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39 Eritrean Christians beheaded by ISIS in Libya back in August 2015, according to relatives of some of the victims.

Devastated relatives of some victims interviewed by Radio Assenna in the last couple of days disclosed that 39 Eritrean Christians were beheaded by ISIS in Libya, back on 24th August, 2015. According to the information, the

Devastated relatives of some victims interviewed by Radio Assenna in the last couple of days disclosed that 39 Eritrean Christians were beheaded by ISIS in Libya, back on 24th August, 2015.

According to the information, the 38 young Eritreans were executed barbarically after defying ISIS’s demand to convert into Islam, while one was shot dead following his attempt to escape the massacre.

The relatives of the victims gave the interview based on information they have received from an underage eyewitness who escaped death by conceding to the ISIS’s demand to convert.

“The underage eyewitness was made to look at the beheading standing 20 meters away the murder scene” the interviewees said.

Some of the identified victims are from a small town, Shambiko, located in South Western Eritrea (Gash Barka Region).

The group of victims is part of 78 Eritreans that include women.

They had been kidnapped by ISIS on their way to the Mediterranean crossing hopping to reach Europe via Italy.

In April 2015, ISIS depicted the executions of Eritreans and Ethiopians in two separate videos, where one group of captives was beheaded, while the other was shot to death.

Although the number of the victims was widely reported as 28, eyewitnesses later told Radio Assenna it was more than 50. The act of terror sparked outrage in Ethiopia, with tens of thousands of people marching in the streets of Addis Ababa; but the regime in Eritrea tried to disguise the massacre from the Eritrean people, while most of the victims were Eritreans.

The regime which is the root cause of the Eritrean exodus, initially tried to hide even the Lampedusa tragedy where more than 350 Eritreans drowned in one go, maintaining its habit of disguising such catastrophes to protect its image at the expense of the Eritrean people’s tragedies. Some western European countries, including Britain are also showing signs of propping up the dictatorial regime that has no regard of its own people.

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  • Berhe Tenesea January 1, 2016

    What is the point of kidnapping and killing refugees? , These cowards must be Satan followers.
    The main mission of these people is to prey on the most harmless and defense less in the middle of the desert.
    What is the use of converting a destitute refug
    This criminals have no sense at all, if what they are doing is acceptable punishment, why do they cover their face?
    If one is doing the right thing or what he is doing a legal or socially acceptable thing, there is no need to cover your face.
    Shame on these cowards who try to act manly by killing helpless refugees.

  • Merhawi January 2, 2016

    The cowards are we Eritreans who blid our eyes,and passing our time dancing while we die on the other sides.we make cordinations for making dancing concerts with in short time but we deny to make true change.this is becouse we are very ignorant in ever ,know this our panshiment will never end since we don’t speak the truth about the people who are suffering from the begging of many are arresting in underground,how many killed, tortured, how many became refugees .with this all down falls we contempt and concite over other people who much better than us.

    • k.tewolde January 2, 2016

      Yes indeed Merhawi,like my Mom used to say, FERAHSI ASERTE BETRU,for every effect there is a cause, the root of the problem is sitting at home ab ADI HALO with his mistress orchestrating this grim scenario, and we are talking political nonsense all day long.Y’all save yourselves a breath,those of you who can, go to work and those who can’t, hassle ,you know what to do,Jeganu we left them behind in shallow graves and fox holes, only the good die young, the rest rot away.

  • Musa Ali January 2, 2016

    Glad that shia are clearing them from iraq and syria. Hizbolah will clear the rest. The world is better without suna.

  • winta brhane January 2, 2016

    This is just something that the Satan followers do. i don’t know what to say what is the benefit of killing those naive peoples they just wanted a peaceful life my GOD PLEASE accept and take on near u and for the parents may GOD GIVE U STRENGTH please all those we have mind lets pray for those young brothers and sisters please please lets pray for those naive peoples.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! January 2, 2016

      Unfortunately people are the real Satan followers in our world to
      do all evil work of hatred , cruelty and other barbaric acts . It
      is shame to exploit religion for purposes that serve their cult
      interest . And bewilders the mind to see them blindly convinced that
      God will reward crimes against humanity .

  • Negash January 2, 2016

    Terrorist losers. I hope the USA bombs each one of these blood suckers to annihilation.

  • Ag January 2, 2016

    I don’t blame this misguided faux . They are the symptoms of a major
    Problem with the ” holly book ” of Islam itself. Like most of Abrahimic
    Religions it got to reform to be worthy in the 21 century .
    As the 39 Eritreans that were beheaded the blame got to be
    Squarely at the hands of President Isaias Afeworki and his mafia like
    Government. Pure and simple.

  • Ali January 2, 2016

    Yes Afeworki in particular and Africa in particular is to blame.How come can we not have a single and better African country to scape to and ask for refugee? On the other hand we Africans are stupid.We are
    Crazy of Europe or America.Isayas is doing his evil work but we do not work against

  • AHMED SALEH !!! January 2, 2016

    What forced Eritreans to flee at strange and dangerous places in first
    place ?
    Events in border , Sudan , Sinai and Mediterranean Sea will keep repeat
    unless Eritreans confront the root causes that brought them into this misery . Rashaida gangsters got free ride inside and outside the country
    to inflict harm on our people . But we never heard any one of them had
    accused or arrested by Eritrean security officials in contrary except attempts to go after those refugees . Since everybody know the enemy
    came from within ourselves inside the country , for how long are we going to mourn helplessly like weak people ? Where is the Eritreans courageous
    reputation of the past ?

  • Kulu January 3, 2016

    it is sad to see Eritreans suffer in the hands of the savage Islamic State terrorists. When will the suffering of Eritreans in the Arab world end.

    • k.tewolde January 4, 2016

      It will come to a screeching halt as soon as the S.O.B stop pimping our people to them,and disappears.