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An Eritrean diplomat Mr. Abdu Osman Humadin has defected to the United Kingdom.

Mr. Abdu Osman Humadin, an Eritrean diplomat who worked in the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Eritrea has defected to the United Kingdom. There are also rumours that at least two other stuff

Mr. Abdu Osman Humadin, an Eritrean diplomat who worked in the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Eritrea has defected to the United Kingdom.

There are also rumours that at least two other stuff members of the Ministry are missing since last October. So far, we are able to confirm the name and post of Mr. Abdu Osman Humadin through our multiple sources who knew him in Libya and Cairo. sources said that he was one of the qualified, multilingual and dynamic members of the department of Desks (political affairs department). According to the information, he escaped to Sudan and from there made his way to the United Kingdom, in November 2013.

Mr. Abdu Osman Humadin was travelling frequently to the North and East African countries as part of the Ministry’s delegation and was an expert on the Middle East and African Affairs. He was also in charge of CEN-SAD dossier.

One of our sources who defected from the same ministry before him said that Mr Abdu joined the Ministry in 2003 as a ‘National service’. He also revealed that he was almost frozen after the Forto incident.

The sources said that the PFDJ ambassador in the UK, Tesfamichael Gerahtu (Wedi Gerahtu) and his collaborators have contacted some individuals in the Eritrean community requesting his address and telephone number in an attempt to blackmail him from speaking out openly against the regime’s policies.

Some indicated that he had good relations with Ambassador Osman Jeme and others who are being detained in Hegdef’s prison without any judicial process after the Forto Incident of 21/01/2013.

Although there are reports that many mid-level government officials have fled the country after the ‘Forto Movement’ for fear of the regime’s reprisal and harassment, this is the first confirmed defection of a diplomat from the PFDJ after the Forto incident and Lampadusa tragedy.

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  • mekele March 3, 2014

    I can only tell him Kedda!!!!!!!!!
    qidmeu ewin Hizbi eritra bebuzuhat tekhedeu eyu!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awet issu gin nay gidin iyu.

    • Michael mebrahtu March 3, 2014

      Kedae is one like you who do not feel his brothers bitter life you are idea my Iseyas

    • Michael mebrahtu March 3, 2014

      You are kedami Iseyas

    • Suleiman Salim March 3, 2014

      ኣንታ በዓል ከዳዕ
      ጸረ-ሓፋሽ መንዳዕ
      ኣብ ርእስኹም እዩ ዝምልኦ
      እቲ ሰውራዊ ስላዕ።

    • Eritreawit March 4, 2014


      Is it official now that you DEMHITS coming out with your real name, no more asmara 1,2,3, Abdi, Nakfa e.t.c, “Kedda” is you who is by the side of a worest Dictator in the history.

  • Adal March 3, 2014

    Mistir zifelit tirah iyyu nabti kunuu mengedi kalsi kimerhakka zikiil silezi kikales iyye metzie nizibelekka eta kedameyti kabu tikesba zelaika bkemey kemziserih nimiflat yihigizekka, ineho mengedi indabelekka mintzag gin dinkurinna iyyu geben zifetzeme mealtu allowo zifiredellu kissab shuu gin zitekmekka miwsad adlayi iyyu.

  • Hamid-awate March 3, 2014

    personally, I really appreciate him. Because he helped me get a well paid job in some important non-political institution.

    congratulations and welcome to freedom from servitude.

    I met him in Uganda in 2009 and we had good tea time and I got an opportunity to discuss some national issues with him. the conclusion of his talk was that better to influence them positively from within.

    • Genet-orginal March 3, 2014

      So, he could not influence them positively from within; he has no choice, but to dump the lunatic dictator and his supporters. Well done Mr! I am sure you tried your best. Now, take time off to recover and we like to hear from you. Saving yourself is only the beginning of the fight for our freedom. You are one of those Eritrean who can make a big difference in the fight to save our people from the lunatic dictator.

    • Genet-orginal March 3, 2014

      Well, you said, “I really appreciate him. Because he helped me get a well paid job…” Were you a well qualified man or woman for the job you are talking about?

      • Suleiman Salim March 3, 2014


        You are the only qualified woman on this earth to do any kind of job. If you run for office I will certainly take you into consideration.

        • Genet-orginal March 4, 2014

          Suleiman Salim,
          For crying out loud! You need some reality checking to do in your life.
          I never said I am the only qualified woman. If I did, you would have seen me supporting your boss, the lunatic dictator. Your boss the dictator is the one who has been telling you, he is the only qualified man on this earth to do any kind of job. If that was possible, for someone to be the “only qualified man/woman to do any kind of job in this earth”, we could have seen our country Eritrea a prosperous one in the world. Instade, our country is on the bottom of any country in this world. Her people dying in sea, in the desert or kept inhumanly in shipping containers by the dictator. Because you, Sulemiman Salim are a dictator worshiping, cult member, cognitively impaired and intellectually bankrupt thing, you are still defending the undefendable lunatic dictator. You said, “..I will certainly take you into consideraiton” Don’t be an arrogant man/woman. No body is considering you to do any thing right, until you come to your sense and see clearly what the dictator is doing to your country and people. How about you consideraing to wake up from your zombie’s seep. Think about it.

      • Bloko March 3, 2014

        Genet adia,
        Bsebesebyu zkewn ember ab Adna dea seb abey mstemahre qualified kiKewn elkyo eki

  • azmera March 3, 2014

    He was a good and a humble man working with a dictator without his personal will. he was morally in bad situation.I am in Uk like him, I was working with him in the same ministry. he was a trusted guy but was rational not illogically defending for the dictator’s policies.

  • Suleiman Salim March 3, 2014

    እዚ ራሕሪሑ ትብልዎ ዘለኹም ሰብኣይ ዓዲ እንግሊዝ ክኣቱ ደልዩ እታ ምንዮቱ ድማ ዝተፈላለየ ምኽንያታት ምሂዙ ኣብ ግበሪ ኣውዒልዋ። ዓዲ እንግሊዝ ብዘይካ ጉድለት መልክዕ ደቂ ኣንስትዮ እንግሊዝ ገዲፍካ ደሓን ዓዲ እዩ።

    • mekhete March 3, 2014

      suleiman you are nasty shabia. belittling people is the character of shabia. Asylum for a diplomat is the lowest thing to get. don’t think of trivial things!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Suleiman Salim March 3, 2014

        Trivial things? ha ha ha!

  • Aman March 3, 2014

    It is better late than none. I think all the students of University of Asmara including the DUMMIES know what would the future be for Eritrea with PFDJ and his leader. I do not blame those who are in Asmara/Eritrea but there are few who are already serving the devil in forgein countries. I do not see any excuse except for their own stupidity!!! I think many of you know who I am talking about?

  • natsinet March 3, 2014

    there some asmara university students who are serving the dictator in some embassies. what I can say about them is use your sense to take the right decision like this guy. I am your class mate(to those working in pfdj embassies).

    Don’t waste your time and help the dictator prolong the suffering of the people.

  • Tamrat Tamra March 3, 2014

    Imagine one day we wake up and find out that it was wrong to leave our land no matter.

    This idea came to my mind why an indian must leave his land after more than 1 billion indians of his people exploite the land to the maximum and one eritrea a stone throw away from Red Sea leaving his land for good. By any means these two persons can not leave their lands for the same reason. Can they?

  • aus 17 March 3, 2014

    I am no longer impressed by those who fleeing day and night searching for freedom other than in Eritrea. I’m proud to leave Eritrea when the enemy was at his peak (Ethipia),at least leaving Eritrea in good hands, whereas now the home grown monster chasing youths for fleeing is just shame over the shame. Very hard to find peace with your mind. How can one motivate this? Fleeing in doves, population over populations a country that produces more than its quotas of refugees in the world, a leader bent to be a sold out logo-soldier to carry out any mission against any country in the world. Eritrea is on sale, on market..obsolet, depreciated. The price hardly guessed 30 years ago, when Eritrea was diamond, guld, silver.. today on sale–auction for food.

  • Suleiman Salim March 3, 2014


    Th defence and the re-construction of Eritrea is the responsibility of every citizen of the country. There are people who find it difficult to shoulder those responsibilities and elect to leave the country. So, we can not say the government is chasing the youth.

    I know I am talking to a coward like you. The FATNAS and the AKHBERETS of Eritrea are more courageous than you.

    • Genet-orginal March 4, 2014

      Seeping Zombie!

    • Genet-orginal March 4, 2014

      Read it as sleeping zombie!