJ!

    • Wintana N. January 24, 2015

      You write and say so much and so long just to mean so little. Where is your fact-is-fact theory please?
      In future please make your writing shorter and straight to the point you want to make without too much inkilil.

      • AHMED SALEH January 25, 2015

        Sorry guys your color of eyes differ not to
        trust you as you told us before .

  • united Eritrean January 25, 2015

    It is sad the young guy died by this way. Fact is fact your viewpoint is a comment or article?

  • Dala Ksha January 25, 2015

    I don’t believe he is murdered by Eritrean Refugee,please more investigation has to be done WE don’t have to jump into conclusion,they can frame easily to the poor Eritrean Refugees.There is no private investigation in this case,every thing looks fishy in this case.

  • fact-is-fact January 25, 2015

    affirmatively long.. I didn’t even realize I typed that much until I clicked ‘post comment’. Point well taken at the length of it & apologize for that! you are always welcome to delete my comments (and even this one) if long, unfit or what not. No hard feelings from my end at all.

    the same goes for you. as for its substance.. let me just tie it with the adage .. “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!”. Besides, no one is twisting your arm to read short/long, don’t you think!? so up to you to read or not.

  • selamawit2 January 26, 2015

    After he and his clique were exposed as individuals filled with hate against the Eritrean people

    Teclay on July 23, 2014 at 5:02 am said:
    “…i will not comment on your website at least for one year“

    Further Teclay on July 24, 2014 at 8:52 am said:

    „…I am a man of principle.I am going to learn in other website from philosophers.“

    LOL – man of principle.