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VOICE OF ASSENNA: መዓስ ድዮም ዝሞቱ! – Poem by Ayneta Mihretab

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  • Anti_DIA April 3, 2018

    They died the day the ‘Menkaa’ were slaughtered and did not react or helped the monster.
    They died when Ibrahim Afa and other, hundreds innocent people were killed.
    They died when 16 innocent elderly fathers (retired policemen) where slaughtered in Halewa Sewra and remained silent.
    They died long time ago. when hundreds, innocent civilians were summarily executed and they looked unconcerned or tried to find excuses for the monster.
    They died long time ago in the hearts and minds of people, because they created a monster, who swallowed thousands of people before them and them he came for. them.
    Very sorry for them, may their soul rest in peace.