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VOICE OF ASSENNA: ዝኽሪ ጀጋኑ ኣብ ለንደን – ከምዝተሰውአ ንዝተነግረሉ ሃይለ ድሩዕን ብጾቱን – መኽፈቲ ብ ዳኒኤል ሓው ድሩዕ – 1ይ ክፋል

Review overview
  • JOMMY March 26, 2018

    WHYIS ERITREANS ,IDOLIZE AND MAKE A HERO OUT of their killers ,the SO called g-15 ARE part of the BUTCHER OF ERITREA WHO IS STILL DESEMATING ERITREANS.THE KILLING and distraction OF ERITREANS STARTED 1970 AND THOSE SO CALLED G-15 WHERE PART OF IT .If you think you are justice seekers you have to tell the truth if you want people to follow you. If you are making heroes out if their killers you are dividing ERITREANS MORE.

  • Tinsae March 26, 2018

    እዋይ ኣነ ኣሕዋተይ መጻወቲ እሳያስ ጠላም ዶ ኮይንኩም።