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Review overview
  • mohamedadem November 1, 2011

    I am enjoying to listen asena

  • natnael November 1, 2011

    tsubuk medeb assena

  • natnael November 1, 2011

    tsubuk medeb assena wey egziabiher

  • mohamed adem November 1, 2011

    Very sad to hear that news about our beloved brothers and sisters
    How can we support for eritrean government?They are careless
    one day will get their hands
    Good Job Aman
    always asena

    • w.brhane November 8, 2011

      this problem is not from eritrean goverment. the problem is from the people who are going to sina. why they are going to the hell/ sina/ why they are gambling their life? by the way this problem is brought by ourself eritrean goverment is very nice goverment he built his country for the better future I AM VERY PROUD ABOUT ERITREAN GOVERMENT .

  • brhane woldu November 1, 2011

    “even this will pass by” was a grim reminder of the agony then went pass after leaving a pfdj’s holehell home!!! what a tragedy!!

  • abeselom November 2, 2011

    you are doing good Job ammanuel.

  • John November 3, 2011

    AMA miszi chekan gebati sireat entenikales nerna kabzi nikeflo zelona waga nilaeli entay kon mikefelna nerna. Zehzineni neger gin we are paying worthless death. What is shame dying for democracy, what is shame dying for your own ppl, what is shame dying for the sole change, and what is shame dying for worthy and historic death if we take death risks!!!

  • Seferaw Baynor November 3, 2011

    We are loosing our brightest youngsters in Sinai, Mediterranean Sea, across the border with Ethiopia and the Sudan.Some one has to take responsibility. The Dictator and his disciples are responsible and will face justice sooner or latter.

  • Nathan November 7, 2011

    The only solution is in God’s hand. As I understand we, as the Eritrean youth, have to pray for our brothers and sisters everywhere especially for those facing great troubles. God really does care but we need to ask Him earnestly. May God have mercy on us. Amen.