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  • hmm March 29, 2014

    Hello daughters of Mihret. I will give you a free advise that will guarantee the return of your mom. Identify the person/s who contacted PFDJ in Eritrea to give instructions to arrest your mom. Once you identify the person/s file a law suit for kidnapping Your lawyer should higher privet investigators to search emails and phone conversations of the accused individuals around the time your mom travelled to Eritrea. Chances are the person responsible for your mom’s disappearance is a local agent of PFDJ in your community. You should target him/her just like he/she targeted your mom. An eye for eye. If you do this, you will not only get your mom back but it will scare all other PFDJ spy from conspiring with foreign countries against US citizens.

    • Observant March 30, 2014

      Really a very good advice. The daughters has nothing to lose at this stage.
      Start with Alazar Abraham; he is the eye and ear of the brutal dictator. He has given him a free reign in the Bay Area. If he calls Asmara and tells his handlers that someone needs to be detained (even for personal reason), no questions asked the person ends up in one of the regime dungeons. So, start with this guy and go down the pecking order. If you do that, within a couple of months your mom will be on her way back while the real victimizer in Oakland takes her place in San Quintin prison.

  • Petros March 30, 2014

    I agree put Alazar at the center ofvthis investigation. We need American Higdefite exposed. They enjoy the previlege of America and pretend to live in America.

  • hmm March 30, 2014

    If there is an evidence a person conspired with a foreign country to target, arrest or detain a US citizen, it is consider a big crime. We should learn more about our rights. We need to stand up for ourselves. We have to be smart how to collect evidence. If A PFDJ agent made verbal threats against you or your family members, you should try to get it on record since that could be used against him/her in a court of law. Don’t allow any one intimidate you when you live in a free world. Learn how to use your smart phone to record bullies in action. It will be fun to watch bullies getting bullied in the court.

  • hmm March 31, 2014

    Hey Observant

    Let me give you advise. Please avoid using real names as you just you did. What if you were mistaken? You have to remember every one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Your action can also be considered an internet bulling. What if you were pointing fingers at an individual because of personal issues? I don’t know both of you so I don’t know your motives so just giving you advise so we all don’t sort to this types of finger pointing.

    My advise is for victims to investigate and identify the person who called Asmara to target a family member. Chances are the bully who did this may have bragged about his/her action before/after the crime is committed.

  • ahmed omer April 1, 2014

    my advise is if these lady has American citizenship should go her daughters to their LOCAL MP office and tell MP THAT THEY ARE GOING TO HANGER STRIKE IN FRONT OF MPH OFFICE IF THEY GET HELP IN THEIR ARRESTED MOTHER IN ERITREA BY THE IDIOT REGIME

  • Laelay April 13, 2014

    I heard the lady was a pfdj operative? Atleast that what people in L.A. Are saying.dergue used to say abyot lijuan tibelalech- meaning-