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  • Fanco December 4, 2017

    Another very sad story of carnage and suffering that many black Africans and Eritreans are facing in the Arab world. Will the Arab and Islamic world speak up and cry about the slavery of these poor Africans in the Arabic world, or will they try to cover up and deny the carnage taking place in their own lands?

    • amanuel December 4, 2017

      It seems that we willingly refuse to learn. Libyans consider black moslim in southern libya and tuaregs as slaves and usually attack them and kill them. Those who were living in misrata were living in a camp under protection when gadafi was topled. Try to read the story of ethiopian muslim sold three times as a slave untill he became so bony that no one would buy him on market. Those who call themselves arabs should leave africa and go back to their cursed land. It is shame to see africans being sold as slaves in africa by arabs who are nothing but corrupt terrorists on this planet.