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‘Enough 20 Years of Tyranny: A Seminar in Commemoration of political prisoners of Eritrea”

“We must be there because they are here.” David Matas, September 18, 2011. On September 18th, 2011, a Seminar entitled ‘Enough 20 Years of Tyranny: A Seminar in Commemoration of political prisoners of Eritrea" was

“We must be there because they are here.” David Matas, September 18, 2011.

On September 18th, 2011, a Seminar entitled ‘Enough 20 Years of Tyranny: A Seminar in Commemoration of political prisoners of Eritrea” was held at the Convocation Hall at the University of Winnipeg, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
By every measure, the Seminar was huge success. More than 120 people, from various Winnipeg institutions and communities, have attended the seminar.
The keynote Speaker, Mr. Dan Connell, was impressive in exposing the untold human rights violations in Eritrea. Mr. Connell, who is one of the most prominent Western experts on Eritrea, dubbed the Eritrean regime, ‘a very sophisticated tyranny’ that has become very effective in controlling the Eritrean populace in mainland Eritrea and the Diaspora. The speaker, in his recommendations, called upon the Canadian government and the public to take due notice of the massive violations of human rights in Eritrea and help the human rights cause by putting “smart” sanctions on the Eritrean regime and by using other means at their disposal.
The event also included testimonials of victims of human rights abuses in Eritrea. Fourteen year old, Meaza Petros Solomon told, through Skype, of her heartbreaking experience of growing up without her parents since both her parents were kept in detention centers since September 2001.
Moreover, the Order of Canada recipient, and Nobel Prize nominee, Mr. David Matas, in his concluding remarks noted, “crimes against humanity are crimes against us all. When crimes against humanity are committed, we are all victims. We must not be silent in the face of our own victimization, when part of our human family suffers from grave abuses.”
In a call to support the Eritrean human rights cause, Mr. Matas further noted, “we must be there because they are here. “
The Seminar was followed by ‘Question and Answer’ period. Finally, the guests were invited to join at the reception where Eritrean cultural food was served. The organizers awarded Plaques and gifts to Mr. Dan Connell and others. The Seminar was ably and smoothly moderated by Belle Millo, the chair at Freeman Family Foundation Holocaust Education Centre.
All the books Mr. Dan Connell brought were sold out and more orders were made. The organizers wore T-shirts in commemoration of Eritrean prisoners and were selling them to the audience.
We again thank these who help to make the event successful. We intend to publish the lectures and testimonials of the Seminar soon.

‘Hidmona’ Eritrean-Canadians Human Rights Group of Manitoba

Review overview
  • Tesfu September 29, 2011

    Hi guys

    Did you notice how the leader of hegdef looks, he is so sick & is going to leave Eritrea fo Eritreans sooner not later he is almost dead so that is good news fr all Eritreans.

    • abdi October 5, 2011

      you said it for eritreans,get lost and ur agames business

  • Weldit September 29, 2011

    PIA loves his media to glorify and cover his every moves about what he said or what he did. The man loves cameras! His Gash-Barka hiking tours are my witness!
    That wasn’t the case in the NY meeting, though. What could be the reason for the banning of audio/videos?
    Possible reasons:
    (a) to avoid embarassing statements from being captured (such as his recorded statement in Uganda where he said Eritrea can at any time withdraw or join IGAD. Everybody knows the drama that took place few days later at the IGAD meeting)
    (b) to avoid foolish promises from being recorded (in Uganda, answering to a question, he gave interesting answers like admiting the conversion of dollar-to-nakfa was below the market value and suggesting a possible adjustment in a year or so)
    (c) so he can have “better freedom” to speak his mind off-record.
    (d) on their 10th imprisonment aniversary, it would be akward both to ask him or not to ask him about the whearabouts of the G-15 and journalists, thus it was better not to audio/video-cover the meeting.
    (e) unknown reason/s …..

    • Temesgen Medhanie September 29, 2011


      Sure enough, he tried to conceal his lies and deceit as he sent a directive through his operatives for the people to come to the meeting with empty hands including no cell phones, still or video cameras as well. But he got caught with his pants down as he told the VOA Tigrigna program that, his stand on the Somali issue was getting a momentum when in fact he got left out in New York from attending a huge conference on Somalia where the attendees where US, France, UK, Russia, the transitional government of Somalia and the other Horn African countries including Ethiopia. The guy is a pathological liar.

      • selam September 30, 2011

        Thank you Temie

        Thanks to technology there is no way to escape

        Do you know what Isayas hates most? -RECORD. I saw him several times fighting with and avalanching disgraceful words to poor ERI TV journalist in the air port. This time it is very clear to everyone how felon and wicked but yet some might have not observed why he doesn’t like to have any audio or written records of his orders, decisions, and actions. Here is the secret- he wants to falsely vow to people (as he usually does) as ” CLEAN HANDS LIKE PILATUS”. Actually this shouldn’t surprise us as it is the ordinary behavior of dictators. During the interview his voices have to be rehearsed, edited slashed as many times as possible just to make him look matured. The interview with Aljazeera is a very good example of how editing disguises his crazy and immature behavior.
        With regard to his orders and decisions he was executing them wittingly without records. Since liberation struggle I am sure he doesn’t have records of all his atrocities and evil acts. Because he wants to abscond from responsibility – I would like to remind the confused ones how Isaya’s coward and malice act by giving very sad incidents that are related to our topic.
        • Disavowal of his orders of killing genuine TEGADELTI: They were called Leftist ‘menkae’ and were killed by Isayas’s order and executed by Teklay Aden in Halewa sewra during 1979-1980. That time Teklay Aden was appointed by Isayas to become the head of Halewa Sewra (the infamous EPLF prison) to execute, wipe out, torture and dehumanize and eventually kill the very innocent but courageous TEGADELTI. After the execution many Tegadelti started to raise questions and Isayas denied his orders ….. Teclay shocked and was made to run away and surrender to the then Ethiopian soldiers. Taklay immediately turned himself against EPLF in general and against Isayas in particular. He guided the then Ethiopian fighter planes to bomb each and every parts of Sahil and particularly Amberbeb (the place where Isayas was residing) as the result he killed many civilians and poor tegadelti.

        • The second incident I want to remind the confused ones is the same action by the same person the recent history (2000) which is the withdrawal from the town of ASSAB during the third weyane offensive in Bure Front. The history is like this – Verbal (by radio communication) order was given on Monday 22 of May 2000 to Kakay (the vice commander of the front) and a written communication was sent to Haile Samuel (China) (the then commander of Eastern front). A written order was sent to Haile Samuel because he was in remote and incommunicable place and Kakay was in Assab Town. After that Kakay had to execute the orders and give command to municipality workers and city and company administrators (one of them is Zerit Assab administrator). And then …. We all know what has happened. During evaluation meeting as usual Isayas denied some of the questions and started dehumanizing Kakay for the withdrawal. Unlike during the liberation struggle where information is scarce and with all other scarcity this time Kakay could not be like Teklay Aden. Thanks to technology Haile Samuel saved Kakay. Long live technology indeed, everything was found recorded in the computer and Isayas was caught red-handed lying and couldn’t escape and brag. And Kakay was not killed then, he was trying to live with diabetes and a lot of other lifestyle diseases. As far as his work life is concerned I heard he was replaced by Woldu Barya (except Isayas I think everybody is below Woldu Barya) and is living with humiliation, undignified and reprehensible GENERAL.
        Tetiumu Yesmana
        Selamino Asmarino

        • abdi October 5, 2011

          SO keep your HEARSAY news to urself..b Aynu zey reaye weregna hasawi ybehal.

  • gerimuna September 29, 2011

    I can understand why the criminal would turn any stone unturned to hide behind political prostitution talk because a) He gambled all his respect and love from our people for his absolute distasteful tyrannical actions never seen in modern history and he lost it badly. b) To his extreme cruelty, any one who is against or suggest or raised his voice, he use to shoot them in the Ghedli era and now let them fester in fox halls especially for those who best served and could serve our country and people such as the G-11 in general and 1ST Petros , 1ST Ogbe, 1ST Sherrifo 1ST DURAE and TOP OF THEM ALL Berhane (the lion of Indian Ocean and red sea storms). NOW REPLACED BY MONKEY, kISHA, ARAIA DESTA, GIRMA( FIA IS DISTASTFUL JOKER. Any why? we all know those running dogs what kind of people they are. Remember what FIA said in Seminar in Wahington– Baela Kisha diom? and now it is mind boggling to believe it!!!!!!!!!!!! C) He already gambled the security of his families too. etc.. I think he will continue galloping until he is replaced by those in Eira Eiro.

  • Paradiso September 29, 2011

    Job well done Canada,
    Last month, someone published a Tigrnia translation of Dan Connell’s last book: Conversations with Eritrea’s Political Prisoners. The book is right now being narrated and broadcast directly to Eritrea through Radio Wegahta, and the radio narration is available online in This book will be one of his most memorable and significant works.
    However, I do not know if Mr. Connell’s Tigrinia translation is available in Europe or north America.

  • DIANA September 29, 2011


    • selam September 30, 2011

      Dear Diana

      Thank you for the comments Diana. I am very sad to hear what has happened and is happening in the countries you mentioned. I believes there is no rational being who upholds those atrocities and humiliations to be committed to any human being on earth. But what we are saying is please let us discuss constructively about our country. Our youngsters and our future generations are dying because of bad governance of the regime in Eritrea. we are in a very obscure period and we don’t know where we are heading if we are supporting dictators blood suckers. Let us say enough together.

      your sis Selam

    • 666 September 30, 2011

      Dan Connell:
      Freedom House, Washington: Assessed human rights and democratic governance in Eritrea for Countries
      at the Crossroads surveys (2005, 2007, 2011).
      Briefed U.S. ambassadors to Eritrea (2004, 2007)
      Eritrean Human Resource Development Program, University of Asmara: Organized country handbook and trained journalists for Ministry of Information, Asmara, Eritrea (2001-2002).
      Dept. of State, Washington: Participated in seminars on politics of Eritrea (2004)
      Tesfa Delina Foundation, Santa Barbara, Calif.: member, Board of Directors, 2004-present.
      2008 “Radio Eritrea,” CKDU, Halifax, N.S. (June 29, Sept. 21);
      2004 (Feb. 3)

  • Taddesse T Gebremussie September 29, 2011

    Dear Sallina
    On VOA Ethiopia service on 26 -27,braod cast ISAYAS said , NO ONE EMPLOY ME OR GAVE ME SIGHN ME CONTRACT, will you take his voice and her Eritreans to know whow erisponsiable he is it is shame to her such word from leader.

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