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Three out of Ten Asylum Seekers to Norway from Eritrea

In total there have been 774 Eritrean asylum seekers to Norway this year. This represents 27 percent of the total of 2,835 people from 86 different countries who have sought asylum in Norway. In the second place, asylum seekers from civil

In total there have been 774 Eritrean asylum seekers to Norway this year. This represents 27 percent of the total of 2,835 people from 86 different countries who have sought asylum in Norway.

In the second place, asylum seekers from civil war-torn Syria come with 384 people. Asylum seekers from Somalia, a country that previously topped the list of asylum seekers in Norway, come in third with 261 people, according to the latest figures from the Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

In the first four months, the number of asylum seekers fell by 15 percent compared with the same period of last year.

UDI has handled 2,728 asylum


so far this year. Of these, 51 percent or 1,406 persons were granted residence in Norway. Over half of these- 708 people- come from Eritrea.


On the other hand, Norway’s big neighbor, Sweden has received nearly 18,000 asylum seekers this year, six times as many as Norway, reports NTB.

Source: The Nordic Page

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  • Hazhaz May 12, 2014

    Here another commentary by YG.

    Yosief Ghebrehiwet · Top Commenter

    Yodita and her “elite argument”

    Yodita, an excellent commentator at, argues against my take on the Eritrean elite this way: “Starting from Lenin (the father of all Marxist revolutions?) all struggles were/are LED by elites!!!” But I don’t see how this could be used as a counter-argument against my stand, since I totally agree with her: If there is need for a revolution, then there is nobody but the elite to lead it. But what I am saying is that there was absolutely NO NEED for a revolution in the Eritrean case. So when I am blaming the Eritrean elite, it is for making the Eritrean masses go through a NEEDLESS ghedli journey of 50 years, with all the horrendous sacrifice that such a foolish undertaking entails. That was what my article “The Circular Journey” has been all about.

    Yodita makes it seem as if am saying: if the Eritrean Revolution hadn’t been led by the elite, it would have turned to be OK. Not at all! I am not accusing the Eritrean elite for a mismanagement of a revolution that could have gone right, but for having invented a cause that were never there, entirely inspired by their alien colonial aspirations. The Christian elite, repelled by “backward Ethiopia”, wanted to create an Eritrea in the image of colonial Italy; inspired as they were by the false sense of betterment induced by their colonial heritage (Piccola Roma and other “modernity” paraphernalia). The Muslim elite, repelled by “Christian Ethiopia”, set out to create an Eritrea in the image of the Arab world; inspired as they were by all the –isms sprouting in the Arab world (Islamism, pan-Arabism, Gamalism, etc.) Both, of course, had to invent a “colonial oppression” that were never there to justify a revolution that would take them to their alien destinations.

    My assessment of the Eritrean revolution is not simply made based on the brutality in ghedli and present day Eritrea. [Nobody in his right mind could claim that the revolutions in Mozambique and Angola were unjustified, even though both went brutally wrong in many ways.] Instead, I am claiming that all that the Eritreans have gone through is a needless sacrifice. At best then, if the Eritrean elite are convinced to give up their alien aspirations, we will end up at the starting point of this insane circular journey, for the sane Eritrea that we will rediscover happens to be a smaller version of Ethiopia in all its components – geographically, demographically, religiously, historically, culturally, etc. (please look at the cake-metaphor I mention in “The Circular Journey II”) The futility of the ghedli journey can then be put as a journey from Big Ethiopia to Little Ethiopia, with all the additional problems that come with that little-ness. Sometimes, at my cynical moments, I entertain this outlandish idea that had the Italians named Eritrea as “Little Ethiopia” (given that they were aiming for the larger colony), the Eritrean elite would have never entertained this circular journey – look what an alien baptism can do to a misguided people!

    Yodita also seem to be impressed by all the ghedli virtues: discipline, valor, self-reliance, etc. So are the Mafia; so are the Taliban; so were the Nazis. These content-less “virtues” could be employed by any organization for good or evil purposes; what provides them with content are the “cause” that made them necessary in the first place and the goal they want to achieve – and it is at these two ends that the Eritrean Revolution dismally fails.

    Now, to a minor point: although I agree with Yodita on the indispensable role of the elite in necessary revolutions, I don’t agree with some of the examples she brought to prove her point. For instance, I believe that the Russians and the Chinese would have been in a much better shape now without the communist interruption. She wonders “where would the Bolsheviks be without Lenin (an elite)? Where would the Chinese be without Maoism”. If she wants to find out what China would have been without Maosim, she doesn’t have to create a counterfactual situation; all she needs to do is look at Japan and South Korea; and more importantly at Taiwan (the same people, the same Confucian ethic).



  • Gideon May 13, 2014

    A lot of Eritrean immigrants do not accept the refugees as Eritreans.
    Our actions have to start with helping Eritrean refugees locally, we can achieve
    most there indeed. Decades of abuse have made the Eritrean pride dissolve away
    from Eritreans. Let’s hope events will turn round to end the tragedy sooner than later.

  • Semira May 13, 2014

    Thanks to all the peace loving NORWAEGIANS for grating political asylum and for the hospitality to all Eritreans in NORWAY.
    A friend in need is a real friend indeed.
    Congratulations To all Eritrean NORWAY.

  • Tela May 14, 2014

    semira lokumath deinatki miblaee eyu zeftiwelki hansab dutch hansab norwey aitbelna