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Review overview
  • ahmed saleh March 22, 2012

    Well, representing an organization illegally for your perpose without their knowledge is a criminal act. Since it happened two times once in meskerem net then in assenna you noticed how was the reactions of readers. The damage done to your reputation is serious matter.
    So if the allegation is true you should investigate to identify the conspirator and let him
    face the consquences of his action according legal system.

  • helen March 22, 2012

    Since the last letter from written by las vegas was against Weyane
    and this letter didnt mention anything weather they are against weyane or not.
    Nihimto do hito dea koynu negeru ember my question to Eritrean civic society in las vegas is
    are against weyanes action or not and what are you going to do about it?
    Your letter is clear that you are against hgdf however it is not clear about weyanes aggression so make it clear.