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A Worldwide Project for Coordinated Mass Action !

You want to act? You want us all to unite in action to create a big wave that will drown the dictator and his regime? You have been awaiting this grand moment of ours for

You want to act? You want us all to unite in action to create a big wave that will drown the dictator and his regime? You have been awaiting this grand moment of ours for years…? 

You don’t want to stand by and watch anymore how entire generations of Eritreans live in fear and are being enslaved for the power of a few. How young men, mothers and their children are drowning in horror in the sea.

You don’t want to stand by and watch anymore how our heroes and fellow countrymen are brutally buried alive in prison?

And how our brothers are cut open while still breathing, so their organs can generate cash for a mafia government?

You want to channel you rage, your sadness, and shock into action? You want to use your ideas, talents, and hope to fight for an Eritrea that is respectful to human lives, the way our different cultures teach us?

Now you can. Now we will! We will cry out – so loud that nobody can close their ears to the suffering of our people. We will roll until all injustice and inhumanity in our country is wiped out! We will roll in our tens and hundreds thousands…

A project owned by all of us. United in action for change and freedom, rights and justice for our people

A project depending on the input of every single one of us

A New Project of Coordinated Global Mass Action is coming soon…!

Once and for all: Let’s do it – every single one of us: Spread the word, get ready inside and outside of Eritrea to sign up on the 6th of December……. Eritreans and Friends of Eritrea in the US, in Canada and Europe, in Sudan, Libya and Egypt…- Our brothers and sisters, in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, and Saudi Arabia,….in Israel, Australia, South America, and India…- Eritreans in South Africa, Angola, and East Asia….our brothers, children, and parents inside Eritrea! Spread the word, sign up, and start acting on the 6th. And do not stop.

Let’s break the chains, let’s bring our dignity and freedom back.

 Let’s fulfil the promise of our Martyrs.

 Let’s see hope and happiness again in the faces of our beautiful people!

Let’s enjoy our country and our lives again. Let’s build an exciting future for all of us.

The Eritrean Spring, our 2nd Revolution, has just begun!

Yes we can! Let’s do it!

Review overview
  • haile duru November 20, 2011

    i remember when my father was in the in Gedli i was a little kid and some individuals they were calling us sons of WONBODYE, to our mothers WONBODEYE’S wife, to our grandmathers mother of WONBEDYE. but what is amazing me is that those individuals again they get on opportunity to say AGAME, WEYANE for the those who fought more than 10 times to death for our freedom.

    • Abdi November 20, 2011

      You are not haile durU,can you tell us why you chose it be your nick name?you Agames became easily detected for your cheap acts and the use of username”none eritreans always choose Eritrean cities,or locations as nick names and you idiot choosing haile duru as nick name doesn’t make any different from ur agame agents,ya qomal.

      • Huluf November 20, 2011

        Abdi Ibud,
        You have no morale authority to ask that question, that is how deceitful you even to yourself. You could care less of Haile Durue who is turning blind because of his diabetics. Do you know the least DIA could do Durue ya Ibud is give him that respect they spent time in Leul Mekonen high school together….To DIA people are disposable….to you power is respect to some of us people are power.
        Ya Ibud stop being so deceitful and worse a liar that you are Abid the Ibud.

        • Abdi November 20, 2011

          please understand what Im saying before opening ur filthy mouth,i didn’t say nothing about duru my question was to the agame who nick named himself as duru,if you do care about duru and his name not to be spoiled,you should stop this idiot agame using it instead of putting things i haven’t said into my mouth.deddeb

          • Huluf November 22, 2011

            Abdi Ibud,
            I got under your skin finally. There is nothing that you say has any logic. The very fact you could mention the name of a hero is intself offensive. Here you are who would not stand for a hero that liberated your behind and you have forgotten and could. How dare you use the word morale from your scumb mouth and loathing sadistic mind.

          • awet November 24, 2011

            Abdi Ebud,

            Instead of trying to understand the point in question, why are you talking about some irrelevant topics. You are one of those stupid people who do not care about issues that matter to our people most. You better grow up and stand for the rights of your people.

      • Huluf November 22, 2011

        Abud Ibud – Comic Ali,

        I was trying to picture you how you would appear in person and put your argument.
        found your brother in delusion.

  • CRYFREEDOM November 20, 2011


  • Fanko November 20, 2011

    Yes, to mass action. No, to undemocratic forces.
    Look how the so called Addis-based “Commission” is practicing its drama. The Commission are hungry crying “enguy, enguy …” like a hyena. Just listen below the way Daniel Tewelde, now former elected member of the Commission, was treated. He was kicked out unceremounsly without a democratic process. This looks like Jebha’s 1974 “hagerawi gubaie” when its leadership selected the majority of the “hagerawi gubaie” from Kessela, Khartoum … ignoring the ELF tegadeltis in the field to avoid “highlanders from dominating”.
    One speaker remarked ” … it is only in dark place that injustice can be committed … what is happening is exactly the same that had happened to the Haile Dru’es and Sherifos in the G-15 … Amaha Domenico and the Commission are trying to take a decision outside of the democratic political process hidden in wushaTe …”
    Why is ato Amanuel Eyasu of Radio Assenna and his web site quite on this issue? Is not Amanuel Eyasu concerned about the democratic process?
    Ms. Elsa Chyrum starts at 41 minutes and ato Daniel Tewelde starts around 53 minutes in the youtube link below:

  • GOOD MAN November 21, 2011

    All of us are an opposition group, we are not going to allowed anyone to play in our head, time for playing cards are over. Regardless, of our differences we are united in our goal and our only target is to bring the brutal regime to his knee. Some of you sounded very concerned, about the unity of the opposition groups, and your language is very obvious you want to be a Catholic more than Pope. Since your agenda is very clear, so please don’t wast your time ,because it will be very hard to find an ear to respond to you.

    Viva commission in Addis and viva mass action. We are together for ever and our road map is the same one way ticket for the evil.

    • ahmed saleh November 21, 2011

      GOD BLESS, GOOD MAN, I like your courageous and positive attitude.

  • Barentu November 21, 2011

    I just watched most parts of this paltalk discussion. Shocked is not enough to describe it. I still can not understand why Amhazion Domenico, Beshir Isahaq and their gangs decided to remove Daniel Tewelde? Are these people really dreaming to replace the dictator in Asmara? Will Eritreans accept such twisted devils for the devil they know well?
    The only way out of this mess is to root out all the fossilized and old leaders everywhere. Their political views and maneuvers really stinks. Nothing good will come from these worthless groups.
    Do not be surprised if these liars say “the conference was the biggest success” because they are people born to lie through their teeth.
    Thanks for the link –
    Ms. Elsa Chyrum starts at 41 minutes and ato Daniel Tewelde starts around 53 minutes in the youtube link below:

    • Alem Habte Nega November 21, 2011

      Tseba site Barentu!

      i feel as if you were talking on my behalf they are really stinking. We shouldn’t waste our time for these stereotype bitter politicians. they don’t understand their old fashioned politics is out of store. We need to be very determined to tell them , we will not allow them for a second, to mess around. We are fighting for our eternal freedom not for fame and name. you can imaging! how they humilated Binyam before in 2010 and now followed Daniel. i can feel they are insecured and shaky, for their root cause is not the same like what we are looking for. they want to revenge upon our people i feel so. especially that Imaha Dominico, i feel he is some one evil. This is the right time We Unite and identify who is who and we should make sure Menesay Eritrea is the owner of the change! Smerrrrrrrrrrrrrr! ayzona!

    • Diana Gual Gejeret November 22, 2011

      Oh guys!
      Who the Fu.. is Daniel Tewelde? do you believe that Daniel is went to Ethioppia for the sake of Eritreans? Every one who is participating in the GUBAE OF KIHDET in addis abeba is for his own interest. Not for the Eritreans. The JIHADIST for their own religion, the AREGAWYAN of GEBHA for SHUMET, The movment of AFAR for their interest… all of them are for their own interest!! Do you think this kind of people with their hide agenda can succses the WAELA of KIHDET? In our histry (in eritrea) we never seen cat and rat eat or sleep together. This people are cat and rat!!
      We can witness what happened before the biggining of the GUBAE OF KIHDET. HAF KEIBELAS QUAQ ABELA KOINU NEGERU. The people of Eritrea inside and out side is waching your GREAT KIHDET. You people are SHYETI HAGER.

  • omer November 21, 2011

    Dear FANKO please get your facts right before you make any comments, there was no hagerwawi gubaie, 1974 . It would be better for all of us to high light on our common ground instead of our differences and direct our guns towards the enemy of the eritrean people, that the regime in Asmara.

    • ahmed saleh November 21, 2011

      Omer and other Brothers/Sisters
      Watch out, we have jewasis, karmatat and unidentified agents in this forum. Their core purpose is to mislead
      our innocent youth with their dangerous tactics to corrupt the forum. Don’t let them win on us with their hidden
      agenda to confuse, divide and then conquer plan. This untruthful suspicious person who post with different
      identities (names) got to be identified to stay alerted. I leave the judgement up to you all, use your intelligence
      to proof me that I’m wrong GOD forbid. Okay here is the hint:
      Fanko and barentu. a) all characters on the posting b) read and notice the last sentence of those two posts
      on the same page with two names but the same identical pattern, figure out yourself.

    • Beraki Yohannes November 21, 2011

      Thankx Omar, it is indeed well said. Weshould do as exactlly as you said.

  • gasha November 21, 2011

    You are confused. why dont you answer your own stupid question.

    • Huluf November 22, 2011

      gasha asha,

      I will answer the question. Yes DIA must go. Are you happy with the answer.
      Today I tried to picture you gasha and if I visualized you to appear in your person
      your stance and conviction and your denial of truth, here you are

      • gasha November 22, 2011

        keep dreaming!!!

  • Abdi November 21, 2011

    i have been keeping exposing your agamtized game many times,i told you so many times we eritreans are wiser than to be divided by Sach an idiot sick agame like you so,save ur breath, we might get different opinions but we are one family and no power on earth can make a gap b/n us.thank you don’t get involved in eritreans issue,rHq elki qumalka mqmal yHsheka.
    Eritreans Be alarted barentu is an agame agent,sometimes he make gaps b/n gov’t supporters and the other amongst you guys.
    tselaela demi yblaE nsa khoyna enjer’eu,ze tekal just ignore him.

    • ahmed saleh November 21, 2011

      Stupito Abdi
      You told clearly to that coward double agent what ever his name is. My instinct had been telling me to stay away
      from his posts, I never trust him. You are damn right to say, disregard our difference on our opinion, we are family
      and we will stay family and no one comes in between us, thank you, Ya ABDI UBUD.

      • ahmed saleh November 21, 2011

        I just read one of your last post accusing Maaza, Temesghen, Gual mendefera, gual Kahawta,
        Comushtato and sol as Weyane agents. Don’t be paranoid to jump on judging people because
        of their views. You never find them use negative influence on the forum except their frustration
        with the regime of IA. So you are wrong to compare them with Barentu. For me I consider them
        patriotic friends of this forum, I be happy to defend them whole heartily.

        • Huluf November 22, 2011

          Ahmed Saleh,

          Yesterday in my sleep I was arguing with Abdi Ibud and never met the guy before but the picture that came to me was this. Hope he is not his brother in delusion….then Abdi Ibud should pack to our beloved city abandon the comfort of a democratic city for Eri TV is missing his deluded talent….here is how he looked last night, it was a beautiful nightmare because I miss comical ali-ibud deluded in brothe rof abdi-ibudd.

  • Freeprisoners November 24, 2011

    በሉስኪ ደቂ-ህዝቢ
    ብ ኣስፍሃ ተስፋሚካ ኤል ዝተጻሕፈት ምስ ነበብኩ ጉዳይ አቶ ዳኒኤል ተወልደን ኣቶ ኣምሃ ደሞኒኮን ክርዳእ ክኢለ። ሕጂ ነዊሕ ከይከድና ዘድሊ ዘሎ፤ ንተሳተፍቲ ጉባኤ እዚ ጉዳይ እዞም ክልተ ሰባት ኣብ ትሓታትነት ክወርድ ምጥላብ።
    ከም’ቲ ኣብ ጽሑፍ ኣስፍሃ ዝበሎ ሓቒ ተኾይኑ’ሞ ዲክታተር ኣልጊስና ዲክታተር ክንተክል ማለት ኢዩ። ብሓጺሩ፤ ኣቶ ኣማሃ ስልጣኑ ተጠቒሙ ነቲ ብህዝቢ ዝተመርጸ በሊሕ መንእሰይ፤ ህዝቢ ከይሓተተ ክልግሶ ኪኢሉ። እሞ ህግደፍ ድኣ ካብዚ ሓሊፉ እንታይ ግይሩ! ስለዚ ምኽሪ ንጉባ ኤኛታት፤ ንሰብ ብሰነድ ን ኣድጊ ብገመድ ኢኻ ትሕዞም። ስለዚ ስነድ ሕጊ ኣዳልው፤ መመቕጻቶም ክኣ ይውሰዱ።

  • Yemane Kidane January 1, 2012

    Eritrea is a small nation of 5 million people in a volatile region led by visionary people in pursuit of an alternative social, political and economic philosophy in Africa. A philosophy that in a short span of time and despite natural climatic challenges and manmade conspiracies has brought about miraculous development in human resources, capacity building, vital infrastructures, peace and security, food security and the promotion of social justice.Eritrea has achieved the fastest growing economy in the world not because of the booming mining industry but because of its industrious and productive human resources and selfless leadership.the Eritrean philosophy of self reliance, political and economic independence and promotion of social justice will inevitably spread throughout Africa and the globe