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AND NOW, ACTION TO SWIFTLY END THE ERITREAN NIGHTMARE Action Plan to Conduct Eritrean Local Assembly Elections (Summary Document) By Our Voice

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Review overview
  • robi September 14, 2015


    Your topic and our voice topic completely different, you should learn English before you type on it.kemey hadirkum elomoms, Entatie nzerie alena elom melisomulom kemzi kemaka.hahahaha

  • A H September 14, 2015

    ዝኸበርካ ሓው ፍጹም፡
    ድምጽና ውክልና ዓዲሎም እንተኾኑ ክፈልጥ ምደለኹ፡ ካብ ውክልና’ውን ቀጥታ ሓፈሻዊ መልሲ ንርእይቶታት ተዝህቡስ ጥዕና ዘለዎ ምኾነ በሃላይ እየ። ጽባሕ ብዘይ ወግዓዊ ውክልና ዝወሃብ መልሲ ተሓተቲ ክኾኑ ብሕጊ ኣይግባእን፡፡
    ብዝተረፈ ክሳብ ትማሊ ዘውጽእዎ መግለጽታት ብወገነይ ቅቡል’ዩ፡ ናይሎሚ ግን፡ ፈለማ ከንብባሞ ርእይቶይ ከበርክት፡ ንርእይቶይ መልሲ ግን በዓልቤት ድኣምበር ጎረቤት ወይ ተመሰሳሊ ክምልሰለይ ኣይምመረጽኩን በሃላይ’የ፡ ምንትምንታይሲ፡ ንሕናዶ ቃል ወይ መልሲ ሂብና ኢና ውን ኣሎ።
    የቐንየለይ Brother Futsum

    • fetsum abraham September 14, 2015

      Dear A.H;
      I am having the same problem like u with OUR VOICE and remember that i am commenting here just like any other eritrean outside the group not as their member. But I have not seen anything suspecious in their activities so far for me to not help out the idea they brought to the table. I just don’t have an answer for this and cannot tell u what to do except to concentrate on the idea for now.

    • ድሓን ኪዲ ኤርትራ September 14, 2015


      ገለ ውልቀሰባት ካብቲ ጳጳስ ንላዕሊ ኮተሊኽ ናይ ሙዃን ድሌት ኣለዎም።

  • Dawit September 14, 2015

    Let’s to do it

  • Weldegeorgis September 14, 2015

    Dear writers of Our Voice,

    Your theoretical analysis of our Eritrean situation and all the obstacles we are facing s very nice and acceptable.
    Your idea for the plan action is also very nice and I think well studied, if all concerned understand it and earnestly use it but not forgetting that theory and practice are not identical. So to beginn a practical action we need to plan carefully and look forward for possible obstacles from within and from outside. Friends in words cannot always be friends in action. Those who are earnest for the cause of the nation and the People must unite as first and foremost because they are those who enlighten the masses of the people and are the model of selflessness and ready to sacrifice everything for the best interest of the nation and its peoples and make history for next generations. So those who are earnest, selfless and wise, unite to save the nation and the peoples of Eritrea.
    Old politics and mentality must be changed and renewed, as the writers mentioned it. Those individuals or groups who think they are the decision makers must be warned. They should join the peoples, and must lead the movement if they have the capacity to a direction where power to the people can be real. Eritrean does want power mongers and boasters.
    One thing I may not agree with the writers of Our Voice is that they equated the ELF and the EPLF as similar both known for their brutal treachery. But both were totally different. Though it is historical fact and is the task of history writers to put them objectively with all details and scientific, I have to say what I know. Both organizations were totally different.

    thank you

    • k.tewolde September 14, 2015

      Smart Weldu, I like your analysis and objectivity. Let us not carpet bomb our history as all is old and negative , after all we evolved from it, the two fronts that define our armed struggle, even though they were composed of the same base , they were uniquely different in their inherent character.That said, let’s learn from our past mistakes, and rally behind this noble cause and resurrect the Eritrean identity and pride.

  • saving young eritreans September 14, 2015

    ዝኸበርኩም Our Voice,
    እዚ ዝዘርዘርኩሞ ኣገባብን ሜላን ዲሞክራስያዊ ኣካይዳ ብሓቂ ኣብ ኡጋንዳን ኣብ ኬንያን እንተዘይኮይኑ ኣብ ቀርኒ ኣፍሪቃ እኳ ርእየዮ ኣይፈልጥን።ግን ንቕሓት ዘይብሉ ሃገራውነት ከም ዘቃትል እውን ኣብ ኬንያ ርኢናዮ።ምኽንያቱ እቲ መሳርሒ ከምዚ ዝሓንጸጽኩሞ እንከሎ ግን ዋላ እቲ ዝተማህረ ኬንያዊ ይኹን ኡጋንዳዊ እውን ብመስርዕ ቀቢላኡ ስለ ዝመርጽ እቲ ዲሞክራሲ ኣብ ክንዲ ህያብ ፍትሒ፣ ናብ ዝገደደ ምቅታልን ምትፍናንን ዕልዋ መንግስትን ኣድሂቡ።ኣብ ኤርትራና ብሃይማኖት ሰማይን ምድርን ተራሓሒቕና ከም ዘለና ናይ ኣደባባይ ምስጢር እዩ።እቲ ኣውራጃነት እውን ኣብቲ ምሁር ኣካል ይፍዕንን።ስለዚ ምዝዋር ማኪና ስለ ዝኽኣልካ ካብ ኣስመራ ንሳሕል ብሰላም ትኣቱ ኢኻ ማለት ኣይኮነን።ምኽንያቱ ኣብቲ ክትበልዓሉን ክትሰትየሉን ትወርድ ቦታታት ብዙሕ ታኼላታት ኣሎ።
    ንቕሓትና ኣብ ሃይማኖታውን ብሄርን ቀቢላውን እንከሎ፣ ከይነቓሕና ምውዳብን ምዕጣቕን ነቲ ሓዊ በንዚና ምውሳኽ ክከውን ይኽእል፡መጀመርያ ክመጽእ ዘለዎ ንቕሓት እዩ።
    ስለዚ ምሁራት ኣሕዋትና፣ እቲ ዝፈላልየና ኩነታትና ኣብ ቅሉዕ ኣውጺእኩም ቀጥታን ክ ዉንን መፍትሒ እንተትምህሩና እቲ ምርጫስ ካብ ባይቶታት ኣቦታትና ምተምሃርናዮ፣ናታትኩም እውን ምተወሰኾ።እንተዘይኮይኑ፣ ናይ ኤርትራ ጸገም ናይ ዲሞክራስን ምርጫን ዘይኮነ ናይ ሕሉፍ ሃይማኖታውን ቀቢላውን ድጉል ሕማማትን ቀሊል ዝመስል ሕጂ ናብ ክቱር ጽልኢ ዝተቐየረ ኣውራጃነትን እዩ።ሕማማትና ምሕዋይ ከየርኣኹምና፣እቲ ምስ ሓውና ንቕመጠሉ ቪላ ምምይያጥ ናይ ሕልሚ እንጀራ ኮይኑ እዩ ዝተርፍ።

    ምስ ኩሉ ከበሬታ

  • based on sand September 14, 2015

    I am happy for our intellectuals.

  • Afeworki September 14, 2015

    Dear Our Voice,
    They say a job well started is a job half done and I must admit your beginning is quite impressive and encouraging indeed. As your task is like a long marathon race I very much hope you have the required staminia and commitment to last and to get your kudus Elima and job to the finishing line. I would also like to nominate Mr Fetsum Abraham and Memhir Amanuel Sahle to serve in your brilliant committe. Best wishes and God bless you all.