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Michael Abraha The key note speaker was to be Senior Official Mr. Yemane Gebreab at the city of Veldhoven where 650 young Eritrean regime supporters were expected to take part during the Easter Holiday weekend. Gebreab

Michael Abraha

The key note speaker was to be Senior Official Mr. Yemane Gebreab at the city of Veldhoven where 650 young Eritrean regime supporters were expected to take part during the Easter Holiday weekend. Gebreab is the right hand man of Pres Isaias Afewerki who has been in power for over 25 years.

These annual gatherings have been taking place in several European cities over the years and the scrapping of this weekend’s conference is unprecedented with serious repercussions for the future of such gatherings. It means the Eritrean govt may no longer claim that it still controls supporters’ activities in Europe and may have to change tactics.

More importantly, it is high time for the Eritrean govt to realize that the status quo has run its course and it is time for Isaias and Yemane to start listening to the protesters who went through hell serving in open ended military service, then had to flee through heavily mined crossing points, and then moving on to the most torturous, deadly journey across the sea into Europe.

These are the lucky few to reach civilized societies where they can freely voice their deepest frustrations and disappointments without fear remembering well that there are hundreds of thousands of frustrated youngsters going through shitty existence inside Eritrea or in Sudan or Ethiopia as refugees.

They still love the homeland and would never hesitate to sacrifice their lives to ensure that its territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence are protected and upheld.

DEAR PRES ISAIAS AND ADVISER YEMANE: You were once young full of zeal and idealism when the bloody struggle for Eritrean self-determination and independence was fully under way in the late 60s and early 70s. And you chose to join in and play your part not just to free Eritrea from Ethiopia but also to have Eritreans enjoy liberty, democracy and free speech which they were deprived of by Emperor Haile Selassie and later Mengistu Hailemariam. Now you are repeating what these Ethiopian leaders did to Eritreans, only that you are much worse.

With due respect, as state leaders at the helm, you have the obligation to listen to the legitimate questions and concerns of these young Eritrean nationals who have been forced to become refugees in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. What good is it for you to spend comfortable time at a conference with those who worship you and would never challenge you.

Nobody is challenging your Communist ideology. But the country is moving backwards not because of the massive exodus of our most productive labor forces whose departure also signifies the low morale of our fighters. This is easy to grasp unless you wish to dance with your head in the sand.

In my view, what the protesters in Veldhoven, Holland, are offering is pure, down to earth imagination and idealism. The country’s future is at risk unless our youth’s idealism and imagination are respected and promoted.

Review overview
  • almazina April 16, 2017

    These are unelected unselected self imposed beasts, not statesmen. We want to present themselves to justice. Nothing more nothing less. Are u trying to say their crimes are oke or forgiven. No, they have to face justice.

  • k.tewolde April 16, 2017

    Michael,your plea would have been appropriate if we were dealing with prudent,civilized,caring,intelligent …people,this is a rigid,unyielding,calculated,merciless,cruel,greedy,……………….clique which aspires to rule at any cost for the net few centuries.They got to go,it is now or never.

  • Sol April 16, 2017

    Nobody is challenging your Communist ideology.

    The regime of Mengestu which was embracing Communist ideology was more merciful than this gangs. They don’t have any ideology, DIA’s sick and adventurous decisions are their way of ruling the country and the people and it turned the country to a middle age system.

  • Asmara Eritrea April 18, 2017

    What the Eritrean nationalist did in Holland is exemplary and something all peace loving Eritreans should aspire to.

    It shows if we work together for the best of our country, we can degrade and finish off Isaias once and for all. That’s what we must do – action, action and action is what we need.

    Until and unless the beast is removed from power there will never be peace in Eritrea.

    Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

  • almazina April 18, 2017

    These are crude, primitive and barbaric individuals who are using all tactics to divide weaken and control every one else to avoid justice till they die. They do not have any vision or plan for the country or the next generation. As u said the system has run its course and going to go no where but trancate and dissolve. There is no generation who believe in their vision b/s they do not have one to transfer. But, the question is should we restrict our self to civilized and non violent means of struggle to fight these savage enemy that employs extreeme violence and intimidation to control us or violent means when needed. This is like isis telling u i have d/t view and have the right to blow u up till u catch me in the act. I have the right to hold conference with those who believe christians should be chopped off so long the conference is about how to destroy christianity only. So long we are not in action we are peaceful and should have the right to convene and plan. This is clear indicator of how evil they are and how barbaric they could be. Well, the world and especially europe knows them well. We eritreans have to realise their tactic (dividing us to weaken us) and take decisive action to dismantle them.

    • adhanom April 21, 2017

      Criminals and their agents should not be allowed to convene in europe but removed from europe. Action taken by mayor should be taken by all mayors in europe. History will remember the mayor of holland and prof. Mirijam for standing with violently oppressed people of eritrea.

  • Berhe Tensea April 19, 2017

    Long live Deleyti fithi, Kubrom Dfla and Miss Van Risen. The greedy and W satanic servers were defeated and shamed in Holland.
    Death to the monkey and likes.

  • Sol April 19, 2017

    The funny thing is the rampant comments of the regime’s supporters on the top being the thorn of Asmara Sofia Tes. They are crying for the lost democracy, right for assembly, right of speech in the pages of mesdemem and tesfa news even as usual they trespassed ethics to insult Holland, the mayor of Veldhoven and the judge.

    • k.tewolde April 19, 2017

      Sol I was blown away when I read it, it is like the whip cry,voices of tyranny talking about protecting freedom of assembly as if they practice it back home,the only assembly they now is a regime sponsored one ab chichero gawking and clapping at the tyrants speech every now and then.They have the kuzba to criticize a civilized social democracy that gave them a serene enclave to make a life that they were deprived by the very thugs they are supporting.Then again it is HGDEF who broke all the rules of logic and rationalism.It is an aberration!

      • Gezae April 20, 2017

        I know protest can take many forms or action project tactics: rally, march, vigil, picket, civil disobedience, demonstration, information distribution, symbolic display, attack include verbal attack and/or threats; riot, mob violence, strike, boycott, conflict, attack or clash, no instigator, and lawsuit such as legal maneuver by social movement organization or group etc.…. But these all are not political opportunities or political rights in a constitutional democratic country unless otherwise some hidden agenda/s behind it. This is not about HGDEF I guess the mob chosen by the masters was strategically offensive direction not driven by necessity but emotion that never been the youth/public opinion. Public opinion consequently may never be confused with noisy emotional mob which is of no interest to the youth or public opinion otherwise to behind the screen masters of destruction!

        • k.tewolde April 21, 2017

          Gezae writes,’this is not about HGDEF….’ what is it about then?are they asking for food coupons? my friend you looking at the microcosm of what is yet to come,a small upheaval which will reverberate back home for the masses to come out after their oppressors with everything they got, and yes,naturally there is going to be an outpouring of emotion that was suppressed for so long and it going to manifest itself in so many ways,I don’t want to be on the receiving end. If you can’t understand the agony behind the noise,you are a cold blooded Hegdefite.

          • Gezae April 21, 2017

            Certainly it is/was beyond the food coupons you mentioned for the masters of this rat’s nest as usual. Brother let me tell you frankly, from time to time I have allowed myself to get drawn into discussion with you which often-forgotten insight of openness; and I have always found that the argument test determines whether I should continue the discussion or not. If my point of view makes you get angry, I realize there is no point in going on. I strongly believe if a person is so locked into his mental suitcase that he can’t see the light of a point, then there is no real communication ground or discourse.

    • almazina April 20, 2017

      Ofcourse they will insult the mayor, holland, the whole europe and the usa and the people of eritrea minus adey amete( aka pfdj/ypfdj akalib). Would u expect isis/taliban/alshabab/pfdj gangs to praise countries and people who promote democracy. No. The irony is they ( the pfdj thugs in asmara- the monkeys) do not allow foreigners to move outside of asmara let alone hold a meeting with eritreans to discuss about democracy and human rights and yet they want to hold conference in the western countries as they wish and complain if denied. Worse they complain that their right to express their view is denied. Hoof. Savage is always savage.

  • Alamz April 20, 2017

    Looking at the video and pictures of the gathering which is put out so far, these kids are so organized and light year away from the group of people I saw demonstrating outside..Hooliganism is not the way to bring change —so guys your work is cutout try to better organize and try to work from inside-out or you are doomed.. YPFDJ is so good I as non party affiliated Eritrean (individual) 100% I prefer them to lead me than any one of the people I saw busing away.


    • Liban April 20, 2017

      Halay, etom belaeti chikolata n guylan enderan eyom teakibom, matching t shirt gerom ab tawla kebibom slezrrakyom dyu organized? Kalya Eritrea nay vacation spot eya nnoom. This is just a hobby to them until they grow out of it and go to their western ways

    • almazina April 20, 2017

      Almaz or real amete. Nice try, but u lost. Ayterekben…kitkunena mexikin telaxikin wexikin. Hirir kumtir elkin.

    • Zaki April 21, 2017

      Well said sister Almaz.
      Hooliganism IS NOT and WILL NOT be the way to bring positive change in Eritrea.
      Street fights and hooliganism should be left to the mad idiots of football hooligans.
      Forceful change would only come from within Eritrea and the uprising in Eritrea is not far away.

    • alem April 21, 2017

      Almaz non affiliate,
      Kkkkkki…….ahahhhhhha. Sehak ketilkina. Ehhhhhhi… .eway. Ahhhhha…..ehihhhhhi. Kemlomi ayeshakinin. Neatral eye elki beka. Ehhhhhhhhi.. Entay Kenki dea harirki. Akeba nay mafiatat teserizas migbi teharimki. Dehan may gerki awridya.

      • Keren April 21, 2017

        Why are you a liar and always deceiver with so many multi names?
        You’ve already been exposed as Sol, alem, adhanom, almazina, Asmara Eritrea, Mohammed, Khalid and so on!
        Is it just a bad habit that you can’t get rid of or you are bored to death with sticking to one pen-name?
        Grow up and act like a matured person. Get a real life as well.
        From your childish and irresponsible responses you are the one who should be kkkkkkkk……..ahahhhhhhhha….Ehhhhhh. BiKhiyat ketilkana.

    • k.tewolde April 21, 2017

      Almaz,most of the participants happen to be the ones who endured the brutal regime’s torment and left their home behind and survived the lethal journey and among them a prolific senior activist Mamona[ the feisty Eritrean mother] deserves a statue like the Lady liberty in upcoming free Eritrea.That said, you made a decision by comparing videos and pics and you picked the plump,spoon fed,foreign bred with iron relaxed hair and dressed in party uniform,you are a victim of hagerawi filset.Yes,some of the protesters sported a back pack as if they are still in a journey,they looked thin and haggard with chiseled Eritrean face,that’s who we are,you forgot? and you dabbed them as hooligans,they are just learning how to express their rights because it was forbidden where they came from and nobody thought them how.They are learning on the job and eventually take the lead and you don’t have to pick them.

      • almazina April 22, 2017

        She does not deserve ur answer k.tewelde. do not go low to her level. She is just pfdj junk who believes in extreeme violence to suppress freedom of expression in eritrea but wants to abuse freedom of expression in holland still to suppress freedom of expression of refugees who escaped repression by spying and intimidation.

  • almazina April 22, 2017

    By the way keren, almaz gezae is sme one person and same junk.

  • Henock .hagos April 24, 2017

    Iseyas is convert to islam