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12 Die in a Shocking Bus Accident on Keren – Teseney Road (February 20, 2014)

As usual, 'Eri Tv', the PR machine of the regime, tries to blame the 'aged bus' rather than the 'aged' system which should be held responsible for allowing such vehicles to provide public service and

As usual, ‘Eri Tv’, the PR machine of the regime, tries to blame the ‘aged bus’ rather than the ‘aged’ system which should be held responsible for allowing such vehicles to provide public service and for failing to maintain the dangerous road. Mother Eritrea keeps waiting for the good days without the failed PFDJ – Yes, better days where people’s lives will get the respect that they deserve.

Watch Video: Shocking Bus Accident on Asmara – Teseney Road (February 20, 2014)

Review overview
  • ahmed saleh February 20, 2014

    What a sad news !

    • romay February 21, 2014

      ኣሰና፡ በዚ ዘሰቅቕ ሓደጋ ኣይትሸቅጥ፡ በዚ ተረኺቡ ዘሎ ሓደጋ ክንሓዝን ይግብኣና’ምበር ናብ
      ፖለቲካ ቀይርና ክንሸጦ ህዝቢ ኣይቅበሎን ኢዩ። ዋላኳ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ዝጠስጠሰ መንግስቲ
      ይኹን ኩሉ ዝተረኽበ ሽግር ከነሰክሞ ቅቡል ኣይኮነን። ንመንግስቲ ብኻልእ በቲ ብልሹው ምሕደራኡ
      ንኽሰሶ። ናይ ሓደጋ ጉዳይ ድማ ተመርሚሩ ጠንቁ ይፈለጥ።

      • ERITRAWIT February 21, 2014

        Sgab hjey keman sala amlak hadega bezehu yelen. Mengstey Eritrea nseb tezgedfo, kserh hadeshetey atobusat mtegebre.
        mengste semay yewarsom N beteseb tsenat yhabom.

        • Suleiman Salim February 21, 2014

          shikorina nsKi tHshlu:: msti neQefietaKi meftHie ‘kwa wesiKklu::

    • Suleiman Salim February 21, 2014

      Sad for Eritreans like us, good news for the enemies of Eritrea.

      • ERITRAWIT February 21, 2014

        369 ab bahre atewom Africa frkey bandera endagebera zeyajebekum zeygedesekums kte sesew haderkum see zeymesle zereba.

        • Suleiman Salim February 21, 2014

          ኣሕዋትና ብዘስካሕክሕ ሓደጋ ኣብ ባሕሪ ክጠፍኡ እንከለዉ ኩምቱርን ሕርርን ኢልና። ግን እንታይ ይግበር ፍቓድ ረቢ ካብ ኮነ። እዚ ብውልቅን ብመንግስታዊ ደረጃን እዩ።

          መንግስቲ ኤርትራ በቲ ዘሕዝን ፍጻሜ ኣይተገደስን ክበሃል ኣይከኣልን እዩ። እቶም ኣሕዋትና ንሃገሮምን ንህዝቦምን ከም ዝፈትዉ ዋላ እኳ ክንዲ ጣፍ ትኸውን ጥርጣረ እንተ ዘየሎ ንሃገር ገዲፎም ናብ ስደት ምምራሖም ብሰንኪ ኣብ ኤርትራ ዘሎ ኣማሓዳድራ እዩ ዝብል ምኽንያት ስለ ዘቕርቡ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ብዕላዊ መንገዲ ኣብቲ ጉዳዮም ጣልቃ ክኣቱ ኣይክእልን እዩ።

          ስለ’ዚ ብዘይካ ዝሰማዕካ ሰሚዕካ ብጓሂ ተዋሒጥካ እንከሎኻ ናብ እቲ መዓልታዊ ኣጀንዳኻ ምድሃብ ካልእ ዝግበር ኣይነበረን።ንኣብነት መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ይኣክል ውርደት ይኣክል መከራ ኢሉ ነቶም ካብ እቲ ሓደጋ ዝደሓኑ ሰባት ብሓይሊ ካብ ሃገረ ጥልያን ናብ ሃገርና ክመልስ ሃቂኑ ኔሩ እንተ ዝኸውን ካብ ብዙሓት ሸነኻት ወቐሳን ጥቀናን ክወርዶ ከም ዝኽእል ርዱእ እዩ ኔሩ።

          ነቲ ‘ ኣፍሪቃ ‘ ዝገበረቶ ትያትራዊ ኣሽካዕላል ዋጋ ኣይትሃብዮ። ኣብ ልዕሊ ኤርትራ ብሸነኽ መራኸቢ-ብዙሓን ነጥቢ ንምምዝጋብ ዝተገብረ ቀልዲ ከም ናይ ርህራሄን ምድንጋጽን መግለጺ ክትርእይዮ የብልክን። በሊ እሰከ ኣፍሪቃስ ብኣፍሪቃውያን ካብ መዓስ ተገዲሳ ትፈልጥ?

          ካብ ሓውኺ ሱለይማን ሳልም

          • ERITRAWIT February 22, 2014

            Aye nska Isaias eu enbar nhzebey zgdes far bten yetelew zelo N funfun seb aythalek eka amlak zeyfetwo srah.

  • Yerhiwo February 20, 2014

    RIP Eritrean victims! Many will die because of the dictatorial regime’s rule of law. Where are the new buses they showed on TV or where are the new roads that you built?

    Many Eritreans are dying due to Wedi Berad administration. I wish Wedi Berad’s SUV crushed instead! GOD HELP ERITREA, NO MORE VICTIMS OF THIS FAILED REGIME!!

  • Hawesha February 20, 2014

    The best contemporary Eritrean political observer – Yosief Ghebrehiwet – deals with the causes and final end of Eritrea and Eritreans that are suffering multiple tragedies at home, in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Arab passage. Eritrea is self sealed in the name of self reliance and loosing its most educated and technically competent youth a thousand a month. This tragedy and many like it are the results.
    Are we heading to the Somalia and Yemeni road? Yes, all indicators show so:

    “If the totalitarian laboratory is to ever work, it has to be sealed off from the rest of the world so that no variables from inside essential for the experiment to succeed would escape and no interfering variables from the outside that would potentially compromise the experiment would ever enter. It is only if it is kept sealed off this way that the social experiment would have any chance of success. And to this effect, two things are needed: a self sufficient economy that meets most of its needs so that it would be able to stand on its own feet without outside help and a powerful army capable of sealing the borders from internal and external intruders – not so incidentally, the twin projects of agelglot. That the grand Eritrean experiment is crumbling in the very process of meeting these two demands says it all. That is to say, it is in the very process of sealing off the nation from the outside world that the nation is disintegrating. This tells us that the nation never succeeded in coming out from the fluid stage of totalitarianism. How so?

    In Eritrea, every adult has to go through the much dreaded national service, and at any given time, hundreds of thousands are being made to serve in the army. Officially, this is required both for defending and developing the nation. In reality, these twin goals, correspondingly, amount to “sealing off the nation” and “making it self-sufficient” – the two primary goals that every totalitarian state aspires to fulfill. The much-vaunted “self reliance” mantra is meant to be achieved through the slave labor of the conscripts; all the infrastructural development accomplished so far has been through this free labor. And with the grand experiment of molding the Warsai generation in the image of teghadalay, with hundreds of thousands indefinitely confined to the trenches, the goal is to create a Spartan population able to square off with the giants of the neighborhood.”

    Full article:


    • Gebez February 21, 2014

      He is one of the great thinkers in east africa. I am afraid many people are not understanding him as needed probably because his opinions and ideas are more than their capacity to understand. Some day in the future, they will understand well what his points are and they will consider him a great father thinker.

      • Hagherawi February 21, 2014

        Yosief Ghebrehiwet is an Eritrean of Ethiopian origin, he suffers from identity crisis.
        He think it’s better to Ethiopian. He is a rootless charlatan.

        • Suleiman Salim February 21, 2014

          He is a criminal and a very stupid one.

        • Tezareb February 21, 2014

          In my opinion, YG has a lot pride in his own true and solid Habesha identity. YG is better than any Arab slave who arrived from Tigray and wants to be more Arab than the Arab.
          You may have heard about the guy who went to Keren from Wukro and told the kerenites to burn the Bilen and Tigre languages. That is the true malady of “identity crisis of a rootless charlatan”.

          • Suleiman Salim February 21, 2014


            You are wrong. YG hates the Kebessa people intensely. In that case one can not attribute to him ‘ a solid Habesha identity ‘ but a solid anti-Kebessa and anti-Eritrean Ugum identity.

      • Genet-orginal February 21, 2014

        I hope you are not talking about Isayas.
        If you are, you need to get your brain examine.

        • Suleiman Salim February 21, 2014


          ‘tom liebatat smki seriQomlki ….’nte reKibeyom qTqT keblom ‘ye!!

      • Zufana February 21, 2014

        I am glad that you recognize the intelligence and analytical
        genius that YG’s mind possesses. I find his views very reasonable
        and a good analysis of our present predicament. YG is not only an
        intellectual but he is down to earth honest both to himself and to
        his readers. Our problem is ‘ab edka zelo werki darga cherki’ not
        being able to appreciate the good/brilliant ones.

      • sete February 23, 2014

        what is there to understand about YG?
        We probably would be better of with Ethiopia bla bla? That is what YG is all about.If you connect all the dots he puts along his writing, you would reach ‘Intoto’ or whatever his is dreaming about in the adi Amara.

  • yacob February 21, 2014

    ab eritrea bizuhat kem yosief g/hiwet alewu nifuat izi menfiat gin metan tirgum kihiliwo teternifu natu lahkue ab eritreawian bizerdien hanatsin mengedi tirnafe fetiru nezi zelo hawahu ab mikiyaru abi tera mihalewe neru hasab tiray beynu gin dichibet aykonen!!

  • monicasalguero February 21, 2014

    Nesu keman wihiduna nay meal isayas mehdera mexneti hager endayàu

  • sete February 22, 2014

    Amanuel, when are you going to stop selling your cheap propaganda on the coffins of dead people? Do I need to give you examples of numerous incidents that take lives of innocent people from Africa to America. I can actually see you smiling when you see such a bad news so that you can post such a tasteless news. There are numerous facts that can help you in your fight for a democratic Eritrea or whatever you are looking for. Just for the victims sake, back off from dead bodies and coffins.