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3rd state agrees to take Israel’s Eritrean migrants – Jerusalem Post

In High Court discussion, state says deal reached whereby undisclosed country will absorb illegal migrants from Eritrea. A third country has agreed to absorb the majority of Eritrean migrants to be deported from Israel, it emerged

In High Court discussion, state says deal reached whereby undisclosed country will absorb illegal migrants from Eritrea.

A third country has agreed to absorb the majority of Eritrean migrants to be deported from Israel, it emerged during a hearing at the High Court on Sunday.

Attorney Yochi Gnessin, representing the state, said a third country had agreed to take in the Eritrean deportees when the time comes, and that Israel was in talks with two other countries to allow Sudanese migrants to return by way of their territory, as was done for an estimated 2,100 Sudanese who have returned to Sudan from Israel through a third country.

Gnessin also said that the percentage of Eritreans in Israel who were dissidents who opposed the regime was very small, and that the state was expected to reject nearly all of the asylum requests for the around 35,000 or so Eritreans in the country.

Following the statement by Gnessin, the court ordered the Justice Ministry to present an explanation of the agreement reached, including the countries involved. A ministry representative said that when the information was presented to the court, it would most likely be released to the public.

Gnessin’s statement came during a hearing held before a panel of nine High Court justices on a petition to overturn the amendment to the Prevention of Infiltration Law (1954) that was passed by the Knesset in January 2012. Some 2,000 people are being held under the amendment, which allows detention for at least three years of a person caught illegally entering the country.

On March 12, the High Court issued a conditional order against the state regarding the amendment, demanding a response to the claim that it violates the fundamental rights of African migrants.

The order did freeze implementation of the law. The order was given in response to a petition filed by six migrants’ rights organizations, including the Association of Civil Rights for Israel on its own behalf and on behalf of five Eritrean asylum-seekers, including a child, being held indefinitely in detention camps.

The petition stated that most of the detainees are from Sudan and Eritrea, countries to which “the Israeli government itself recognizes that it cannot deport people because of their expected fate upon their return.”

The petition argues that under Israeli and international law, the state cannot detain migrants in cases where they cannot be deported. It added that the law also violates the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty, which would require the High Court to strike it down.

In an unusual development, the UN, which has repeatedly been publicly critical of the amendment, filed an amicus curiae brief on the subject.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, meanwhile, responded to statistics released by the Population, Immigration, and Borders Authority on Sunday showing that only two infiltrators came across the southern border last month, as opposed to 2,031 in May 2012, by saying that the fence built on the Egyptian border achieved its aims.

Netanyahu shepherded through construction of the NIS 1.6 billion, 230-kilometer fence that was completed in January.

The prime minister said that now, since the waves of infiltrators had been stemmed, it was necessary to focus on sending back those infiltrators illegally in the country.

“We will also achieve that goal,” he said.

In December, Netanyahu appointed former Mossad official Hagai Hadas as his envoy to spearhead efforts to send the migrants back home or find third countries willing to take them.

Hadas served Netanyahu for two years as his chief negotiator in efforts to free tank gunner Gilad Schalit from Hamas captivity.

Diplomatic officials said they did not know whether Hadas had indeed succeeded in finding a third country to take the infiltrators.

The Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, refrained from commenting on the state’s claim that an undisclosed third country had agreed to absorb the majority of Eritreans who illegally entered Israel.

A ministry official said Sunday was the first time he had heard of such an agreement, adding that it sounded implausible that a third country would agree to take in tens of thousands of Eritrean asylum- seekers. He said it was most likely that there was an agreement for a certain country to be used as a transit point for returning Eritreans, and that Israel probably would not have the money to pay the incentives necessary to convince a third country to take the deportees in indefinitely.

Officials at the Interior Ministry and PIBA both referred questions about the reported agreement to the Justice Ministry.

Jerusalem Post: 3rd state agrees to take Israel’s Eritrean migrants

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  • daniel June 3, 2013

    “Gnessin also said that the percentage of Eritreans in Israel who were dissidents who opposed the regime was very small, and that the state was expected to reject nearly all of the asylum requests for the around 35,000 or so Eritreans in the country.”

    I tout so ,still a lot of Eritreans leave the country just for self interest not because they oppose the BLOOD SUCKING REGIME , that is why the opposition is still weak ,imagine if all the 35000 of them oppose the regime how effective the opposition would be .

    • Haben June 3, 2013

      I smell the third country is Mama Ethiopia. Better than israhell, though. At least they can have injera.

      • Gobezay June 3, 2013

        I think they will be send to MAMA ETHIOPIA. The home grown Isseays from Tembien is changing the DEMOGRAPHY of ERITREA! SENDING ERITREANS TO ETHIOPIA and GETTING MORE TIGREAN TO ERITREA!


        Eritrean in Israel to Ethiopia!

        Aye Iseyas Agame.

  • Dawit June 3, 2013

    Do you have any further information of which country is agreed to take Eritrean refugees from Israel ?

    • Tamrat Tamrat June 3, 2013

      35000 pfdj are Dangerous anywhere except Eritrea. Send the to their boss.

    • Gobezay June 3, 2013

      It is know – Ethiopia. Ethiopia always said that they want to take Eritreans and punish them by GIVING KOLO. Both Ethiopian and Eritreans half cast are working for the same objectives – TIGRAI-TIGRIGNA – Greater Tigrai.

      Wey ane wedi hammsien kilte gizie teashashe. way way way way way way way way .

      Ras alula and Ras Isseays

  • Andebrhan Ekube June 3, 2013

    What the pfdj and ypfdj will do in Ethiopia ?

  • ogi June 3, 2013

    If they don,t oppose the ruling dictator in Eritrean that they shuold don,t be in any other country in the world.Otherwise, they have legal exit document from their own government for whatever reason could be. Therefor, the Isreal government have the right to send them home to kiss and bow down to thier own dictator.

    • Said June 3, 2013

      Aer you out of mind Zionist like our organ but they don’t want us to live so call esral .the time it will came we will never forget this .united we stand.tanks a lot dictator.

  • Wedi negus June 3, 2013

    Please please those people are our brothers and sisters even if they don’t oppose the PFDJ . May be they have family they have to take care of just like us but if those who oppose the PFDJ at least go to Ethiopian and join the armed fighters that would be great they would speed up the process of overthrowing the PFDJ. Don’t you think guys.? Lets motivate them, lets tell them it is better for them instead of going to Sinai or Libya . Lets tell them we are going to be on their side. They will have to be deported to Ethiopia anyway so it’s I think they should do that at least

  • Zeray June 3, 2013

    1. “Those who oppose PFDJ?” How many of the 35,000 left Eritrea with a visa? Possibly none. Don’t you think PFDJ thinks all those 35,000 oppose them?

    2. If Israel plays this game of sending them to a third country so the third can deport them to Eritrea, this will be similar to what Meles Zenawi did to Eritreans deporting them from Ethiopia, only this time it is like sending these Eritreans to prisons. I hope Israel remember their own history.

    • Haile G. Tensae June 3, 2013

      Israel as a country was born from the ashs of the Holocust; is now the most discriminator on earth. Our grand fathers were saved the former fighter for the independence of Israel; Mr. Shamir, the former Prime Minster.
      Mr. Shamir was protected by our grand parents: therefore, he was saved from the British Armies, in one of the Orthodox Church in Asmara, Eritrea 1940s. This is fact and undisputed truth. This was our goodwill:then,it could have helped the Eritrean children. It is very sad to see the myiopic leadership of Israel, they keep threating the Eritrea as animals. There is no passion or compassion to see for the humanity in the mind of the Israel leaders.

      It is an Ironic, our ancesstors belived that they were Semait and they were from the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The Israels or the Jewish were scatterd everywhere for generations; Now, they have a country and they controlled the knowledges and the economy of the World; therefore, they got a courage to abuse their cousens.

      This shall pass too.

      • hawika June 3, 2013

        cusine ? hahaha talk about the great identity crises of Habesha.

        fyi: the israel gov long air lifted the so called lost tribe for exchange of weapons to ethiopia so clearly they don’t consider you as one of them. get over it and in anyway if the semaite is your link then you have other cusines too but i save you the heart attack and will not mention them.

  • Dawit Meconen June 3, 2013

    The third country is woyane-Ethiopia. However, no Eritrean should be deluded to think that the deportation was not the result of conspiracy between Isaias Afewerqi, Woyane and Israel.

    Isaias Afewerqi did not name his son, Abraham, in vain; nor did Israel grant him a very sophisticated air-plane as a personnal gift, nor was his transportation aboard USA war-plane to Israel under the guise of fake medical emergency was a pure love of humanity. These are part and parcel of the web of conspiracy being woven against our identity.

    By the way, one can have cerebral Malaria only if he is exposed to Falciparum Malaria for the first time and did not get immediate anti-Malaria medicine. No one can say Isaias was exposed for the first time then and could not get immediate medicine. It is all fabrications for sinister end.

    Who controlls the strategic Eritrean coast of Red Sea is the question. The think-tank of the Western countries and Israelis have no confidence that the Eritrean Christian Highlanders will be able to match the fast growing Eritrean Muslims. They think that sooner or later Eritrea, like Lebanon, will be dominated by the Muslims, and the Eritrean Red Sea coast will be under complete Arab controll. They do not want that to happen.

    The alternative they have been secretly working is Abai Tigrai. Many genuine Eritreans have not been able to see beyond the smokescreen but the War of 1998, the No War, No Peace situation, the suspension of the Constitution, the incarceration of EPLF senior Officials, the complete isolotion of our country, the serial of Sanctions imposed, the exudos of youngsters, the factionalism spreading etc. were all brought about by these conspirators to weaken and kill Eritrean Patriotism as prelude to the demise of our Sovereignty. Isaias Afewerqi is the central protagonist in this drama.

    What should we do under the prevailing circumstance?

    Let us wave higher and higher the timely slogan, United We Stand Divided We Fall. We shall Win.

    • hawika June 3, 2013

      full of seriouse dellusionality there, but forgiven as i understand the cause.

    • Kalighe June 4, 2013

      Brother, I understand you frustration, but don’t read too much into what is being said.
      1. Israel is a nation of only Jewish migrants, and is known for it’s strict policy of not to allowing others to settle there.
      2. The Israeli government has tried it’s best to send Eritreans back home by encouraging the government of Mr. Iseyas to take them, but they failed because Iseyas and his group feel are best served when these young people send money home (they don’t want slaughter the cash cow).
      3. The money or some other benefits that was supposed to be given to Eritrean government now will be given to a similar government who want use the opportunity to make

  • jone June 3, 2013

    Why we don’t mind our business, the problem is not Ethiopia or Israel , no one hold the hands of isyaes form implement the constitution, our people’s is very closed minds as well as tribalism, full of laiers as well as twisted minds people.

  • A.Salim June 3, 2013

    You are very funny.

  • Kombishtato June 3, 2013

    Some people are saying USA, Canada and Australia.

    Some people say Obama was convinced in his last visit to Israel. Canada will also take few thousands because it has good relations with Israel. But all the Europeans said no except Germany which will take few hundreds.

    Is this true? It may be. This is all rumour that needs confirmation, so don’t try now to go through Egypt, the land of the evil and savage Arab Bedouins, to get your American papers.

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